Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Highlight of Islam is The Truth

Indonesian Islamic authority slammed for fatwa

JAKARTA: The country’s highest Islamic authority has come under fire for bans on vote abstention, smoking and yoga. The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) issued several edicts last Sunday that, among others, partially ban smoking and certain aspects of yoga. Edicts on the bans were issued by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) during its two-day national meeting in Padangpanjang, West Sumatra, which ended Sunday. Some 700 clerics from the council agreed Muslims were forbidden to abstain from voting in elections if “qualified” candidates existed. “Islam obliges Muslims to elect their leaders if the latter meet certain criteria,” Gusrizal Gazahar, MUI West Sumatra head, said after the meeting. The criteria include “being Muslim, honest, brilliant and ready to fight for the people,” the council added. It also forbade smoking by children and pregnant women, and smoking in public places. Outside these conditions, smoking was still deemed makruh (blameworthy) for Muslims, it said.

Muslims are also banned from practicing certain aspects of yoga that contained Hindu elements such as chanting and meditation, it said. But Muslims can continue to perform yoga for purely health reasons, the council added. Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), Indonesia’s biggest Islamic organisation, slammed the edicts as “excessive.” NU deputy head Masdar F. Mas’udi said the MUI should not have dragged religion into the three matters. Yoga, as it is practiced in Indonesia, he said, was a pastime and must not be seen in the context of religious worship. To discourage people from smoking, he added, the MUI should not use “Islamic law” as a tool. “What’s important is to inform the public of the bad effects of smoking and urge the government to enforce policies to discourage smoking,” Masdar told The Jakarta Post. He also said the MUI should “not bring in God and threaten people with hell” if it wanted to encourage Muslims to vote.

Political expert Syamsuddin Haris agreed the MUI should not force people to vote, saying it was their democratic right to vote or not. “It’s absolutely pointless. A religious body shouldn’t dictate political behaviour,” he told tempointeraktif.com, adding the edict would have little impact. Muslim scholar Azyumardi Azra also slammed the ban on yoga as “excessive” and “counterproductive.” However, he lauded the edicts against vote abstention and smoking, saying the former was “positive” in strengthening democracy and elected administrations. Azyumardi, an assistant to Vice President Jusuf Kalla, said the MUI had “compromised” and taken “accommodating” measures to partly forbid smoking, considering the fact the tobacco industry employed so many workers and contributed much to the country’s economy.

MUI edicts issued on Jan 25, 2009
1) A ban on aspects of yoga that contain Hindu elements;
2) A ban on vote abstention if “qualified” candidates exist;
3) A ban on smoking by children and pregnant women, and in public places;
4) A ban on abortion unless the mother is a rape victim, the pregnancy endangers her life, or the foetus is aged less than five weeks;
5) A ban on vasectomy because the process is “irreversible”;
6) A ban on marriage with minors, based on a 1974 law that forbids men under 19 and women under 16 years old from marrying. -- ANNThe Jakarta Post

My comment : It seems MUI has their own reasons why they have to opposed such edicts but it is clearly that islam enlighten "peace" and open minded. In the case of banned of yoga and certain matters, it is better to consider every aspects and elements involved. I believed Islam never ever ban something without considering anything. The effort of MUI should be praised and encouraged. This is how cooperation worked well among muslim community. 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More tears..No Hope!!

More tears, fear, revenge, suffer, blood every where and more come out when as we looked all the pictures of Palestine-Israel War. How could human be treated like this & why many people are so blinded by the truth. Can't you really see what's going on??? Is this really fair to Palestinian. What else Israel want to take from them?? What are they?? Animal or satan??. Only God can punished them in more tribulation. My eyes drown out by tears as i looked further to all those pictures, my heart felt so hot and big burden that i as Muslim can't do anything to help my Muslim-brothers who are struggling to fight for their freedom. This is not the first time they have been treated like this BUT since 1948 until now,2009. The endless war of century. The differences of religion, myth, land owner bring the battle becoming more merciless and fearless. Please take a look at those pictures, feel it, how does it feel if we are treated like that, our siblings, parent, babies die in front of your eyes, does it feel good to u?? Israel sure feels good because they are the worst human who has been exiled by our god, Allah. They are The EXILED-races who don't feel any shame and embarrassment and what they know it's to fullfilling their fucking myth destiny and stupid reasons. Please..do something WORLD. This is really UNFAIR.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

It's been a while & still breathing this time to put some dotes in my Blog. Well, lately busy with the tight schedule of classess & club's activities, but here am i rite now, actually it's mid-term break & i'm already expected this week will be kind of boring. HEHE, but of coz, my life won't get tired bcoz of that..hehe(getting used to it). Just another few days, all my chinese frenz will celebrate their Chinese new Year & this year is Ox-year which stands for resilient & determination. Put more effort to build and strengthen our economy to face the Global Economic Crisis. GO MALAYSIAN!!! YEAH!!

