Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Water : How it can solve the ASIA Water Crisis

To all Bloggers, yeah, it's been a while, such a Hectic schedule that makes it harder for me to jotted down something really important for me (my Blog:) ). Recently, i have been asked by my lecturer to present the informative speech. Actually, i already prepared the topic the last 3 @ 4 weeks before this & at first, as it thought it might be "easiest" to english debator like me BUT that perception was totally wrong at all. It really ended pretty "bad" for me as i mumbling much about the facts & seriously, i'm felt to shoot myself in that time. Back to the previous bussines, so, as i told something really interesting abt the water topic. All the facts i just gained from Howstuffworks.com. Pretty amazing that website. Just click if you want to know anything about the world surrounds you. So this is how it goes....

The topic : "GREYWATER : How can it solve ASIA water crisis"

The date : 23rd February 2009

The Venue : WDK27

Definition : The cloudy appearance that neither fresh nor good condition. You might call    it sullage, seewage, domestic water used by consumer for everyday usage.    harmful to people 50-60% coming from the water we used everyday & may    contain hazardous chemicals (most are alkalines) and also called as BLACK    WATER (this is how i defined it yesterday) 

Adds : An estimated 700 millions of people in ASIA do not assess to safe drinking water

Content : Why the greywater is used as the best method. 

1) Reduce the demand of conventional water supplies as well as "pressure" the water seewage treatment. ( i told the audiences how actually the increasing demand of clean water might actually affecting the the water supplies & how it can stress certain people to treat the seewage & reuse back the water.

(to be continued...)

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