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MEN's HEALTH: Meal Plan

Hi, Next Post for today. Something Worthy to be share to all the bloggers. How to loose your belly by just taking guided meal plan?? Hate to count your calories everyday?? and also thinking about your loss weight program. Well, here some tips i taken from Men's health: "The Belly OFF;Meal Plan" which is guaranteed to loose your weight.

Belly Off! Snacks

At 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., pick one of these snacks:
- Stonyfield fruit-flavored yogurt
- 2 sticks low-fat string cheese


Bowl of oatmeal: 1 cup instant oatmeal, unsweetened, with 20 blueberries

Piece of fruit: A medium apple, banana, or orange

Breakfast beverage: An 8 oz. glass of unsweetened orange juice, 1 percent milk, or a pint of coffee (that's a grande) with 1 sugar and 1 individual packet of cream. (Save yourself 27 calories by substituting calorie-free sweetener and a drop of skim milk.)

Turkey sandwich: 3 deli slices of turkey breast on whole-wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, and 1 tsp. Dijon mustard

Tuna sandwich: 1 can tuna, drained, mixed with 3 tsp. Dijon mustard on whole-wheat bread

PB&J sandwich: Peanut butter and easy-on-the-jelly on whole-wheat bread

Handful of almonds: 24-28 nuts

Heaping portion of green vegetable: An individual frozen package or normal-sized can of peas, green beans, or spinach

1 glass wine or beer: A 6 oz. glass of wine or a bottle of beer. Don't go nuts, here: Extra calories from alcohol can ruin your weight-loss plans

Seared steak: 1 medium New York strip steak, seared

Chicken breast: Boneless, skinless chicken breast, grilled (George Foreman or otherwise) with 1 tsp. BBQ sauce


Eaten your share of Belly Off! meals for the day, but hankering for more food? Don’t fall of the wagon, and don’t lose hope. Here are some strategies that can help you stick to the plan, as well as a few extra foods you can grab, guilt-free:

Go crazy with carrots:Learn to love carrot sticks—celery, too. Eat about as many you want. The high fiber content will help you feel full before you eat enough to ruin your daily diet.

Add a snack: If you’re of a certain size, our plan is actually a few calories too few. Add ONE extra snack—another yogurt or a pair of string cheeses—to pump it up.

Soak up your hunger: 15 to 20 minutes before dinner, soak up 2 teaspoons of olive oil with half a slice of bread and eat it to control your appetite. Olive oil stimulates the release of cholecystokinin, a gut hormone that signals the brain to stop eating.

Nuts before lunch: The almonds in your Belly Off! lunch have a similar effect. Grab half your handful 30 minutes before you eat the full meal. You’ll feel fuller, faster.

Very easy and simple to understand but the question here; Can We keep up with this healthy diet plan??. For me, I'm still in doubt whether i can cope for 2 @ 3 weeks BUT it's worthy to "make a try". Why say "no" for Your Health purpose. Thinking Forward!!! :p

Friday, December 26, 2008


Hey, ladies and gentlemen, next post for today, Chef Ammerz will talk about Cheese. Have you seen the picture above??Nope, right?? Have you heard "mozzarella cheese"??For those who are big fan of pizza 0r lasagna, maybe they know. what is "mozzarella" actually and what it is made off?? To tell you the truth, i'm not really know about "mozarella" but my eyes are captured by the articles in BERNAMA "Fresh Mozzarella, made in Malaysia" by Sakina Mohamed. i seek The Truth about you.

When it talks about Mozzarella, something like delicious-tasting stringy cheese will come in our mind (actually, the word remarks the Italian delicacies like pizzas). Well, not much people know that "mozzarella" is used in the most of pizzas, lasagna, or served with sliced tomatoes and basil in insalata caprese. For your information, mozzarella cheese is the imported dairy product which comes from Australia (mostly products in Malaysia). Good news for Pizza favoritas, fresh handmade "mozzarella" can be found at Langkawi, Malaysia. The are many types of Mozzarella produced such as Mozzarella di Bufala (Buffalo Mozzarella), made from domesticated buffalo milk, Mozzarella fior di latte made from pasteurized or unpasteurized cow's milk, Low moisture mozzarella, which is made from whole or part skim milkand smoked mozzarella.

