Monday, April 27, 2009

Pussycat Dolls breaking up??

LOS ANGELES - POPULAR 'girl group' the Pussycat Dolls are said to be on the verge of breaking up said reports on Monday.

Rumours broke over the weekend in the United States that high-profile member Nicole Scherzinger is leaving the group to focus on a solo career.

Girlfriend of Formula One star Lewis Hamilton, Scherzinger is rumoured to have already left the group but will not make the announcement until after finishing the current tour.

According to website, the rumours began after two songs - Jai Ho and Hush Hush - were released under the name Pussycat Dolls featuring Nicole Scherzinger instead of the usual Pussycat Dolls.

Nicole Scherzinger is leaving the group to focus on a solo career

Rumours of a split are not new. Resentment boiled over during a Pussycat Dolls performance at Britney Spears' concert in the US city Pheonix on Friday, the New York Daily News reported.

Group member Melody Thornton shouted "Thank you for supporting me even though I'm not featured," during the set.

"You can do anything you want to do. Don't give up on your dreams and don't let anyone stop you - ever!" she told the crowd.

MY COMMENT: No more Hola-Hola Dancing..huhu, that's sad!! Next, Lady GaGa...

Splendid Photos!!

Inventor of photograph, Joseph Nicephore Niepce, combining the principle of light, exposing it to the iodine vapor, mercury fumes before exposing to the light could produce latent image. This invention trully bring benefits and advantages to human. Wherever we need photos, just click the button on your camera, you will get something that human could see through eyes. Here, some collections of Splendid Photos taken from Internet that i found pretty interesting to share. Below are those of my favourite collections. Please give rate & your comments.

The brandenburg gate, regal symbol of Berlin.
It is believed built around 18th century

Carving of Cleopatra: Archaelogists are on the progress
of discovering the tombs of the egyptian queen n her Roman lover,
mark Anthony

The second tallest tower in europe, The Fernsehturm-The TV tower

The long-decayed mummy near the Toposiris Magna Temple in egypt (the temple was built
in the ptolemy era,located at Abusir which dedicated to Osiris)

Taposiris magna Temple in Abusir, Egypt. Waiting for the important discovery

Sand sculpture on Islamorada in the florida encourages people to "embrace the earth" as part of Earth Day

The firm's eco-friendly station, opened in 22 april 2007 in LA

And Finally....

Shot of people in Djenne, Mali preparing for market day

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tight Up Your Money,Honey!!

You may heard the word "saving" about and sometime your mom always freaking out if we touch the money in that saving fund or else. I loathe much if my mom start to yelled "Son, u know that saving account are totally hard-earned money from me, don't simply push it to the corner @ otherwise next month, NO ALLOWANCE" I bet in that time i could have such angelic mind ( last time,i was!!) NOT to break off the promise BUT i know i have no choice instead accepting it.

It's not easy!! You need $$$ to live. If you don't, abnormal human you are!! Struggling under debt or want to save up for "waiting list of favourite items". Yeah, both of it represent dilemmas surrounded around us, (including me!!) but how to solve it?? Either you borrow money from friends or shark-loan (isn't it obvious options!! ) or money management, waiting for some period to fatten the piggy bank. So,The choices are yours.

The economic slowdown, credit crisis related and prices up everywhere always remind us that we must save up your $$$ but how?? The worst case scenario, either you might been trapped into the hole of debt untill you crazy enough or maybe you will start to think "yeah, it's time to take a new leap". Again, i stated the choices are yours. Sound easy to us but hard to practice it. WHAT'S NEXT?? Here are some remedies to assist you on how to cope on spending your precious $$$


The $100/24 hour rule is great way to ward off temptation. If you are tempted to buy something costs more than $100, waiting 24 hours before buying it and raise up questions to be weigh up






Most of the time, you will change your mind when you realise how much the desired items will cost you to buy on credit. Simply exercise to be practice for us.


