Sunday, December 20, 2009

10 commandments of Marriage (taken from The star Blogger- PatrickJB)

Commandment #1. Marriages are made in heaven. But so again, are thunder and lightning.

Commandment #2. If you want your spouse to listen and pay strict attention to every word you say, talk in your sleep.

Commandment #3. Marriage is grand and divorce is more grandeur!

Commandment #4. Married life is very interesting. In the first year of marriage, the man speaks and the woman listens. In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens. In the third year, they both speak and the neighbors listen. In the forth year, they both speak in turn and the judges listen.

Commandment #5. When a man opens the door of his car for his wife, you can be sure of one thing: Either the car is new or the wife is.

Commandment #6. Marriage is when a man and woman become entwined as one; the trouble starts when the woman wants to be on top... every time.

Commandment #7. Before marriage, a man will lie awake all night thinking about how to stay awake� After marriage, he will fall asleep immediately once he�s done.

Commandment #8. Every man wants a wife who is beautiful, understanding, economical, and a good cook. But the law allows only one wife.

Commandment #9. Every woman wants a man who is handsome, understanding, and economical and a considerate lover, but again, the law allows only one husband.

Commandment #10. Man is incomplete until he marries. After that, he is finished.

My comments : From first until the last commandment, i can't stop laughing myself that most of it are consider OBVIOUS evidences. As a man of honor, we should try to hide this things as for our sake but i know the women ~currently~ not really looked further when it comes to their first-hand marriage**wink**

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Wow!!! time really moved so fast...fuhh...i didn't expect 2010 year is just around the corner, blessing to GOD, 2009 is THE WORST year and it's gonna end very SOON...**wink**

well, today i'm not going to write about the REGRETS i had this year, it was MORE, believe me!! it will be the next next next entry, who knows??!! god knows the best. Recently, there are many things happened; quite unexpected but i would say, predicted and "i know this BAD thing will come".I was born with extraordinary power (sometimes powerless too!!) and well said, mediocre too.


to make it short, i might be able/sometimes predict BAD things will happen, it can turned up so fast and u may expect "wow, that actually really happen???oh, badass!!" but it can turn up in the other way round too. People said not everything comes as what u expected. I DO BELIEVE ON THAT but sometimes i ignore it too.

As i expected, one of my frenz failed to convince the people he actually/was born to be GREAT leader ( the same level with me, i guess!!!) and that was the first thought i had on him. ( the GREAT leader). Due to misunderstanding incident, he was acting emotionally, didn't replied any messages, frequently sent ANNOYING messages and sounded like THREATEN to us, and so on.

At the last minute, he didn't want to turned up himself and decided not to appear due to his egoism, another commitments and admitted that more contribution has already put in the first place to initiate the program. Seriously, this is really bad mindset and it could not help the situation. WORST than ever as result. that's how i think.

He has been told that his presence is needed here so that more dispute & pending jobs he left can be solve a.s.a.p but still he don't get it. Come on, my frenz!! u are excellent student with GREAT pointer but how can't u understand the simple thing about people's feeling. I admitted, he did so much for the program but he's not willing to let people knows his hardwork. That's why this thing happened. **sigh**

Now, he's not turned up and expected to held the meeting very soon in the next semester. I don't think he may get the same co-operation, same friendship, same smiles and so on. Well, it's easy to decide but the consequences, u will bear it along your life journey and people will not believe anymore in your principles. not anymore!!

He did answered "he confused about those stuff being throwed to him" and he lost the intention to come here to clarify and convince the team. HOW GREAT LEADER HE WAS. Thx a lot frenz and u killed my respect to u due to your egoism.

We are not perfect and i always know do i....

WHAT WAS I THINKING ABOUT THIS?? **sigh**The truth was i'm already EXPECTED this might be happened in the future, some resources did told me how this fellow turned down some people and didn't keep his promise. I BELIEVE it's becoming more OBVIOUS and the true colours has revealed itself. **sigh**

I thought different colours, different races, different religions might give some positive tunes to the REALITY scene but that is not what i expected. One of my closed frenz told me, dun expect to much to him coz the result is not the same as what u want. She's right!!! Absolutely!!