Fresh mozzarella is generally white, but may vary seasonally to slightly yellow depending on the animal's diet. Semi-soft cheese. Due to its high moisture content, it is traditionally served the day it is made and it is long-lasting when sold in vacuum-sealed packages. Talking about fresh handmade Mozzarella at Langkawi, Malaysia, the owner is Norzana Ghazali, a 25 year old bussinesswoman married to Michael Bruschi, an Italian Bussinessman who has experience in the world cheese-making. The "mozzela" they made is much more better than Italy made and it is HALAL. They used vegetables rennete to help the coagulation of milk. Many Cheese makers using calf rennet obtained from the inner lining of calf's fourth stomach. If the calf is not slaughter according to islamic rites, than the rennet will not be Halal, thus making the mozzarella Non-Halal product. But, It's Halal now, so, No worries.

The article talks a lot about how to make tastier "mozzarella" and they mentioned the taste might depends not just the milk but also the beef. "Malaysian meat has the best flavour, better than those from Australia and New Zealand. You just have to know how to cut it. Do it right and you'll get optimum tenderness." said Bruschi, Friendly Farms Mozzarella Chef. Their Determination to Produce fresh handmade "mozzarella" should be taken example by Malaysian. Go MALAYSIAN!!

Fresh handmade Mozzarella by Chef Bruschi

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Xmas!!

Hi, great fellas..
Just a few hours, we will enter December 25 which is significant date for a Christian people who will celebrating Christmas Day or Christmastide. The tradition celebration usually fill with a lot of stuffs such as gift-giving, the display of various decorations including Christmas tree, lights, mistletoe (hemi parasitic plants in the order of Santatales that grow attached to and within the branches of a tree or shrub), nativity scenes and more. Santa Clause, common word for everybody, is mythological often associated with bringing gifts at Christmas. Christmas day should bring happiness to every Malaysian and Hope it will bring some fortune for the 2009 year. At last but not least, I would like to wish all my frenZ, MERRY X'MAS..HoHoHo~

Leela, bender and fry would like to say : Merry X'mas

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Privatisation, is it GOOD or BAD??

For the next post, today, i would like to share my thoughts of the Hot issue regarding the "privatisation". What is that mean by the word "privatisation"?? It means the incidence or process of transferring ownership of business from the public sector (government) to the private sector (business). The term used to be understand as the unrelated transactions. First, it is a buyout by the majority owner of all shares of public corporation or holding company's stock, privatizing the publicly traded store. Second, demutualization (click here) of a mutual organization or cooperative to form a joint stock company. That's what i understand from my reading material stuff. So, how this "privatisation" affect the certain markets due to increment of the tendency of free market???

Respond to Tun dr Mahathir post in his blog "IJN privatisation" or "National Heart Institution privatisation", it is well-known that Tun is the pioneer of "privatisation" of Malaysian assets during his era. He mentioned in his blog, "Privatisation" may bring more benefits but this "IJN privatisation" is the wrong thing to do because 80% of patients are poor. He also questioned Will Sime Darby shoulder the burden of losses due to costly treatment and which IJN lossed a lot of money just to make sure people gain their healthy??. That's make sense. Sime Darby should think about their proposal. I know they might be Confidence to gain the people interest but Should they think further of the proposal?? That's how it should be.

Certain Pro-Privatisation, they mentioned that private market more efficiently deliver goods and service than government due to free market competition. In general, the free market will lead to the lowest prices, improve quality, many choices, less corruption, and quicker delivery. Basic argument which is stated that governments have a few incentives to ensure that the enterprises should well run. Government also can raise money from taxation or simply printing money should revenues be insufficient, unlike a private owner. In this case, it seems that government would like to take advantages from the opportunity given by the Sime Darby. This is really unfair if the government act so.

