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Manage Health & Financial (extended!!)

Good Stress Bad Stress (RD August 2008 Edition)

It's common to feel frenzied with a busy schedule, but it's possible to enjoy life and thrive with a hectic lifestyle - if it's loaded with good stress, the kind that's energising and motivating. How do you tell good stress from bad?

Stress that's good
Facing something with enough excitement to override any fears.

Having a filled-to-the-brim schedule that still contains several activities that you look forward to and enjoy doing.

Having more commitments that you care about - marriage, motherhood, valued employee and community volunteer.

Working towards a valued goal and knowing that life will slow down once you achieve it.

Feeling challenged and alert - primed to tackle the task at hand.

Being tired enough to get restful, deep sleep.

Stress that's bad
Facing something with a mixture of dread, worry and anxiety.

Having an overloaded schedule stuffed with obligations that you don't enjoy and wouldn't fulfil if you had a choice.

Feeling that what you do is unimportant, unfulfilling and not worth the effort and time.

Feeling out of control and overwhelmed, with no end in sight and no help on the horizon.

Wanting to stay in all the time rather than take a stab at getting through the day.

Having restless sleep, ulcers, back pain or recurrent illnesses.

Spread The laughter (RD May 2008 Edition)

You're healthier now, having chuckled your way through some of the pages in this issue of Reader's Digest, than you were before you started reading.

Laughter reduces stress, improves memory and helps keep our hearts healthy. The ability to laugh is hard-wired into our systems, and new research shows that it's not only good for us, it's contagious. There's a reason sitcoms are funnier when we're in a group: when we see someone laugh, our brain seems to activate "mirror neurons" that send us into the same fit of laughter.

A little fun can lead to a more positive approach in everyday situations, says psychologist Kelly McGonigal. She teaches guided laughter, a group technique in which you prep your body for the physical work of laughter to reap the benefits: joy and social interaction. "All the efforts we put into reducing stress we ought to put into laughing," McGonigal says. A good giggle helps you:

Scorch kilojoules. Laughing for 10 to 15 minutes increases your heart rate by 10-20 per cent, which means you can burn an extra 40-165kJ a day. Over a year, that can add up to around two kilograms in weight loss.

Ease pain. In a US study, experts discovered that children tolerated pain better than usual when watching a funny TV programme.

Stay healthy. Humour increases the production and effectiveness of natural killer cells that stomp out germs. These cells are elevated for at least 12 hours after just an hour of watching, say, Will Ferrell run around in his underwear.

Love Hurts But Can Also Heal (RD January 2008 Edition)

Researchers at Ohio State University had married couples create minor blister wounds on their skin, then discuss a neutral topic. Two months later, the test was repeated, but this time couples talked about a point of conflict. The result: Couples took longer to heal after airing disagreements than when covering neutral ground. Hostile couples who were critical and sarcastic healed slowest and produced less of the proteins linked to healing.

Dr Brian Baker, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, performed another study that showed the physical effects of marital harmony. Married couples with mild hypertension wore blood-pressure monitors for 24 hours and completed a questionnaire about the quality of their marriage. Bad marriages raised while good marriages lowered blood pressure for couples.''Marriage tends to be good for your health, but it's the quality of your marriage that's important,'' says Baker.

Manage Health & Financial

Delay Debt (RD February 2008 Edition)

Struggling under debt, or want to save up to buy a home? This tip, from Debt Free, Cashed Up and Laughing by Cath Armstrong and Lea-Anne Brighton, should help fatten the piggy bank. The $100/24-hour rule is great to help ward off temptation. If you’re tempted to buy something that costs more than $100, commit to waiting for 24 hours before buying it. Then, weigh up your options:
• Do you really need it?
• Do you have the cash on hand?
• Will you need to borrow from your budget?
• Will you have to go into debt to buy it (credit or store cards, etc)?
• Can you raise the money to buy it (work overtime, a garage sale)?
Most of the time you’ll change your mind when you realise how much the desired item will really cost you to buy it on credit. This simple exercise can save you several years’ worth of debt repayments in the long run.

Should you lend money to a friend?(RD July 2008 Edition)

Lend money to a friend, and you’re liable to lose both.