The great power that i possessed might be guidance for me not to put 100% trust to the people closed to you. Even they are your family members, closed frenz or "wanna be" frenz and so on coz most of them are the same. Should i stop trusting people around me or just ignore it?? that depends how it influencing my life.

As conclusion, as for myself, do not put 100% trust to the people closed to you or people u care about ( they might turn up to be ur enemy!!), second, prediction and instinct, both are good ones and can protect us from harm myself, good prediction can avoid u some bad consequences and lastly, the decision to quit might be near than i expected. SOON.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Biggest Loser Asia

"LOSING WEIGHT, GAINING LIFE" that's the quote gained from the biggest loser, TV's most popular reality shows across the world (United States is the host until 8th season). This is the one reality shows that are worthy watching, have a DECENT PREMISE, compare to ridiculous reality shows, sometime make me discerning about what i watch **sigh**

The previous post, here, only talks about awareness of obesity or overweight. Since, The Biggest Loser Asia has already made their steps to embark the journey of reducing obesity in Asia, as malaysian, i'm inspired to lose my weight too.

The show aims to assist morbidly heavyweight people lose weight and get healthy. Under the guidance of trainers, the contestants are out through the grinder, 6H of exercise a day, portion control, discarding unhealthy foods- everyday within 3 months. At the end , the contestant who has lost the most weight wins. QUESTION : CAN WE DO IT???

As for me, i have followed the series of exercise to improve my cardiac balance, muscle development through basic workout ( less than 30kg) to ensure my body can keep up with increasing weight of workout, consume protein supplementary suggested by gym instructor, regular exercise still in progress due to STRESS life and tight schedule as student. Too bad, i'm still consumed some UNHEALTHY food which is barely and hard to resist too. **gosh**. But still, i'm NOT LOST the intention to gaining my life and lost weight too. DON'T DEMOTIVATING!! :) here

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

FED-UP with unexpected result

another semester to go, another troubles to overcome...

S%$# through this week, UNFORTUNATE weeks entire my life...unexpected result with more STUPID surprises...i can't really stand anymore this "dramatic" situation...really...really can't anymore!!!

As everyone being SELFISH due to dean list addiction or fever, i'm feel the tense coz i'm not one of them. This is what we used to called +ve jealousy. I've grown tired with this. PLZ STOP BEING SELFISH. Not everyone is experiencing the way it supposed to be.

as for me: This is how i really felt right now, i dun really care what you guys thinking?? why should i care?? now i'm acting SELFISH too

i'm said : "how should i be patience and accept such unexpected result?? plz tell me how should i keep myself from not doing any sins/mistakes if this things always keep playing around my life??? i'm so fed up with this whole thingy..."

enough for now, i need to breath fresh air....instead of UMP's air...UMP is already polluted with SELFISH minded people.

THX again god coz again you make me tumble, crumble n crush down.....~F#$%~

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i feel much!!!

It's been a while, since a month, i haven't blogging..due to many stuffs happened in my life, things keep me away to wrote something in my blog (like usually i did). Thus, today, i keep playing with my keyboard's laptop to type something important.

How would you feel if everything's you've done so far to improve yourself performance it WORTHLESS??? i think most people do...

i have suffered this thing for a few years, it seems endless to me, why??? still, i keep asking myself for that too...i dunno why...why..why this thing happened??

Possible REASONS for me to keep THINKING are:

1) unsuitable course ( almost 4 years, i keep telling myself, i can be "better" with this stupid course rather than thinking about medical stuff, u know what was i thinking, F$#@ enough with this thing, i should just take another course but i can't afford to do that due to #$%@!&* family that i had right now, i'm so tensed)

2) bad grades ( almost 4 years, trying so hard to score & i keep telling myself (self-motivational), i can do better than this, still i've got BAD grades for most of the subjects especially BIO-Subjects, why??? S#$% and loathe myself coz what?? GOD SAID SO... i'm incompetent for all BIO-Subjects, so be it. foremost, the one who get the better grade is always the one i hate almost entire my life. Now DOUBLE UP tensed!!)