Many people really concern & fear about the effect of Downturn economic to our country but stimulus packages to enhance the local economic crowth currently implemented this year & also effort of Bank Negara to setting up the MYR 2 Billion SME Assistance Guarantee Scheme to reduce the fear among local bussiness affected by world crisis. I'm still feel relief that our country still have strong economic but the effort should continue to make the significance development towards decreasing the unemployment rate in our local workers. At least 200,000 workers lost their job & not "common" amount but it's very serious numbers as the number will grow if the World Economic doesn't show Positive significance of recovery. The struggling economy should start from now.

Barack Obama, 44th of president of United States of America has revealed his plan to save the world economic crisis from getting worst and it is currently implemented. His teams seeks various options to tackle the worsening economic such as setting up a government-run bank, or possibly banks, to acquire bad assets to clogging the financial system. The serious illness caused by Bush administration, while the last day of his "glory" has to struggled to contain the crisis & the significance, of coz slow and analysis has been conducted to recognise how much it was weakening the economy. The liquidity in U.S markets also dried last week, reduce sharply and doesn't show positive significance of growth. Nearly 300 billions euros (US$397.7 bil) in toxic US assets and the most affected and huge losses were mortgage and student loans. Many factors caused the instability of liquidity and volatile market.

The sudden contraction of the global economic is worrying various level of our society & this will trigger the fear recession that i felt could spark a dangerous deflation to our country and again 1997 nightmare.NO..NO..I hope Malaysia will still stable & i need to work for my family. That's how i could imagine so far and based on the world facts. Let's hope all graduates could gain job after their graduation. Before that, on behalf of UMP-IEM SS i would like to reply my condolences to my frenz, Yasmin bte Che' razali,3rd year electrical student who are just passed away yesterday (January 24 2009) who hit-run by strangers in front of UMP chancellory building. It's not our desire that this will happen but it hopes to bring lesson-in-life to me as human being that Death might after you at anytime. Last but not least, GONG XI FA COI & xian nian kuai le~Hehe~Joan,give me ang pow!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

TOP 10 irritants

RESEARCHERS at Oxford University recently compiled a list of the top 10 irritating expressions.

Heading it was “at the end of the day”, which was followed in second place by the phrase “fairly unique”.

In third place was the tautological statement “I personally”.

Also making the top 10 is the grammatically incorrect “shouldn’t of”, instead of “shouldn’t have”.

The top 10 most irritating phrases:

1) At the end of the day

2) Fairly unique

3) I personally

4) At this moment in time

5) With all due respect

6) Absolutely

7) It’s a nightmare

8) Shouldn’t of

9) 24/7

10) It’s not rocket science

So, Guess What??? Are we wrong?? think about it twice :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gazan Screams!!!

The situation gain out of control. The immediate ceasefire in Gaza has been issued by United Nation due to Israel's 13-days offensive towards Gaza. With the crisis of Gaza and southern Israel having reached its fifth day, Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon appealed for an urgent of ceasefire to end the violemce and allow the crucial humanitarian aid to reach Gazans. Unexpected news make people suprised that The United States abstained in the votes. The United States which along with Britain and France sought to win over Arab states to the resolution & its abstention come as a suprise. Some Arab officials feared that the United States abstention could weaken the pressure on Israel to comply. 

The impact of recent fighting which has claimed over 300 lives, including those dozens of women and children has been nothing short of terrifying for the 1.5 million people in Gaza. Without a halt to the violence, humanitarian supplies cannot reach the vulnerable and civilians cannot leave their homes to access medical care, he said, calling on all parties to deal with the humanitarian and economic needs in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was quoted by media reports as saying conditions were not yet ripe for a ceasefire since they had not yet reached the point of promising safety in southern Israel which has been targeted by increasingly longer-range Hamas missiles from Gaza.

Certain excerpts above has been taken to enlighten the issues of people who died in Gaza's War. Penultimate of War between Gazan and Israel will never end. With Muslim community around the world as well as United Nation striving their best to call immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The worst case scenerion might be end up more lives being killed, just for the lust of both parties are satisfied. The way of Muslim community right now are NOT REALLY strong enough with their own stand to call off the war since the western see the abstention is the ONLY options. If western see many lives die in front of their eyes, then, i think Bush administration (before Obama takes over on 21st Jan) will consider "Abstention" is the BAD options. With continuous stupidity of Bush, World will against the destruction of politic, economy and society. Let's just call BUSH is Coward because HE's really damn STUPID!!!         