But when someone close hits you up for a loan, it can be tough to say no. The first consideration, say financial experts, is whether you can afford it. If you can’t afford to give the money away, you can’t afford to lend it. Next, get it in writing. For big amounts, a repayment schedule helps to legitimise the loan. “It protects the lender, and can make the recipient more comfortable, so they don’t see the loan as charity,” says Howard Levine, a chartered accountant. Should you charge interest? It’s not mandatory, and may have tax implications. But if your money would be earning 5% on a term deposit, charge the same 5%. Or structure it as a loan but forgo the interest on repayment. And if a pal defaults? For lenders, it’s not just the amount that can cause a rift, but the feeling that you’re being taken advantage of.

Levine advises borrowers not to avoid the topic: “Pay back what you can, even if it’s just a bit. If you can’t pay it back, be up-front. Don’t just ignore it

Holiday Spending (RD December 2006 Edition)

To keep your expenses in check during the festive season, budget counsellor Rosemary MacDonald suggests:

Estimate how much you can afford for gifts. Add in a cushion for entertaining and decorating costs. Buying on credit? You should be able to pay for your purchases within three months. You shouldn’t be paying off Christmas debt in July.

Make a detailed shopping list and scan fliers to find the best prices, or consult a bargain-hunting friend on where to find good deals.

Do price comparisons over the phone where you can’t be lured by glitzy displays to spend more than you intend. Once you’ve nailed down a deal, head for that department, buy it and get out as fast as you can.

Shop online. You’ll save time and avoid temptation. Although you might have to pay delivery costs, this makes sense for out-of-town family or friends whose gifts you’d have to mail anyway.

~Rest Assure~

Hi & Good Day to Everyone. Here i would like to announce there will be NO POST for incoming days due to certain circumstance that can't be avoided by the Blog Writer . The date is still not official yet BUT for the time being, there will be 2 posts for enclosing the October 2008 edition. The post will cover certain issues such as Health & Financial.

On behalf of oURLIFe Blog, I apologize for this inconvenience but i guarantee there will be more issues in the next month from both local & international. The writer only hope for those who read his blog will catch the message by every single posted through this blog as he believes could help youngster realize about the Global issues. Thanks for all the supporters. Thank You!!

~Life is just a chance to grow a soul~
by Powell Davis

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Health is NOT Your Misery

Hi To Bloggers & Readers. Currently still searching some HOT topics. But, i will not let you guys down. So, i will share some HOT Soups from Reader's Digest. Here It is:

LONGEVITY SECRETS (Taken From RD's July 2008 edition)

(Aging is part of the nature & man should know how to balance it)

Explorer and longevity researcher Dan Buettner studied the places where people live the longest: Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Nicoya, Costa Rica; and Loma Linda, California. His book The Blue Zone shares tips from the long-lived residents.

"There's no supplement that can reverse aging," he says. But avoiding processed foods, making family a priority, cutting calories by 20 percent, and getting on a scale daily may slow it down. Also vital: reducing stress. Here's how:

Meditate Sit in a quiet space and focus on the skin below your nose and above your lip. Feel the sensations of your breathing. Aim for 15 minutes a day, building up to an hour.

Get personal Write a personal mission statement. It helps you develop your purpose in life, a factor that contributes to longevity.

Do yoga ''It's an ideal exercise as you get older, when joint health is especially important,'' Buettner says.

(Taken From Kansas Aging Department: Longevity @ Long life gains at age 80)

(My Comment: among 3s, I prefered Yoga & meditate, It helps me a lot of improving my long life)

(Taken from RD'S May 2008 edition)

(Very Important: Ask Your Pharmacist about Medication)

Flushing old medications might seem like the best way to keep them out of your child's reach, but it creates a potential public health hazard by allowing drugs into our water supply.

Similarly, do not pour it down the sink as it may end up in the local water table. And do not throw it in the trash. It may still be within reach of kids and pets.;

The safest way to get rid of leftover medications is to take them back to the pharmacy. However, not all pharmacies are required to take back unused medications but you can enquire at your local drugstore or pharmacy for options. Besides prescribed medicines, vitamins and minerals are chemicals, and can also be harmful to the soil and groundwater.