Lend "money" to "friend" and your are liable to loose both. tough to say no when someone very close to you up for loan. The best prescribe is to remember "If you can't afford to give the money away, you can't afford to give it". Next, get in writing. It means jote down every repayment schedule to legitimise the loan especially big amount. Next, should you charge interest, it depends but make sure it has tax implications. Finally, don't avoid the topic " Pay back what you can, even if it's just a bit. If you can't pay it back, be up-front. Don't just ignore it".

and Finally..


The best way is to reduce the debt while the interest rates are likely rise. Take advantages from rising interest rates, wise enough to consider have savings in-case of emergencies. Hold to your job and your earnings rise with inflation.

MY COMMENT: The remedies are some ways to assist us out of the slowdown economic as well as reminder to us. It's not easy for me and others but it's wise to see in different angles. I hope this can be KICK-START for me and for all bloggers. It's time to raise $$ NOT spend $$ :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HAPPY EARTH DAY. it's today!!

Happy Earth to all bloggers. This is so sudden coz i'm just realized today is the earth day by looking at google browser (NICE!!!). Some info's i got from earth day, inspired by U.S Senator, Gaylord Nelson who was environmental teacher (in 1970). Earth day inspired both awareness and appreciation to the earth's environment. Usually, United Nation celebrated earth day each year on March equinox which is often March 20 inspired by peace activist, john Mcconnel.

The earth day proved popular at united states and around the world. At first, around 2000 college universities, 10,000 primary and secondary schools and hundreds of communites among United States. But, now, more than half a billion people around the world celebrated it every year. Coordinated and observed in 175 countries by nonprofit Earth Day Network. It is become The 2nd largest secular holiday in the world (not including Malaysia coz they are not aware about it!!). That's it for now. Anyway, HAPPY EARTH DAY everybody!!!

My Comment : I started to wonder when Malaysian will raise their concern about environment. Guess maybe i have to wait 10 years to see that Changes. Being malaysian, sometimes u can't really feel what's going on outside your world. That's pretty bad being human who live here. *sigh*

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hannah Montana Craze!! Finale' CRUNCH!!

Crazy @ not, I'm going to text my thought today through this blog. This whole weekend, my focus should be concentrate to the final exam BUT i have NO intention to focus. That's why my academic result always STAY at the same level. NOT MORE NOT LESS~STAY THE SAME. Never mind, I'm carefree person~like i care~Actually i cared but sometimes, ahaks!!. At the same time, i'm craving for water..water..where are u??AAAAGHHH!!! Guess after this, i will be 1 of the big supporters for save water campaign. Don't ask me why it happen during this time but what i can said, that's the trend created by UMP to their students especially final semester every year. That's the speciality of UMP and if bloggers really want to experience "craving" for water, then, please, i begging...please visit UMP. But anyway i'm bit relieved, at least, i know how to find the best quality of water around here. U want to know?? excuse me!! sorry. Pay me 10 bucks, mybe i will consider..hahahaha

Let's get back to my real bussiness, actually, i'm not "nerd"ing myself for the book and boring subjects. Well, this semester will be more different. ~must people wonder~. Usually, each final sem's , after studied those subjects for final, i will intoxicate myself with certain comedy series. This time i picked Hannah Montana: Season 2. WHY?? I like number 2, so, dun ask me why, it's more on privacy stuff. What sort of this stupidity during this time???? Oh god, guys!!! for me, engineers are NOT just be frenz with principle of books BUT it's how you apply those principles in real life. That's more important. Well, that's why: half book, half entertainment. That's what current engineers do. It's truth. I asked them, they said, YEAH, engineers need more entertainment!! So let's enjoy your precious time!!!~Hahaha~

(She's the star here!!ooohhh!!~)

Let's talk about Hannah Montana, who played by Miley Cyrus (i just love her music!!!so alive!!). The plot of series is something different from other comedy series like That's so raven (disney series). The series focuse on a girl who lives a double life as an teenage school girl at high school as Miley Stewart by day and a famous pop teenage girl singer named Hannah Montana by night, concealing her real identity to the public, other than her close friends and family. In addition, Miley Cyrus should play the role of "best friend", Lily Romero (later changed to Lily Truscott) because she originally auditioned for that role BUT they thought she will be better for the main character. The names of Hannah Montana, if i'm not mistaken, change a few times. The three previous names were Anna Cabana, Samantha York, and Alexis Texas.