3) Excellent Speaker but BAD ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE ( almost 4 years, i'm experienced in many stuff that i have been appointed to do and most of it are accomplished the goal BUT when it comes to academic, VERY POOR, who should i blame that?? of coz, myself, incompetent to set up my time for study, friends n bla...bla...bla...i'm so damn FUCKING with this thing)

4) Family ( most of people will said, FAMILY is the most important one, i love my family, because of family i succeeded, many ways they said FAMILY is the one who influenced the positive of what they had right now. BUT as for me, NONE OF IT, because my family is PRESSURED, PROBLEMATIC, TENSED, ALMOST BAD STUFF, do call me freak or whatever you guys want but that's how i felt untill i'm reached 23 years old, nothing change for them, still the same way like they did keep pressuring and contained me. NOW, I'm REALLY MAD n TENSED)---> i keep myself away, away n away from them, coz i hated my entire life was depending on their opinions + decisions. that's how i ended up and if i'm always follow their opinions + decisions, SERIOUSLY, i will be ended up like MASJID guy or whatever GOOD guy they meant me to be. AGAIN, out of nowhere for me

As conclusion, almost 4 years, i had SPLENDID moment being here and grow at UMP, i thought i could change my life from miserable to BETTER ( i hate this word!!!! more than u could ever imagine!!). BUT IT WON'T CHANGE untill u have gone in this world. BE MAD WITH MY STATEMENT OR WHATEVER. i Don't care enough and i can;t just rely anymore with so many things coz WHAT??? GOD SAID SO...thx so much to fate n destiny i had to be in this world. THX AGAIN. I'm DEAD-MEAT...

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hye there...currently i'm not in the mood for blabbering abt my stuff OR writing down something knowledgeable...these whole things started with
plant design presentation--> lab + subjects presentation--->
final year project in lab~that includes design expert software--hard to comprehend for the beginner----> what else?????????? ~time is preciousless~

i REALLY wish i'm working rite now at industry, make a $$$ like bulky or something else...rather than STUDY...oh GOD...i need STRENGTH...STRENGTH....**sigh**

SERIOUSLY, i'm OUT OF IDEAS. That's it!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

~wonder WISE~

I admitted the way of expressing thought would be different coz different people, different ideas, different in every ways, it's hard to find the common things unless he or she is your twin, most likely you will find the similarities but still the reality, we are the DIFFERENT person. I think, to differenciate the thoughts, read their thoughts (it could be blog or else) and able to to define whether they able or not to show their sense of maturity. Here. This is my goal of maturity.~everyone is familiar with it~

This is another issues, to crack yourself into another characters due to fitted yourself into the society would not be WISE decision coz CHANGE can't be force and we as human lack of sanity. Seriously, i don't like to be the typical malay guy where you just talking about your lust and activities you've done in your life through the blog. That's why i prefered to be something else. I'm not the guy who tend to make the common tasks everyday. Guess, be DIFFERENT, that make you different from others.

Priority, everywhere we go, we do find some difficulties in deciding what's next to do in our life. Is it easy to decide your own priority?? as easy like PCI device, by plug in the data into setpoint, gain, reset and everything related (THIS IS chemical engineering subject yer!!). Indirectly, YES it is. We should start to think about the what's the next action to do in life, thinking about the advantages, long term effectiveness, disadvantages, and the important one, IS IT follow your heart's decision?? if you do, then set the goal. Easier said than done. I'm also gasping for air to think about it but it is worth to think now before both eyes are closed in the future.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


~taken from cover story "WINDS OF CHANGE" in SME & entrepreneurship magz~

Social networking is not Fluff or puff where people just look at photos of their friends and comment each other; can translate into something lucrative for your business as well as for yourself. Social netwroking sites have gradually evolved into a preferred medium made ideal for marketing your business

Many are already absorbing into the wonders of new media and social networking as a business strategy accelerator where it connects you to your preferred demographics while not necessarily limiting to it.