(My Comment: I think, we never realized that what actually we flushing out through the trash is much more harmful to us; the reason is simple; we don't know how to treat the leftover meds. Guess the local pharmacist should play their role in this part)

SPOT STROKES FAST ( Taken from RD's october 2008 edition)

Rapidly treating a mini-stroke, or transient ischaemic attack (TIA), reduces the risk of a major stroke by 80 percent
according to a study by Oxford's Radcliffe Hospital. Someone who suffers a TIA has similar symptoms to a stroke but the symptoms may only last a few minutes.

(80% of strokes are ischimec, restriction in blood supply, generally due to factors in the blood vessels, with resultant damage or dysfunction of tissue)

Ignoring them, however, can result in a major stroke following within three months. The Stroke Association uses the FAST test to diagnose whether someone is having a stroke or TIA:
Facial weakness – can the person smile, has the person's mouth/eye drooped?
Arm weakness – can the person raise both arms?
Speech problems – can they speak clearly and understand what you say?
Test all three symptoms. If he or she fails any of these tests, call emergency so they can receive treatment quickly at a hospital and damage to the brain can be reduced.

(My Comment: I saw my frenz who got this 3 symptoms, gotta save his life as smallville boy!!)

Monday, October 27, 2008

PEACE Called!!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace"

Peace..peace..peace. Does this term means nothing to you??or is it just manifestation of certain individual or was it really exist in this chaotic world. The war in Iraq, Lebanon & long-term Palestinian, should we just let it go just like that. Cry won't solve the problem..Salam Perpaduan to all Bloggers & Readers. Here i'm going to open the people mindset through the meaningful peace.

The word PEACE symbolically the ideal state of relationship as absence of hostility, at the international level, that of a war. Derived from the Anglo-Norman and meaning "freedom from civil disorder", it came into use in various personal greetings from c.1300 as a Biblical translation of the Latin pax and Greek eirene, which were used by translators to render Hebrew shalow, which has multiple meanings of "safety, welfare, prosperity".In many ways these core meanings of peace define origins of conflict as insecurity, social injustice, economic inequality. "Peace" is an ideal state that is used to describe the end of a conflict. The vague of our sense to find the meaning of peace is the caused of war happened around us. How many people died & sacrificed because of our selfishness & greediness by initiating the war in other countries???Did we realized that??

1987 Nobel laureate in Chemistry, Prof Jean-Marie Lehn, speaking to students at last year’s Bridges event in Thailand

We will learn about peace once we start to understand each other. But to do that we need the education, the seeds that need to be plant in school, universities, & new generation. International Peace Foundation (IPF) Chairman, Uwe Morawetz based on the education & peace launched their event series “Bridges Dialogues Towards a Culture of Peace” (Bridges) in Malaysia on Oct 22, after similar Bridges programmes in Thailand and Philippines.The programme involves a series of over 50 talks, workshops and dialogues, to be held from Nov 2008 to April 2009, by several Nobel laureates for peace, physics, chemistry, medicine and economics in local universities and institutions. The programme, jointly chaired by the Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, and former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Musa Hitam, aims to bring together people in business, politics, arts and the media.

Speakers includes 1996 Nobel laureate for Peace and President of Timor-Leste Prof Jose Ramos-Horta, 2003 Nobel laureate for Economics Prof Robert Fry Engle III, 2002 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine Prof Howard R. Horvitz, 1999 Nobel laureate for Physics Prof Gerardus ‘t Hooft, 2006 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry Prof Roger D. Kornberg and 2006 Nobel laureate for Physics Prof George F. Smoot. Other notable speakers are former German Minister of Foreign Affairs Joschka Fischer and American civil rights activist Rev Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr. This people aren't popular so much compare Mawi @ madonna in Entertainment Industry but this people try to bring hope by promoting the PEACE to be grow & establish among younger generation like us.

Talk more about Peace, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Chairman of Perdana Global Peace Organisation in his article " War makes a mockery of our claims to be civilised, to care for human life, human rights etc. War reduces us to being brutish animals. It is time we renounce killing masses of people in order to solve international disputes. It is time we renounce WAR! Defensive war would not be necessary in the absence of wars of agression. Trillions of dollars would be saved as nations scale down their war machines". He also appeal to the American to reject candidates in the Presidential primaries and election who do not reject killing people, who do not reject war as a policy option for the United States of America. The Message is Clear & war is NOT good options. Again i will emphasize to American people, you have the duty to yourself, duty to our masses of human community & please do not fail in morale duty. Hope my message could be hear by American masses to bring THE END to the worthless war in Human Community.