Tun Dr Mahathir with IJN workers: Personal attachment might enlighten some issues to IJN privatisation.

For opponents of Pro-Privatisation, believe certain parts of the social terrain should remain closed to market forces in order to protect them from the unpredictability and ruthlessness of the market. Some of the utilities which government provides benefit society at large are indirect and difficult to measure or unable to produce a profit. Another view is that "privatisation" is not compatible to the government mission for social support. This are certain reasons why it is not practical to certain people. To conclude the above matter, i assumed that "privatisation" has both good and bad quality. It can't be denied that certain public sectors should be privatise to reduce the government burden BUT in IJN case, i oppose the Sime Darby's proposal to take over IJN for their Good reasons. It should not be privatise in any circumstances and let it be our pride to contribute something to the society (poor people).
Check out this website : National Heart Institute

"Datukship awarded to King Khan"

Datuk Shah Rukh Khan, king of Bollywood

Back Again for the blogger. It's been a while for those blog readers. Sorry for not "updated" my resources of reading material. To recover the updates, i will give you a treat by new article. Some thoughts regarding what i read at the last month. Most every Malaysian know about Shah Rukh Khan and he even known as "king of Bollywood". Group of females who even screamed "i love you" to him due to his popularity in Malaysia nowadays. December 6 2008 "Datukship" has been awarded to King of Bollywood, Mr Shah Rukh Khan due to his contribution of promoting Malacca through his previous movie, One 2 Ka Four. Malacca also just being remarked as the world of heritage sites by UNESCO.(click this) The remarkable award has been controversial since the last 2 months due to dissatisfaction of local entertainer by claiming that the award was not belong to the outsider.

Bollywood actor with traditional Black Malay costume and songkok, after he received the title Datukship from malacca state governor, Mohammad Khalil Yaakob

the touchy subject of his private life, it seems like he seldomly travel along with his wife, Gauri Khan(Hindu) these days. Churning gossip regarding his private life can be possibly rift. Well, it might be touchy subject since both of them were different religions (Mr Khan-Muslim, Gauri-Hindu). he did mentioned that “Gauri and I combine both Islam and Hindu religious background into our children’s education,”. That's how it works for them. Additional, Mr Khan also never hidden any facts that he's a muslim and being so proud to be a muslim actor. He even in the middle of shooting film of I AM KHAN which addresses the misconception of muslim by 9/11 tragedy at New York, America.

Well, Mr Khan does not seem to find him in the trouble but accept the "datukship" as the responsibility and on behalf of his fellows actors in India. He did mentioned that he accepted the award and not just for an honour but feel really happy to help promoting malacca to the international film makers. Actually, i do really feel it is Quite OK for the outsider like him being given the award as long as the acceptor feel responsibility to contribute something for the state. Mr khan also mentioned next year, Mumbai team will come to Malacca to identify possible locations for the upcoming shooting movies. Malacca need some catalyst to boost the popularity as the UNESCO-World Heritage sites. More effort should be focused by the state government to promote Malacca to the international appearance. Don't take for granted!! That's important!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Global Economic Crisis : Updates

Below are the links to clear your doubt regarding The current Global Financial Crisis

Global Financial Crisis : The Real Story

Obama Presses economic theme as team solidifies

Stimulus plan centre stage

Bank, metal stocks rally but growth fears remain

Consumer relief could take months under fed plan

Life insurers seek aid to stabilize investments

Mostly the current issue i have taken from the reuters website but if you have any recommended website, please "comment me" with more links. In the mean time, i will add more links to provide with accurate information regarding the current "global financial crisis". Thank you

Stay English as the medium of teaching science and mathematics

Learning science and mathematics is really fun

There are many debates and discussion nowadays regarding the issue to continue the teaching of science and mathematics in English as the best medium of language. Although it is believed that certain individual are not really adapted to the English usage for the subjects and it might not be a “HAPPY” for them if education ministry still want to remain the English as a medium of teaching science and mathematics. Personally, I think it might be a good for the government to remain the method as I believe it will bring advantages to Malaysian in the next 10 years. What makes me to speak so? If we compare our country to other successful countries, we still in the bottom list and if we realized, Malaysian especially Malays are not marketable enough due to lack of proficiency in English communication. Being Malaysian does not mean you can not mastering other languages and the importance of English can not be denied here.