Given the current economics light, the emergence of social networking sites could not have witnessed a better timing especially since used strategically; friendly tactics can leverage your business's marketability to a whole new level


many enterprises, espceially SMEs swear by social networks & some are increasingly using such networks to transform their business processes. Since online communities are so efficiant at sharing and priotising information, companies, as they cultivate business communities have realised the merits of such networks that comes i the form of competitive and cost advantages.


Business benefits brought by social networking are aplenty but one of the core benefits is the ability for you to establish business connections. Build healthy affliations by simply connecting, sharing ideas while forming a lucrative joint venture.


...still some who are sceptical in stepping into it. The toothsome idea of tapping out to hundrends, possibly thousands of potential new customers with just simple conversation online is yet to go down to some simply because they are too comfortable with the traditional mode of networking.


Time is money and for any business owner, the question of "what's in for me" is a fixture. Point noted but you will never know if you never try. And by trying it does not mean opening up a socail network account and letting it go obsolete by just allowing it to sit for ages.


Such sites are enable you to share your favourite sites on the web with potential clients and business partners simply by commenting on, uploading and ranking different newsworthy articles. A self-profile also can be created that directs traffic nack tou your company's web sites

YouTube: Need No introduction; this ever popoular site is ideal for anything and everything. You can upload snips of your company's event or a video presentation for the like of industry players

WikiHow: Create a how-to guide ot tutorial and share your company's services with the public for free~i'm just explore this web~NICHE!!


FACEBOOK: No longer for college going kids but FB has now evolved into more business friendly medium givng you advertising and marketing opportunities

Linkedln: A popular networking site where alumni, business associates, fresh graduates and other professionals connect online

My comment: Change of sweeping across the globe is now initiate the small steps by start sending out "tweets". Emergence of economic crisis could be the better timing to leverage your business, dude!! :) Both pros & cons should be consider by people, so start "TWEETS" your FB now!!!

~Sorry for the delay~

*sigh* 6 days, non-stop working, PSM + Plant Design + hectic days with expo thingy as Deejay as well as business guy; haven't had any chance to put the next entry as promised**sigh** - and that spells trouble to me.

Oh ya!! just for your mind-feed..something exciting for BLOGGERS to discern...
~must READ~

"Malaysia Down Under by R-Age" (exciting story of Malaysia Fest at Australia, 19 years, continuously held by Malaysian students who stayed there, promoting our cultures and diversity to Sydneysiders + One Buck Shot performance "LIVE" there)

"Tech Gone Wrong
by R-Age" ( Social networking like facebook, twitter, n more BUT how they lead us to trouble instead of advantages we gained from them, LOOK UP for it!!)

In the mean time, next entry will be out look for it later, ok:)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

~just for your info~

Next entry will be more about business & entrepreneurship.
I just passed through ideal knowledge about Social Networking.
More stuff will be out from this & i'm sure it will gives ideas about
ads business and ....
how well it assist businessman nowadays~just for your info~


This year, my RAYA just O.K. can't share much to the bloggers coz i'm not snapped any photos..well, i'm not interested at all n photogenic, is totally not me..

Seriously..thinking WHY i have to get back to UMP n study,uughh!! i feel so hopeless n lazy. Maybe i'm tired like what student used to do : STUDY.

Now, all bad habits like sleepng beauty, copy-paste act, n more come back n reinFORCE me to do it again.
Add Image

life is totally boring. I should just be like him...

CAN SOMEONE help me,pwwweeaaseee??