Be Fair To Us!!

(taken from The Star:The students demonstrating at the UKM campus in Bangi, demanding fair campus elections)

Hi & salam perpaduan through all malaysia. Next post for today. Currently i'm busy to read more Subject Books rather then write my blog BUT priority should be given too. I LOVE MY BLOG. Let's cut that Part. As i looked further on certain article, i'm attracted to the article that i read from The star "Fairer Election" by KAREN CHAPMAN. The article talks about the demonstration held by UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) students in Bangi last friday(26 october 2008). The purpose of demo is claimed some threats were made against the "unfairness" of the campus election held last year. The president of SMM (Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia @ Malaysia Graduates Solidarity) claimed that UKM students can only vote for certain candidates or being kicked out from their residential colleges. Trully unfairness!!.

He added that the interference of outsiders & e-voting system make the obvious "unfairness" to the campus election. he also added the aim of the demos only to make students aware of what they are doing NOT disrupting the Higher Education Minister,
Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin’s programme at UKM at the same time. Furthermore, He said Badan Bertindak Mahasiswa Negara (which is part of the SMM) president Hilman Nordin managed to hand over a memorandum to the minister. The demonstration started around 4pm outside the university’s Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak when Mohamed Khaled was visiting the booths set up for the carnival. Groups of students were seen holding banners, with some calling for free campus elections. Police arrived at about 4.17pm and asked the crowd gathered around to disperse.

The message is clear: Campus Election Should be decided by Students NOT them

Following up the issues, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said to the press, last Tuesday that vice-chancellors had been given the autonomy to decide when to hold campus elections. He said there was no reason for all public universities to hold campus elections simultaneously, like the previous years. Speaking to reporters later, Mohamed Khaled said he had not had the chance to read the memorandum yet. Asked whether what the students did was “healthy”, he said they would claim it was undemocratic if they were not given an opportunity to do so.(taken From The Star) & No actions will be taken upon them. Thus, the campus election should be decided later by the VC himself.

Morale of the story, I totally agreed about what the students done & the message clearly delivered to the right person as Datuk Seri will look further through the memorandum given by Hilman Nordin, President of Badan Bertindak Mahasiswa Negara (Graduates Action Nation Association). This might be the tune up for the next action taken by the Ministry of Higher Education. I looked further how they would like to discuss this matter without interference of any other party. Claimed that say it will NOT undemocratic for us it's like we don't know how to deliver the message. I believed the students always try to deliver their opinion & rights to the Campus Authority but they just ignored it. The message is totally cleared & why there is still people try to hide the facts?? The same goes to Political Scenerios in Malaysia. As Malaysian & part of University, should we just keep silence & let them take advantage on us?? The Choices are Yours Not others. (:p)

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"Your Commander-In-Bikini"

Paris Hilton as Commander-In-Bikini in Dreams (Wow!)

Hi to every bloggerS & ReaderS. Next post for today as the title above. Don't get me wrong about the picture & my intention is just to bring some hot topic about one of the artist who barely just stand with the American Flag (HAHAHA!!). No sex maniac @ addicted to Paris Hilton. Just I'm so attracted with the article posted by Bob Tourtellotte & bring the title to the front page of mine. He writes about Paris Hilton who declared herself to be the candidates for President in a video posted at Comedy Websites. The video features herself about what "Secret Service Dudes" & being good as sipping martini. Last but not least, How being the best "Commander-In-Bikini". Dare to see this Paris Hilton might be one of the candidates. Guess Obama @ McCain don't stand even a little chance to win the election. So, just counting days before American reach the Nov 4 to choose between the Democrat Obama & Republican McCain. Anything can happen & we won't see Sarah Palin the same anytime soon. Checkout the link & Paris Hilton uploaded the video at

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eve Of Diwali!

The truly Deepavali Spirit through All malaysians: We love to see it!