Occasionally, I’m really proud with my own dialect (Malay languages) but when it comes to decide which languages to use for teaching of science and mathematics, of course the answer is English. During my time (Malay language used to be the medium of teaching for both subjects), learning science and mathematics is consider easier because both subjects used Malay language as the medium and the terms used are very simple to understand. When it comes to matriculation program which emphasize English as the medium of teaching and communication, I’m really in the trouble. Due to my lack of English skills and slowly adapted to the English usage, I only managed to score less than 3.00. Until now, I’m still facing the same thing but I keep on moving. If I were manage to learn science and mathematics in English from early age, learning both subjects will not be so harder than it used to be.

English language is the global language and learning the language does not mean we are “westernised” and less Malaysian. The sort of thinking should be cut off from our mind. Students nowadays are really intelligent and smart but if they do not know how to speak English in the international stage, sadly to say, you are not GOOD. You might feel it is “unfair” to judge such thing but it is the truth. Do not act so selfish just because Malay is not the medium of languages to use. We should believe from now that the English usage from the early age might bring some advantages to all students. The world is facing the great challenges and if Malaysia can not produce the excellent graduates, who might be the GOOD leader of Malaysia if they do not know how to speak English. Do not judge think in small range and think about the positive feedback that we will gain in the future.

The SMK Methodist boys school clinched gold medals in mathematics, science and computer skills

The global economic crisis has becoming worse and remaining hopes that it will turn the corner soon were dashed with more big firms in crisis, stock markets and currencies in turmoil. Soon, Malaysia will feel the impact of credit crisis and more economic experts should be start thinking the solution. It’s better for Malaysian to think how to survive this world crisis rather than debating about the teaching of English in science and mathematic. I do hope education ministry will remain the use of English in teaching science and mathematic for the sake of younger generation.

Don’t let them suffer anymore…

If the World tears apart, what will happen to us?? Yeah, the “so-called” good question for every human being like Malaysian. Corruption, politic money, crimes, commit suicide and much more acts keep playing twilight which revolve around, not even a single mole of minutes to be “the end”, it’s like being the major spreading diseases among human day by day. Take a closer look, human lost humanity & never regain conscious until the World tears part. As results, mental illness man is created who affected by those creation of the world. Mental illness has been classified as mental disorder to human, imbalance attitude, and might causes injure to himself or people. Even so, there is still human still keep their sanity by balancing good and bad sides.

Worn out: Aisyah taking a breather outside her home.

It’s just good kick-start for every reader to make the article much more ‘attractive look” a little bit.(still wander whether I can beat Joan @ not, if my writing skill has improved) As I browse my favourite reading stuff, THE STAR, I was deeply touched by article written by Wani Muthiah, “reaching out for some aid”. The article tells how Dr Andrew Mohanraj, german psychiatrist with CBM international (non-government organization) request aid from Malaysian to help 85-year old mother of a mentally-ill man (known as Aisyah Ahmad) who live in remote area in Aceh Besar (Indonesia province). He explained the condition of her son which suffers serious mental illness and kept locked up in the ramshackle house which is to kept his own safety from injure himself or being beaten up if left wander around. Aishah’s current condition also does not allowed her to always look up to her son (since she was too old) & furthermore, the ramshackle house need to rebuilt so that Abu Bakar Yusof, 45 (Aisyah’s son) cannot escape from his hole-riddled room as his mother has no “good” condition to chase after him. She also makes sure that her son takes all his medication on time.