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tales of the LOSER

People's life changing continuously, as the globe revolves around, non-stop tales endless crafted,

the STORY OF LIFE, suit to the typical of human races, bounded by possibilities to change,

MORE THAN MEET THE EYES as people seek through it

LIFE is PRECIOUS, more than you could imagine.......


For many years being OVERWEIGHT or OBESITY, what would you feel???

Depression? Afraid?? loose CONFIDENCE??? LOW self- esteem???? ISOLATED????
that's responds from majority who suffering obesity and overweight
Have you think about it lately??

Do we need to loose weight?? Some people didn't feel to loose their weight as they constantly surrounded by family members who dealing with weight issues and enjoyed indulging in "HEALTHY" food. Some of them, pressured by the job or life's problem, thus, FOOD is the only way to recover the stress, and they don't even care to loose weight. On the other hand, food is the cure to everything. Besides that, certain people who at early stage didn't experienced overweight issue fall to it due to multiple injuries and accidents. They stop working out and live an unhealthy lifestyle for so long, maybe 5 -15 years, even more than that.
The issue is that they LACK of DETERMINATION & KNOWLEDGE
Check this website :

Many reality shows such as The amazing race and survivor are common BUT THE BIGGEST LOSER is DIFFERENT. THE BIGGEST LOSER, the driven-reality TV show inspired many people to challenge themselves to do whatever it takes to win. For me, this is really INSPIRATIONAL program because it helps people to realize how importance of maintaining your health. $$$ can't buy your health. However, the momentum for a person to join such competition goes beyond just emerging victorious. From the show itself, some of the participants , either facing critical health issue or minor, seriously, when you think about it, anyone who loses weight, whether or not this person wins- is already a winner.

Check this website : The biggest loser

~That’s true inspirational reflection~

The biggest issue to be highlight here is The National Health and Morbidity Survey 2006 (a survey that is conducted every 10 years) revealed that some 29% of adult Malaysians are overweight and 14% obese. That means , 43% or 2 in 5 , adult Malaysian are OVERWEIGHT. The significant number rise as Malaysian get fatter and the TRUTH is 18-29 ages, teenager + young people, made up the significant growth. Sad to heard it?? Or maybe you laugh at it?? That’s your options.

Why stuck yourself with the OVERWEIGHT or OBESITY?? Don’t risk yourself anymore and take the first step to avoid it. Everyday, we heard the news on how many people died because of Cardiac diseases, and much more.


Then, start enroll healthy lifestyle and live life to the fullest by not indulging in Unhealthy foods.

~Dare to DREAM high, break the chain and start enroll the HEALTHY journey~

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

~still searching~(UPDATED)

Currently, i'm still searching for the best topics to write up,

i do looked up on certain issues lately discussed among us and it's either HEALTH or CURRENT issues

I've got some ideas to add more in the next article, WATCH OUT!!

Hope i can produce BETTER than my previous articles

~it's just to fill up the empty time--->it's hols ~

I JUST GOT NEW HAIRSTYLE, shorty n more elegant...haha
~(sort of inspiration from daily life) ~

Monday, September 14, 2009

~Cry..there's how i losing my GRIP~

My heart feels to cry out loud...sometimes

feels to tear myself apart..a bit by bit

broken heart, depressed, fed up, completely...

tired of living, THAT'S too MUCH maybe..u won't know

I'm BROKEN HEART, may be..the passed, the present..tend to mixed up everything

I'm afraid of BIG commitment coz i'm UNSTABLE

I don't know how should i protect her, like what she always did to me

BUT i just dunno, more i feel UNEASY, but again, i dunno..ABSOLUTELY

more BROKEN HEART, read people's blog with the passed experience haunted her back

SHOULD i just kill myself to....DRIFT away..far..far away

I'm just the victim, due to past EXPERIENCE, U WON'T KNOW

these a few days, can't feel the beat of heart, JUST FOLLOW the river, where it flows..

i will flow...too....i dunno how to say BUT my heart always had this kind of feeling

HOPE i can get back early to campus, lead my life as usual, getting along with people...