Hi, next post for today is about Deepavali Festival. It's just one day anymore for Malaysian especially Indians to celebrate Deepavali (Festival of Light). Most of the Hindus everywhere are making the last minute preparation & i believed most of my indians frenz are not exceptional. Well, it's about to celebrate the joyous occasion with new clothes(of course..most of frenz are crazy about clothes), hearty meals( muruku must be in this category..i guessed), fireworks and more. One thing that simply different compare to other cultures is the KOLAM (made of flour). This is the colourful decoration usually at the entrance of every indians house during Deepavali . It's like a compulsory for them as this will bring the Blessings into the home. As i read further about eve of Deepavali in The Star, there are 4 indian categories who commemorate the festival such as south indians, gujeratis, nepalise, & the sikhs. Womenfolk work overtime to churn out festive cakes and cookies for the celebrations such as achu muruku (the cookie is popular among the Malay community as well), omapoddi, hippi (dainty little crunchy cookies that resemble shells), & kueh ros (a firm favourite with children and adults alike). So, No more words to write & wish Happy Diwali to all Indians!!! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Alor Again!!!

(Taken from The Star : Traders pointed at the sign)

Hi, Next post from me about Jalan Alor. "Good News" for the people who live in the street that Jalan Alor will keep its name - that’s the decision of Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique. It is understood that the decision was made by him after listening to feedback from the public and City Hall following the uproar over the name change of the world-renowned street to Jalan Kejora. Sources said the minister had taken into account the views of both sides before making the decision. “I am fully aware that Jalan Alor is a world-renowned street, particularly its attraction as a food centre for tourists,” he said. Bukit Bintang MP Fong Kui Lun, who organised the campaign, said the traders and residents found the name change a nuisance as they would need to revise their business address, company letterheads, business cards, rubber stamps and update the details in their MyKad, bank accounts and other legal documents.
(Comment : Well Done! The concern of people about the Jalan Alor bring them together as the strong community in protesting the decision made by the Authority. Hope to seek many views regarding the decision next week.. (:p))

What's Your Flava??

Happy,happy....happy,HAPPY & more Giggles. Say HI & HEY to all Bloggers. Welcome To My blog & just done with some promotional of my own blog to people..HEHE..OK today i would like to share one of the Favoritism of Malaysian about CAKES. I am very SUPER DUPER sure about The Malaysian that can not live without having their cakes in every function (except for DEMISE function..huhu). On Thursday, October 23, it was a raining day which is i am not expected to have some great & fantastic meal. WOW! It's like a dream come true because i haven't enjoy my meal since "eve of Hari Raya". So, what do we have here, Yeah..actually some recognized cake which is make me excited to think about it. The best Cakes in the town but much expensive BUT worth to try is ~Secret Recipe~

My favourite once i reach there...OOO..So Lovely they are!!

Some introduction for those who not really know about this ~SECRET RECIPE~

Secret Recipe, a lifestyle café chain has become a household name following its debut in 1997. Secret Recipe has successfully established its brand name in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Philippines by virtue of its fine quality cakes, fusion food and distinctive service.

A leading and largest café chain in Malaysia, with Halal certification awarded by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), Secret Recipe is committed to continue to adhere to the standards of preparation of all food in the restaurant in accordance to the regulatory guidelines. Customers can always enjoy in confidence from more than 20 types of fusion food, 40 cake creations and pastries, with a flavourful range of ice cream and beverages offered in all Secret Recipe outlets.

Secret Recipe has earned numerous accolades every year; some of the more prominent ones are:

“ Most Competitive Company Award 2003 ”
“ Malaysia Book of Record 2003 ”
“ Superbrand of Malaysia 2003-4 ”
“ SMI Brand Builder of The Year Award 2004 ”
“ Excellent Food Award 2004 - Singapore ”
“ Product Excellence Award 2005 ”
“ Most Promising Franchisor of The Year Award 2005-6 ”
“ Malaysia Best Halal Restaurant of The Year 2005 ”
“ Most Promising Franchisor of the Year Award 2005 ”
“ SMB Brand Building Award 2005 ”
“ Best Restaurant Award 2006 - Indonesia ”
“ Golden Bull Award 2006 ”
“ Enterprise 50 Award 2006 ”
“ SMB Brand Building Award 2006 ”
“ BestBrand Food & Beverage Cafes 2006-2007 ”
“ Best Local Restaurant Chain 2006 ”

“ International Franchisor of the Year 2007 ”
“ Franchise of the Year 2007 ”
“ Homegrown Franchise of the Year Award 2007 ”
“ Best Sales Growth Award 2007 ”
“ Best Brand Food & Beverage Cafe 2007 ”
“ TOP TEAM 50 Enterprise Award 2007 ”
" Best Casual Dining Restaurant of The Year 2007/2008 ”

Moist Chocolate Cake

Mango Delight


White Chocolate Macadamia

Don't just stare at those pictures & why not you guys go the nearest ~SECRET RECIPE~outlet & treat yours with this lovely Cakes. Again, may i ask you "WHAT"S YOUR FLAVA??" (:p) For more information, click here

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Alor or Kejora?