Bad state: The ramshackle old house with Aisyah standing guard outside

CBM under Dr Mohanraj, has working towards Abu Bakar rehabilitation which will provide the right drug to counter his problem. Something to look further, Aisyah holds deeply determination by protecting her own son no matter what reason and she even willing to sacrifice her entire life just for that. I’m deeply touched and cried for a moment. How she had such stronger determination to put her life at her stakes. She deserves a better life. She is really “something” to be proud. No one ever knows her tears, suffers, screams & only the GOD knows. I hope someday, I could help to feed this people with money to replace their suffer, maybe that is not enough. Please help them!! Please help Aisyah and her son, Abu Bakar

(To help, you may contact Dr Mohanraj 019-3503 422 or via email

Friday, November 21, 2008

More FEAR from our DPM

Hello & hi everybody!!it's been a while since i haven't send my post.
My post today regarding the removing of fuel subsidies by the government. Well, tracking the global crude prices that continuous falling down below $50 per barrel,expectation??!!Of coz, the reduction of oil prices!!Currently in Malaysia, the retail price of RM2.00 per litre of petrol is too higher for commercial price which is RM1.64,affected by declining fast of global prices. According to Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad, the retail price would have to take into consideration other cost factors such as the refinery cost. Should we consider this reason might be another reasons created in other to cheating people??i think the cost of refinary cost might not costing thousands of billion ringgit just because we need to cover the cost.ABSURD!!Political stuff again..Show the proof, then we can believe whether the people's money is used properly. In UMNO showed to much political ploys

According to our DPM Dato' Seri Najib, Don't expect the pump prices to be constantly reduced. Yeah, It's true & we, people care about this fuel prices because it affects the other things. At the end, consumer has no right to stabilize the current condition & more people getting suffer from this action. The volatility of global prices might reduce the petrol dealers benefits. Since the government move to reduce petrol price due to current global price, this might be the tougher transition because the dealers need to set up again their monthly budget & might cut @ increase other goods prices due to necessity. The cash rebate for motorist might not be relevent enough to curb the problem. I'm not really agree with his statement "If oil is too cheap we will not work very hard to seek alternative sources of fuel". Then, what's the purpose of having so much scientists & engineers if they just relax and not seeking any alternative resources. They are not so stupid & decide like that. Expectation for petroleum depletion might be the STRONG reason why we must find alternative resources. That's all that matters.

But it's not totally i hate the government movement to stabilize the crude oil price but it's just not cope with the people's demand. The act of National Economic Action Council (NEAC) that will meet at 1 December might seem the best movement to stabilize the economic petrol price for Rakyat. The purpose of meeting to decide whether to choose between the current managed-float mechanism or be fixed at a minimum price. I Prefered they choose fixed at a minumum price. Great impact to stabilize the sluggish downturn of economy. Let public benefit from the price falls might just be "comfortable" statement to calm the public right now. Whether the current price might fall below $40 seems really possible. Noted by certain articles "economic concerns are clearly trumping any further production cuts by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, which accounts for about 40 percent of global supply. OPEC lowered production quotas by 1.5 million barrels a day last month, and some analysts predict even lower levels to come out of the cartel's next official meeting Dec. 17". The production might be expected lower in the next month. Oil prices have been crushed as the global economic downturn has diminished demand.

As it is, inflation has risen sharply and the higher costs of energy and poorer sentiment would have affected growth in output, an expensive lesson indeed for Malaysia. What choices we really have right now??

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Women In My Eyes....

New York-based artist Lee Hui Ling held her first solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur

~Good Day~Do you believe if i say women are getting closer to men right now?? well, i don't mean getting closer in terms of physical stuff BUT it's more on men's stuff. Nowadays, more women becoming the people who are NOT standing behind the closet @ wall. I have to admit that it's no longer man's world today. It is no doubt, women are entered professions who previously attached to male-solely. Such strong examples that could make men feel "challenge" are Director of gas & power in SHELL's Executive Committee owned by women, Mrs Linda Cook. There's Angela Merkel becoming Chancellor of Germany who's first ranked on Forbes' list of the world's 100 most powerful women. They really aiming for the higher stage of the world.