That's just DREAM, I WON'T DREAM anymore

A LOT STUFF to be accomplish in the SHORT period!!!

Thesis + Plant design....PERSONAL life, i let IT go first

Now, it's time to get BACK the REAL-ME

~moody: my FAV stuff to do if uneasy feeling surrounded me~

~LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE~ that's why Rihanna sang Cry song--She just the victim of the passed

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I promised to IMPROVED myself:) THUMBS UP!!

These few days ahead, i'm thinking on how to "upgrade" my blog with more valuable adds NOT just talk about what's going around me. Guess, i should speak a little bit about my life. Previously, i'm inspired to start blogging through my frenz named, Rowanlim. Through her blog, she did impressed many bloggers to speak about life, people, politic, education and et al. That's how i learned to blog myself. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Rowanlim n wish u happy days ahead yeah!!

Major CHANGES that i would like to implement or some amendments here such as

*Background (Previously, it's such a boring to have wallpaper like this, people can't really feel the author's handwriting)

*Gadgets (probably i will add more gadgets so that it may help people to see what lieas ahead on the wall of my life *geezz*)

*Updated song for each month (I LOVE MUSIC pretty much, n i even SWEAR to god that i will somehow be TOP singer BUT *sigh* not even a glimpse of heaven to me that i can grab the chance to do it, ha3X)here

what else?? Why don't u guys, BLOGGERS wait n see on weeks ahead, PATIENCE :)

U wiLL see the REAL-me here!!

MORE THUMBS UP!! in the future....wait n see *grin*

~Thx 4 ur support by reading my blog and i guarantee the satisfaction will come later coz i promised to GRADUALLY improved myself, gezzz~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"MUST BUY" Items : WANTED!!!

Hi bloggers, just want to share my 'Must BUY" items and a few hairstyles that attracted both eyes. Since hari raya just around the corner (actually another 1 week), everybody must busy to get their own stuff, what could it be?? i Wonder..THIS IS MY RESOLVE for this year's collection.

A few hairstyles that make me boiled up my head, i want to have it BUT it doesn't suit my requirements, Ok but somehow, the combination maybe...or MAYHEM to me, let's get through it:

Oh crap, damn i've fallen to this hairstyles

Some Xtra-ordinary clothes this year will be ; TOPMAN, u can see in my facebook, a lot collection shot from front angles, it suit to my need BUT i need to boost to gain more muscle, so that it surely show up the truth of shirts. i like this kind of shirts, i don't care the colour as long as it hit my taste. THAT'S MORE THAN ENOUGH.. it make soul of men. Let's hit the collections:

These styles would be my choices for the next GRAND dinner

so...what's ur resolve this year??? THIS IS MY FORTE'~to those fashionable out there especially guys, these are just piece of crap BUT WORTHY to be heard:)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Remembering, Michael Jackson

Scene at Forest Lawn Memorial Parkin Glendale Calif on thursday Sept 3,2009

Glendal (california), the king of pop; michael jackson was laid to rest saturday night after 2 months of his death, mourned by celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Barry Bonds n more. It's just too emotional and touching for everybody. Michael jackson died a drug induced death june 25 at age 50 as he was about to embark "comeback" attempt. May GOD bless u, Michael n may u rest in peace as the world bless u as the icon rockstar and legend of the world:(

Michael's casket during the his funeral service, THIS IS SO TOUCHING for me n the rest

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who's at RISK???!!

Who's at risk?? Yeah, probably u will thinking, either cancer case or H1N1 cases erupted a few weeks back and made total 70 death out of Malaysian's population. That's really amusing BREAKTHROUGH recorded by Malaysia so far, those cases gradually increase per day. Why it continuously haunted and killed human among us?? mmm..definitely, there's no concrete evidence to prove BUT somehow, lesson learned to us especially Islamic community. FORGET ABOUT H1N1 CASES, let's get through what am i'm going to talk about today. It's about WHO'S AT RISK??