KL's Most Street Famous with food & Saucer Dessert~Jalan ALOR

Hi & Aloha to Blog readers, today i want to share some interesting articles regarding the quite HOT topic in the town (not including UMNO election or political stuff) about the KL’s famous Street-JALAN ALOR. As I read further through all the comments given in the entire article, I think we should change it back to ALOR not KEJORA due to reasonable comments taken from hawkers (not hookers although there’s a lot of them right there) and tourists. Some reasonable comments taken from the article are certain companies involved always mentioned to clients that their location is at T-Junction at the end of Jalan Alor now it is changed to Jalan Kejora ; promotional materials used by companies along the streets would incur @ add a lot of cost to reprint them with the new road name ; Tourists who have outdated maps will not e able to find the street ; the glamorous street among tourists for its food and saucer desserts ; Taxi driver constantly had to explain to his confused passengers that Jalan Alor in not existed anymore ; certain consider it as turning down the pride once they change it to the new name ; getting the name changed in some 900,000 web pages in the internet, countless blogs, numerous maps, GPS software lots of tourist guidebooks & brochures & Jalan Alor is so famous for its food & there is even one Pan-Asia restaurant in New York on Hudson Street that offers Jalan Alor Chicken Wings in its menu.

Map show the JALAN ALOR location

The facts about Alor Street is the famous street with culinary kind ; dozen of restaurants and hawkers selling food ranging from Penang Char Koay Teow to Frog Porridge. The street really comes alive with strings of fluorescent lights & bulbs and Thousands of satisfied tourists have uploaded their experiences in their blogs & facebook especially. Furthermore, The hookers simply strolled over to the next street- of course Jalan Alor..haha..Tourists really love this one. So, good food & fantastic desserts result in good memories which people around the world recall as the sweetest memories & wonderful time in the street.The idea to create galactic theme around Bukit Bintang should be review back as I believe the brilliant idea sometimes will not be accepted by the masses. Should the authority to retreat the name of ALOR to regain the Popularity of The street is encourage by looking through all the comments. I never been there (seriously even I always hang out at KL during leisure time) but I feel to change something really benefit to us are unworthy. So, let’s hope the authority will change back the name from KEJORA to ALOR. ~(for me, I love the way it used to be & never ever change something memorable to people especially

Culinary Kind : OOOHH!! my god...feel my tummy gonna burst especially BBQ chicken wings above

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Malaysia Still survived??

The Wall street still striving the way to improve the financial status.

The survival of Malaysia from the systemic collapse of the whole world's financial system is something should be admiring for every countries. Back again with the hot topic. This evening, i have read the article written by Tun Dr Mahathir, Former Prime Minister of Malaysia titled The Financial Turmoil & Malaysia. What's so interesting about?? Let's take look...

When the Government withdrew the subsidy for oil the pump price increased by 40 per cent. The immediate result was to increase the prices of a wide range of food, goods and services commonly needed by the people. In other words the purchasing power of the people had been reduced. Since then the price of oil had been reduced three times. But the prices of food, goods and services have stayed up.

So, What is that supposed to mean???Geezz...well it is true that It was the right decision to reduced the price of oil but do you think does it really work if the current prices of needed items still the same. I am not here to protest but to throw out my opinion because i believed the government should emphasize the reduction of the basic needs NOT the price of oil ONLY. Economic experts have debated the crucial part of increasing the price of oil is the tremendously increase the price of the basic needs. Let's take a look further..This is interesting part.

But where does the money come from? From nowhere. The Government and the banks, including the Federal Reserve Bank conjured up the money from nothing. If you ask yourself where do the US700 billion Dollars come from when you know the United States' Government has to borrow US1.5 billion every day, you will find no answer. Is the US Government holding US700 billion Dollars in its treasury just in case it has to bail out the banks? Not likely when it cannot even make ends meet, when it has twin deficits.