Nur Moana Ishak, the first female commercial airline pilots in Malaysia and is now a first officer with AirAsia.

Talk about be more "open" like men, nowadays, certain women like to approach men or guy. Is this really appropriate?? certain women prefer men to flirt & confess them, that's natural. How about women start to flirt the guy, will it be weird?? Is it possible?? If America, it seems REALLY possible. Let's talk more about it. In people perception, what's so wrong about women approaching men?? This point-of-view really irrelevent. Why?? because, not everybody born in the same idea & critically to say those ideas make people so idiot facing the new challenges of life.
As described by Fred Gonzales, Clove TWO writer in his article,"This isn't 1940s or 1950s, We're actually in the ultimate Sadie Hawkins dance, where the ladies can actually go and select their dance partner. We had a woman run for president, and another is a vice presidential candidate"

The writer told his experience which was asked out by women once. "I was with a group of friends, a relatively new group for me as I had been invited to just a couple outings, and the night was drawing to a close. As I walked to my car, one of the women at the table who was parked close by, asked me out, plain and simple."Hey, are you seeing anyone right now?" she politely asked. "No, I'm not," I responded, a bit surprised and wondering where this line of questioning was going. "Well, I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime for some food or something," she followed up. "Sure, that would be great. Just shoot me an e-mail," I said with a smile." That's how it works.

Some men can't read signals given by women. No matter how sparkle they are, men is still men, full ego & tend not to confess untill they have been struck by lightning or something. As men, i'm proudly say I CAN'T READ THOSE SIGNAL. It's hard to understand their feeling. Complicated as described by myself. What i can read @ understand is the referee's signal of the football (obviously & i'm not big fan of footballers like other men). So, gentlemen out there..start your engine to the max, give what you got, never say "sorry" to women anymore, & foremost, give women chance to flirt us too, IT's 100% not WEIRD, am i just say that?? HUHU... :p

Man & woman: is it false for girl to ask boy for a date??

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cheaper..more cheaper..GOOD for us!! (2nd part)

~good day~Roti canai getting cheaper..WOW!! Nasi kandar cheaper...Super WOW!! Teh tarik also Cheaper...hahaha..this news really make me laugh but even it's really interesting to know that more traders reduce their products in order to support "price reduction campaign" held by Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs. The reason of price reduction, of course, the reduction of global crude-oil prices falling down from $145 to $65 significantly affected by the global Financial Turmoil. More traders should take effort to reduce price of goods.

Not exceptional, "Kedai Mamak" in the town. The Muslim Restaurant Operators Association (Presma) and the Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners’ Association (Primas) have decided to support the Government’s move on price reduction. Nasi kandar will see a reduction of 20 sen a plate, while roti canai (and other roti items such as roti telur, roti pisang) and teh tarik will see a reduction of 10 sen each. As mentioned by them, the price reduction will be on voluntary basis & there is no fixed maximum prices for these 3 food items.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad said consumers could check the prices against the price-list in the restaurants. The price range in the Klang Valley was between RM4 and RM5.50 for nasi kandar, 90 sen and RM1.50 for teh tarik, and 70 sen and RM1.20 for roti canai. Presma president Jamarulkhan Kadir said the prices of the three items, however, would differ depending on the location of the restaurants.

(taken from The star)

I don't care so much about this 3 food items reduce their prices but thinking back, maybe it bring POSITIVE outlook. Most Consumers will start to believe that the government will force more traders to reduce their prices too. As results, it helps most consumers especially family who live in poverty. If we analyze the condition of 1997, most consumers being affected much by the economy crisis; more people loosed their jobs just like what Singapore facing today. Since, The global tend to strive from Global Economic Crisis, How Malaysia could enhance their oppurtunity by reducing their prices?? I still doubt. How many traders willing to take a risk?? that's also the big question, whether they can cope with the current prices.