Are we in RISK?? yup especially MEN who face in midlife crisis, such as squandering their retirement fund, buying expensive car, getting hair transplant and chest wax (hoho..i dream that!!) OR reverting to the youth by staying out late and flirting with women half ages than yours. But even it manifest something BIG that change your life, a man in midlife definitely is in turmoil.

Marriage breakdown: due to many factors

According to studies over mental health, depression rate rises in the 35 to 55 age group, it's not just mental illness but men's physical health also deteriorates. The funny thing are men who always stripped of their superman trunks when they realize they aren't immortal. Undeniable sign that life is getting at the "pointy end" usually get highlighted by life events such as job loss and or marrage breakdown. More questions arise on, are men prisoner to their hormones?? IS it much the same way like women can be disturbed by menopause???

According to Professor Robert McLachlan, director of Andrology Australia, dispute the existence of the male menopause altogether. ''Male menopause is a nonsense term,'' he said. ''It's been conjured up partly for marketing reasons, but in reality men can't have a menopause because they never menstruate.'' But still obesity or diabetes, can cause testosterone level fall faster than normal, beware of it, somehow men will feel better while we addressing this issue, at least.*grin*

Men's depression : How should we face it??

The crisis can hit at any times - the mid-twenties, pre-retirement, and retirement phases are the peak times too. Not too forget that women face the same thing when their role change as chidren are born or leave home. I think sometime, we always seeing adults with very high expectations of happiness and personal life satisfaction plus we've easily dillusioned by not achieving the goal. This is hard even i'm personally think we should think further.

Even midlife crisis that we faced now, it's actually opportunity for us grow. Men learn how to explore their life in valuable meaning. BUT if they don't listen to their inner message, usually they will acting out the streotypical midlife behaviour like crack down their marriage for a younger woman. One way to dealing with the mental distress that i've seen so far is to medicate the depression. Many men counseling themselves to give them permission to acknowledge, they are at crossroad and to dream of what else could be there. Sound like weird but it's the truth.

The key is communication, said Anne Hollonds of Relationships Australia NSW. ''All of this is better dealt with in a well-functioning partnership,'' she said. ''From the very earliest days you should be working with your partner on building the sort of relationship that will cope with whatever ups and downs life brings.''

Find nice place and meditate yourself, that could help to relieve the stress

As conclusion, i think men who in midlife crisis should try to grow in the problem they faced, and support is really needed by them as hope they can cope with crises much better in the future.:)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Future Parents, Remember this!!!

Oh, i'm so lucky that i passed through this "awesome" columnist after i had "tiring" class with Dr azwina, full of laughing as usual, besides with "shitty" faces who always promote themselves as legendary of KNOCK-IT-OFF guys, like i care, those are just stupid guys. I will not give comments on them.

Hey, back to the topic, yup i was kind of wondering this few days coz yesterday i was planning to enter "marriage course" held by UMP, but i pulled back my decision not to enter(family matters). After marriage what's next in your life??? of coz' CHIDREN in your mind. I enjoyed having talked with chidren but sometimes it was annoying coz' the chidren will drag the conversation into stupid stuff, Yeah, they always do, coz they are CHILDREN.

When it talks about children, what is so interesting about?? Well, Ruth Liew-childwise author do talks about Asking it right article. Indeed resourceful!! She did found out "interesting answer" when she asked the right question to this group. But things change once they grow older. I think i found out some key points that enlighten us especially for those who just getting into parental OR who think they might be. Let's take a look

* Most parent in Malaysia, they only think about how their children score their exams , they don't even care about their school and even they don't want to know anything unless their child able to score or not. Undeniable & indeed the truth. Their intention is obviously to correct a mistake as well as when they suspect trouble. i faced it too, how do we face this thing?? Good question, even until i grown up, i'm still didn't found out the ans BUT what i do was, Patience.