So, That's how it looks. It seems that United states government has play the role in making this kind of "dramatic" scene about the financial turmoil as we can see how US700 billion is withdrew from the US treasury and at the same time make a debt around US1.5 billion per day. Most of the outsiders have questioned how far this bailout can continue to gain the people trust. Accept @ not??that makes me think further. Well, it backs to the mismanagement of the credit and the worse financial plan that ever make. Hope Malaysia can find a way maintain the financial status by not depending much to America & Europe. Now only questions that we gain here NOT the solution..huhu..i'm also confused. (:P) For more information, visit here

The Crisis Energy may continuously be the HOT issues if government does not take a proper action due to the current situation.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Coffee Nite 2008: Was It nice?!

Emma, Mary & me : having fun with the candid stuff..hehe

On Saturday (18 october 2008) last weekend, I was attending the Grand Dinner; Coffee Nite 2008 (Community for Future Engineers 2008) held by UMP-IEM Student section. First time held at Casuarina Hall of Swiss Garden Resort & Spa, introducing the RETRO theme with the international Buffet as the main course along with G.I.G band performance, Radiostar band, and ameer (X-Ruffedge) who make the hall a little bit havoc with the tune of the sound & music instruments. Overall rating is average. 3 of MC's play the part to make the entire program a little bit chaotic with jokes & LUCKY DRAW ( me also a part of them). Furthermore, UMP-IEM awarded the THE MOST OUTSTANDING GENTLEMAN & LADY OF THE NIGHT to Both Sons of Zulkifli; Mohd Faiz bin Zulkifli & Emma Sofia Zulkifli. T-rex also awarded as the best Club of the year in UMP. Last but not least, Souvenirs also given to the performers. For more information regarding Swiss Garden, click here , The venue is the most recommended to the people who really love to feel & comfort their holiday. (:p) That's all,TQ

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bush End, Obama-McCain Rival..Finally??

International concern : Obama-McCain Global Pool, Who's Gonna win??

As the WORLD sees him as the American Fighter & Icon , What's Your choice, Malaysian?

Hi there!! While i was hoping to write for the next clicks did told me i was look like sluggish@ dumb man who frustrating with the Coffee Nite event that i attending yesterday. Never say never..I think i had fun so far because most of the functions i attended were really fabulous & great. Now, what comes in my mind is NOT about the Coffee Nite but The Presidential Election at U.S . November 4th is the Day of American election in hope to replace the Bush-era with the most outstanding leaders between Obama & McCain. I was attracted with the article written by Carl M. Cannon from Reader's Digest titled

Global Poll: How the World Sees the 2008 election

Is this Really American dream if Obama was selected to be the Next president of United States of America to replace George W. Bush, the previous of the most stupidity leaders in the history of America. Currently, America is facing the most worst of Economic Regression in the history and Bush hope to gain the majority of The senate to inject the $700 million as Rescue plan to save U.S from falling. The Senate did not agree But he forced them to accept. Was it really worthy??So Far, experts around the world have questioned how the injection of rescue plan could affect entirely the whole American life while the inflation increased day by day (not exceptional; Europe and Eastern Countries). For me, the next election will determined the fate of U.S. As big fan of Obama @ Democratic party of America, people talks a lot about him and remark him as the truth leader who can see The greater height ( maybe for a better life in America).

"Obama represents something different", "Inspired Leader","This is most poignant in Africa, where people look at him and say, 'He's one of us"and much more. Issues that Obama bring to the center are Terrorism, The War In Iraq, Global poverty, Human Rights, The Environment, International Trade, Human Rights, & The Nuclear Proliferation. The concern is much greater and open to each continents as we know America as the lead nation for Peace & Harmony (exceptional BUSH-Era). So , Let's hope American choose the right people to lead their nation and don't repeat the same mistakes done by the previous leaders who are just seat and said "Our target is islamic Countries whom rich with Oil & Gas Resources, Set the fire on them". for more information, click Here
That's just joke!!! (:P)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rescue them!!

