Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Datukship awarded to King Khan"

Datuk Shah Rukh Khan, king of Bollywood

Back Again for the blogger. It's been a while for those blog readers. Sorry for not "updated" my resources of reading material. To recover the updates, i will give you a treat by new article. Some thoughts regarding what i read at the last month. Most every Malaysian know about Shah Rukh Khan and he even known as "king of Bollywood". Group of females who even screamed "i love you" to him due to his popularity in Malaysia nowadays. December 6 2008 "Datukship" has been awarded to King of Bollywood, Mr Shah Rukh Khan due to his contribution of promoting Malacca through his previous movie, One 2 Ka Four. Malacca also just being remarked as the world of heritage sites by UNESCO.(click this) The remarkable award has been controversial since the last 2 months due to dissatisfaction of local entertainer by claiming that the award was not belong to the outsider.

Bollywood actor with traditional Black Malay costume and songkok, after he received the title Datukship from malacca state governor, Mohammad Khalil Yaakob

the touchy subject of his private life, it seems like he seldomly travel along with his wife, Gauri Khan(Hindu) these days. Churning gossip regarding his private life can be possibly rift. Well, it might be touchy subject since both of them were different religions (Mr Khan-Muslim, Gauri-Hindu). he did mentioned that “Gauri and I combine both Islam and Hindu religious background into our children’s education,”. That's how it works for them. Additional, Mr Khan also never hidden any facts that he's a muslim and being so proud to be a muslim actor. He even in the middle of shooting film of I AM KHAN which addresses the misconception of muslim by 9/11 tragedy at New York, America.

Well, Mr Khan does not seem to find him in the trouble but accept the "datukship" as the responsibility and on behalf of his fellows actors in India. He did mentioned that he accepted the award and not just for an honour but feel really happy to help promoting malacca to the international film makers. Actually, i do really feel it is Quite OK for the outsider like him being given the award as long as the acceptor feel responsibility to contribute something for the state. Mr khan also mentioned next year, Mumbai team will come to Malacca to identify possible locations for the upcoming shooting movies. Malacca need some catalyst to boost the popularity as the UNESCO-World Heritage sites. More effort should be focused by the state government to promote Malacca to the international appearance. Don't take for granted!! That's important!!

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