* Children shy away from parents due to parent-centred. From Ruth Liew perspective, chidren do find out that parent tend to make them frustrated, rather than empowered. The questions evoked negative feeling rather than raising self-esteem. Do u think so. This is not truth at all, but it do, sometime. Well, everyone is not perfect.

* WHY ARE YOU CRYING?? or WHY DID YOU THAT?? familiar with these??? How did u feel when such questions being raise up to u while you still child?? Fed up & cry?? It's just make matter worse. The writer told that "When children are upset and fearful, they need someone to reassure them that everything will be all right. You are not helping when you just tell them to stop crying. You need to make sure that they know you are trying to understand them." That's what i really felt when my mom asked me something like that or even my dad also.

* Another facts raised up by the writer, Children find it rather annoying when parents keep pressing them with questions that they dont have to answer. Many have learned that their chidren tend to make up their story rather than listening to them coz they felt it isn't interesting at all. The author added " If you want your child to tell you more about school, you should avoid asking, “How was school today?”..such thing could open up the channel of communication between children and parent.

* Children really do listen when you talk directly to them. When your child is in trouble, offer help first. You need to attend to them physically if they are hurt or emotionally if they are upset or frightened. That's what she stressed out. Probably, that's worth of becoming a good parent when parent able to tackling their own children feelings.

~what do u see from them, it's the reflection of our own act~ do think wisely before starting your own parent--KEEP CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN FEELING, YOU WILL GAIN THEIR RESPECT AND TRUST :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

something that we always do...especially Shopaholic!!

Familiar with these ads??

I do read this article "sense of style" posted by Dzireena Mahadzir, titled "When the demons take over". This is the first time i read such things about shopping wisely. Before this, i just randonmly picked to read the star columnist. Wherever i found it interesting, i will read. You won't read it if the topic isn't the topic to be discussed rite??? So, the most articles that i always read are articles posted by marina mahathir (but last weekend she talked about following jakarta in tackling AIDS- boring coz i know much about their implementation to aid those AIDS thingy). Some of them i think quite interesting especially when they responded to current issues. Indeed remarkable source of knowledges.

So what Dzireena mahadzir talked about??? ermm...these are the summarized content of Shopping wisely during credit crunch.

- Don't plan too much in advance coz' none of them came to fruition entire year

- When it comes to purchase, being guided by sense of style barometer, usually not stress enough coz' u seemed to enjoy it (me too!! the smell n everything..) 20%, 30%, 50%, and 70%, those magical words, usually persuaded us to purchase something we shouldn't buy it.

- What's in our mind, this is what i've got from her article " I am convinced that I absolutely must have the dress as it is SO this season, looks SO right and would be SO perfect with those shoes and that bag for THE event. So what if it still costs a ridiculous amount." does it sound familiar to you??? haha..i can't resist..this is the truth sense of what me n shopaholic said*sigh* at least:p

- additional info that we already awared is return and exchange goods could be a big hassle for shopaholic in malaysia. why?? coz' sales people always think the shoppers SHOULD know better rather than buy a mistake. They did think that we are big problem coz' they need to do a lot of paperwork + receipt. No tolerance in this matter. No choice even i'm getting angry due to their "mesra alam" ini.

- The more even annoying when they call and remind u that u haven't paid yet. THIS IS THE BEST PART, the free-will to swipe the card goes on...non-stop...coz' we're too stupid, grit ur teeth, then...u know better than others (i realized it though while i'm using my dad card last time)

- At the end, those mistakes.. you are going to have to live with it. It's hard for me either. Tendency to buy non-stop and desire take over ur "wise" head.haha:p

- "Fashion isn’t something most people choose with their heads, but consider how annoying it is having to clear a closet of rubbish and think of the amount of money wasted." This is what we should think twice before purchasing anything...huhu:p

Wise people know how to use these magical words but me, it's hard to say

As conclusion, babes and shopaholic out there, do realize it before those desire takes over you!! plz n i begin to realize it before it takes me down...deeper n deeper:)