The boy wiping a bench at the stall

As i Looked further in this life, sometimes we as a human have to accept the reality that not every child around the world share the same condition like what we had today. I was really touched with The Star article By TRIPTI LAHIRI, Kids at work. India as we already know hold the X-factor of The Poorest country in the world. Millions of children have to grind for life and often labouring as 12 hours per day. What about us? Family sent their children at the school and at the same time in India, millions of children have to earned money for a better living. I think we should be grateful to Our Malaysia because we have not facing the BIG trouble like India. Education plays a role in determining the people career and successful. That's how it should be for children in India. Don't they deserve a better life???

Mostly the salary range for children workers in India are between 800 rupees (RM59) and 1000 rupees (RM74). I'm not really sure the exact amount but i believe the currency is different compare to us. Since every country has face the same increment to their expenses yet the children still can survive with the money but How to improve the better quality of life. Their government has put the rules for recruiting labour for the children but it won't work unless people look further on it. As the growth of children significantly in India, they tend to increase the number of children workers. Concern @ not, they actually never had any plans to curb the problem. Although certain experts believe that's how it works for India, but should we take some action to help them? If I'm giving a chance to help, i will help them by not giving the money but through ideas on how to improve their life by educating their children NOT being workers at the young age. Please Rescue them for a better future Youngsters. Hope to see the changes as i pray to god..huhu

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Today is A BETTER DAY for Tomorow??

"Just Luckily a good Day @ should i say Mrs Tan had "GOOD LUCK" because she found back her expensive apple laptop worth Rm6000.According to the article, the cleaner,who known as Sirammah Ramasamy, 30 could have just taken it but she follow her conscience and never crossed her mind to keep it. She was given a token of appreciation as reward for her honesty from LCCT-KLIA Malaysia Airports Sepang manager Raghbir Singh Bhall"

I just can't believe that still Malaysian has this kind of conscience regarding the valuable item like this. What make she thought it's really good to return back the "Valuable" thing to the owner? Did she just pretending that she could actually like a superwomen and gain popularity by doing this stuff.HUH!! I'm not sure whether she is really honour about what she did. That makes me wonder for a while. Don't take this one in negative ways because i believe there is reason behind the wall. Should you think that was just acting to prove that Malaysian people still concern about others. Well, i do really respect people with good conscience BUT how far they could pretend that they are really a good actor. So confuse??!! Let's take a look further with another interesting articles.

School girl almost tricked by her fella, her classmate. The girl,17 year old who wanted to be known as Ella admitted to be one of the victim of her classmate. The classmate a boy, 18 would demand the payment, hand phone, or valuable things from clients for arranging the meeting with the girl. Ella said the schoolboy has been known to set up his classmates to have sex with clients.

She alleged the boy would send an SMS to his prospective clients with the names, phone numbers and addresses of the girls looking for a foster brother or a lover.Once there was a response, the boy would ask the girls to pretend to be interested in the man by replying to the SMSes. I Don't know what happened to our society especially teenagers. There are some people who will do anything to gain money from easily like what this boy.

What makes this boy willing to do such thing?just because of money?Why should he do that?How far he can go by doing this job?His parent are in trouble and need financial helping to pay debts? Those are the Questions that will come out from our mind. There are some people are not really lucky enough and in order to gain @ achieve satisfaction in life , they tend to do something extraordinary like this (i will consider). But no matter how they feel, are we as society concern about this people? In the article, it shows the reality happened in our life & culture. What can we do to save teenagers like him?? Stuck your mind with those questions won't work anything but remember there is still hope for people like him to change our society in the future. So, Today still a better day for tomorrow??? i don't know how to answer it.... (:p)

Me, Life & Others

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Aloha!! Hi & Hey to everybody.Welcome to my blog. This is my first Post too my First Blog. Just get started with something new & i believe there will be more post after this because i feel this is the right time & place to write my own commentary, expressing my ideas, perception towards life as teenager, politics and society. I'm not belong to any society & never ever recruited as journalist. I write my blog in my own way. No discrimination between white or black. My comment totally comes within Pure heart with rational mindset. That's my Oath before entering this world. If there is people would like to oppose me with something not irrational & really irritating, YOU are WELCOME but beware of your Words. I accepting any positive comments in other to enhance my credibility as a leader and human being. Not much i can tell about myself but believe me, as time goes by through blog, you will see the real side of me;bad & good in balance. Furthermore, Music is part of my life and big fans of local & international bands. As life goes on, the blog will live as part of me. To Know more about me, Just visit here