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

EDMAT31, BEST Memories of 2008

My Best Team:(from left)Chin,HawWe,U-gene,Buna,me.?,fairus,anin,YeeSin

Happy new YEAR to all Bloggers, sorry for the late WISH. Too bad coz i haven't got time last week to wrote something in my lovely blog. Well, guess the "busy" time really take over my life right now. Never mind, i don't care!! (like fall out boy song). Today for the next post as the title aboved. Yeah, before that, the strong reason why i'm not wrote anything is coz 2009 is the starter for me to think about having my personal bussiness. ~Economic regression~Still wondering what kind of bussiness should i do, at least could bring valuable return. Ok, stop about the bussiness and talk about EDMAT31.

Deponegoro Fella n ME!! (Kirana n gusti there!!!)

Industrial Visit at Spansion, KL

EDMAT31, acronym derived from Engineering, Development, Motivation & Awareness Training, co-organized by Engineering Society of University Malaya (ESUM), with the theme "Unite The Young Generation, Create a New Revolution" aim to gather undergraduates engineering students from both local and foreign Universities. It is a 8 days 7 nights training camp to nurture the leadership & management skills, develop interpersonal & communication skills, encourage critical & rational thinking and prepare students in facing challenges in both society & life. Lastly, the camp in hope to produce the MULTI-TALENTED University Engineers. Starting from EDMAT1 (1978) with theme "Peranan Jurutera dalam Pembangunan" emphasize on Industrial Society in National Development and Attitude of Engineering in National Building untill now, which is really amazing and give a big compliments. Participants of EDMAT31 come from both local and foreign universities such as UPM, UTHM, University of Hong Kong, UTM, University of Diponegoro (UNDIP), National University of Singapore (NUS), UTP, UNIMAS and UMP.

Signature of all participants during EDMAT31 Dinner

Engineers Dinner at Dynasty Hotel : CHEERS and "Tiga" Smile!!

Being labelled as the MOST successful annual program held by ESUM of University Malaya, MOTOROLA as main sponsor, notable speakers such as Mr Terence Thong, Mrs. Amy Wan, Mr Vincent Hor, Mr James Poon, The Triads (Mrs Tan Li Lian, Mrs. Fionne Chong Lai Fung, Mr. Eric Chai Kum Weng) and Mr Rizal Hassan, and career talks as part of their introduction to industrial experiences including the industrial visit to Spansion (electronic chip producer for camera, mobile phone etc.) and GOOD Games session. Among those attractions, seriously i'm interested with 3 notable speakers like Mr Terence Thong, Mr Rizal Hassan, and Mr James Poon. The Dynamic session with Engineers also very motivated coz all fresh engineers age range between 25-30 years old were coming to talk and share their experiences (The most valuable time and never ever take for granted). Something really that this camp introduce to me was The TOASTMASTERS Club which conceived and developed the idea of helping others to speak more effectively. 11,300 clubs worldwide, more than 80 clubs in Klang Valley strive to help men and women improve their Listening, Thinking, and Speaking Skills. Mr Ivan Tan (The immediate past president of Club) really awesome guy and prove no FEAR when it comes to PUBLIC SPEAKING.

The moment where i'm in the middle of public speaking: judge by Eng. Yau Chau Fong, Immediate Past chairman IEM G&S - YES as well as Toastmasters Club Members

Outdoor activities at UM lake: Flying fox!!

It's kind of Interactive and fun program and UMPians really enjoy the whole event. The dinner also very nice and expensive venue at Dynasty Hotel at Kuala Lumpur. The great performances from each groups with mix courses and universities prove that EDMAT31 was prestigious program like other international programs. Thanks to all the organizing committee and i believed they did a GREAT JOB!!! especially Mr Alex Chew Kui Fuei, very serious and handsome guy. Guess, Chinese sure fall in love due to his seriousness along the program.HAHA!! He love it to be like that and he even admitted to me. As Conclusion, The prestigious program like this should have the good basement and unite committee even it is not really consider big BUT as far as i concerned, it bring GREAT impact to all participants, That's the most important!!! Hope Umpians realize this opportunity to grow their expectation more than the current we own rite now. The Transformation agenda by UMP Vice-chancellor should enlighten to all student leaders How Importance to internationalize the academic as well as services.