Certain traders may think, it's better to gain some benefits from the falling down of crude-oil prices & take advantages in order to support them if The global once again increase the price. Not all consumers have similar thoughts. As stated by PRESMA president, the reduction price may effected their profit margin. It's not big controversial for them because they have a lot of franchises & they have their own association to support them. How small traders want to cope??
With small profit, they tend to choose not to support the government instead crude oil price reduction. At the end, consumers are the most infected by the problem. As consumers, what can we do now is sit & watch this little "act" of government.

I'm certainly not doing any review regarding Najib's proposal to inject thousands of money for the sake of people. It's certainly bring more BAD significance to the country. But i hope to make the review first. I will come out with the review article later. So, consumer! do your job & make sure all traders reduce their prices for our own good. Their own good?? let them think about it.

The Star Review (1st part)

~Good Day~Today, i would like to share my thought regarding the article taken from The star entitled "Obama, Climate change & Change China" written by Global Trends, Martin Khor. Since Obama won the American 44th elected presidential, the world place its hope on him & force him to take stronger actions to change his country's policy due to climate change. American has been labelled as CLIMATE SCEPTIC because its opted out(individual who can avoid receiving service information) of the Kyoto protocol (Protocol by UNFCCC on stabilizing of greenhouses gases) & of course, the former President, George W. Bush even denied the climate change problem.

Points from the whole article :

* China's Prime minister, Wen Jiao Bao who opened the international conference in purpose to examine the technology development & tranfers inthe climate change process.

* No progress had been made on the transfer of climate-friendly technologies ( developed countries targetted to support transfer funds & climate-friendly tecnologies)

* Ministers & officials of 70 Countries attended the workshop, organised by chinese government & UN department of economic & social affairs.

* Climate change should not be addressed at the cost of development, nor should economic growth be blindly pursued with disregard to climate change threats.

* Target to reduce energy intensity per unit of GDP by 20% in five years, and development of clean and renewable energy.

* Barriers to technology transfer; climate-friendly technologies are too costly for developing countries; differing views on whether the global intellectual property rights (IPRs) regime

Information technology may play the role in developing countries

Conclusion : Climate Change should influence the developed countries to share their technologies in order to bring advantages for both local & international toward establishing the humanity development among society.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


~Good Day~ This time, i would like to share My favourite sitcom@comedy. It's kinda paint if you don't watch some comedy series because it really help you to LAUGH (HAHAHA..see, i'm laughing). Talking about that, yeah i got some recommendation. FUTURAMA, the Emmy-Award Winning animated American Sitcom, created by Matt Groening (Creator of The Simpson) developed for FOX Network. The series bring to you The Adventures of Pizza Delivery Boy Philip J. Fry after cyrogenically frozen, seconds after the start of the twenty-first century & wakes up in the year 3000.(WOW!!,sound ridiculous & fun too)

You must be wonder Where "FUTURAMA" name comes. According to Matt Groening, FUTURAMA comes from pavilion at the 1939 New York World's Fair depicted how the creator imagined the world to look in 1959. That's where it comes from. This adventure of Philip J. fry whose plot revolves around the planet express delivery & its employees. So, it's time to introduce the characters.

Philip J. Fry

Immature, slovenly pizza delivery boy who is frozen just after midnight on January 1, 2000 reawakening in New Year's eve 2999. He gets a job as cargo boy at planet express, company owned by his closest relative , Profesor Hubert J. Fansworth. Known as dim-witted & accident prone, & love Leela in secret (only Bender know!!).

Turanga Leela

the competent, one-eye captain of the planet express ship. abandoned as a baby, grew up in Orphanarium believing herself to be an alien from unknown race. She later learns that she is actually a mutant from the sewers. She used to work as career assignment officer at the cyronic labs where she first met fry.She acts as a fry's love interest.

Bender Bending Rodriguez

Bender is a heavy drinking, cigar-smoking, kleptomaniac, misanthropic, egocentric, ill-tempered robot, originally programmed to bend girders for suicide booths, & now as assisstant sales manager of express delivery. Fry's best friend & roomate. Known to have desires to be Folk singer or a chef. He's also the chef of express delivery.