Staring actors are Miley Cyrus (Miley Stewart), Emily Osment (Lily Truscott/Lola), Mitchell Musso (Oliver Olken), JasonEarles (Jackson Stewart), Billy Ray Cyrus (Robby Stewart) and Moises Arias (Rico)-in season 2. Ohh, i just read about Hannah Montana Movie who are just "on screen" in cinemas but i'm not really sure the movie already arrive in Malaysia @ not. Guess i should check it after finale'. Pretty bit busy after this. The movie followed the steps of Lizzie McGuire Series, which is feature-length film released in cinemas. Can't wait to watch it!!! TOO bad, maybe this will be the last movie of Hannah Montana due to film's resolution. "i don't know whether i would do another film, but i would love to do another season." That's what she said but i believe she will, at anytime soon. :)

My Comment: I would love to wacth it again and i can't wait to watch for the next season.~Teenage life should be rock like you, miley cyrus!!~i guess not really coz we're Malaysian, ahahaha~dun ever think about it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Freedoom or Free-to-doom??

Hey, amigos. Again, i got time to text my thoughts. The whole week is totally BORING coz always the same stuff to do, not much choices but have to obey such routine. IF you don't follow, then,you will suffer your own gut. Today, i like to bring blogger's mind to the core of problem that we always faced through our live as human being. Whether you are Malaysian, China, American @ Arabians (like i care abt those terrorist links,hehe!!), all of us face the same problem; that is "freedom of choice".

last week, i have been given the final task to finished up my improtuous speech. Oh god!! I'm always sucked when it comes to speak "accidentally" coz i didn't prepared myself pretty well. 2 results usually would occured; 1st- either i bet to mumbling much on certain issues that i know OR 2nd- i bet on the issue who i don't even know how to begin with. HAHA, never mind, i know i'm shooting my own ass, so, i don't really mind if mrs zahrinatun ( hard to pronounce her name, just called her mrs yani, THAT's ALL!!). I talked about freedom of choice that we might faced in our life. The idea come from the website, pretty interesting to read the writer thoughts.

Why it is important to human to have your freedom to choose?? It relies on the total identity of human being to decide their own life. It is common problem that certain of us restricted to choose the best path for their life but believe me, that's how life bring variety to us. You don't even know unless you decide what to do for the sake of your life. Certain people like to control others because they want to keep them in parameter of safety and protection which they think it's right for the person. (Seriously, i don't mingle around with this kind of people coz they didn't give us worthy stuff instead of shame to ourselves). They did it either psychologically @ mentally.

I have the "best medicine" on how to pursue the FREEDOM of CHOICE. What was it?? Something magic words @ superstitious?? HAHA, it's neither if them. The BEST MEDICINE for me to achieve the best freedom of choice is FAITH. Why Faith?? It's really long story but in short, once you have FAITH in your decision, then, i really sure everything turn into something REALLY good. It's like YES MAN movie, if you start to say YES in everything you do, soon everything will turn something good to you. It's far greater than what we can imagine BUT once we believed and decided to choose, so we must put the faith on the line. Always remember, there is always consequences in every decision we made. We must think carefully before we run our decision. That's the best lead for us.

GOD has given us too many stuff and one of it is FREEDOM of CHOICE. Let's try to value and appreciate this gift in the best manner we could do. :) There's an old saying "as human being, we are endowed by the freedom of choice, and we can not shuffle off our responsibility upon the shoulders of god and nature. We must shoulder it ourselves and it is up to us."