Profesor Hubert J. Fansworth

168 years old, fry's distant nephew & closest living relative. Farnsworth founded Planet Express to fund his mad-science-esque experiments and inventions.

As the show begins, the word "Futurama" is displayed across the screen along with a joke caption such as "Painstakingly Drawn in Front of a Live Audience", "Filmed on location", "Soon to be a Major Religion", or "Dancing Space Potatoes? YOU BET !" in most episodes, the ships physically crashes into the screen destroying the glass & stuck in the process. Although the series utilized a wide range of styles of humor but for Matt Groening notes that, from the show's conception, his goal was to take what was, on the surface, a goofy comedy and show that underneath were "legitimate literary science fiction concepts". So, that's a little tit-bits of FUTURAMA & if you are not laughing for watching the series, you better die, haha~Just Joke~

There are many characters involved such as Dr John A. Zoidberg, Amy Wong, Hermes Conrad, Zapp Baraningan & more

(It's damn Good series, You guys should watch it!!)

Striving For Blue!!

Water (H2O) live as part of 70% of Human Body

~Good Day~ The Monthly Review for Reader’s Digest November Edition. I found a few of articles which is interesting to share with Bloggers & Readers. “Tapping into Metro Manila Water” written by Rodel G Offemaria talks about experience of masses who live in Manila. Rodolfo Alaman Jr. who live in the big city, walks to his neighbour’s house, open the taps on a house, fills several containers for 2-day supply of water for his cooking & cleaning stuff. Less than 20 years ago, he lined up until dawn just to gain for his water-supply, led to frayed nerves & fight sometimes. It repeated every day across Manila that makes the 14 cities, 3 towns, 11 million people struggles for life with water deficiency, faltering water quality & high cost life. Judging by the situation, the water supply can’t cope with the demand & leaks.

An Asian Development Bank study noted that Manila's poor residents in 1995 spent ''up to 20 percent'' on water peddled at more than seven times the cost charged by the government-owned Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System. Some efforts to improve are the government give the concession to private water companies to take in-charge city’s east zone (Manila Water Company) & west (Mayniland Water Services), closed down of industrial deep wells (refer to shopping malls usually), encourage real estate development & building to adopt water treatment system, hire private water tester company to monitoring the contaminated water for students & water driven transformation reduces the queue for water.

“Jakarta Water Woes” written by Tifa Asrianti talks about Water-supply problem faced by residential of North Jakarta. Luki ariffin, resident of affected area used the water for washing purposes & drinking needs. Their residential area located at low land area, stop using groundwater for long time ago because of excessive pumping of ground water caused land subsidence & seawater infiltration. The government takes same steps what did by manila government; give the concession company to take in-charge. The water companies lagging in performance causes consumers to stop using tap water (some areas in Jakarta) & exploiting the groundwater.

With 13 rivers polluted, Dam at West jaya is the Only hope to serve 700,000 water consumers. Last year survey conducted by WWF Indonesia predicts that Citarum River which supply for the dam may experience the water supply shortage due to warmer temperature & extensive land uses.

“Pioneer in Low-Pressure Membrane Filters” written by Glenn van Zutphen talks about the pioneer of Membrane Filters to separate water & wastewater from their impure elements. Dr Benedek & Francois Fiesinger pioneered the ultra filtration, low-pressure technology to get rid of the most biological material & bacteria. He always refer to nature uses the natural membrane to filter out unwanted microbes in mangrove swamps & wetlands. The United Nations Development Programme in a 2006 report, are the cause of 1.8 million kids dying each year from diarrhea and up to 50 percent of patients landing in hospital

The Zenon Company (Dr benedek company) sent 80 membrane filtration units to Sri Lanka to supply drinking water. He notes that for less than US$1000 each, the units produce microbe-free water and need no chlorine or other chemicals (and no one to handle them), as do some traditional forms of filtration.

(This is something worthy to be share to community & hope those out there realize how importance to keep protect our healthy water from pollution)