Friday, June 5, 2009

Confess Your heart's been a while, i haven't hit my blog almost 1 month due to my laziness to write. My blog must be felt so lonely. Vacation on the line, thus i felt it's not really in the "mood" to write my thought. But i changed my mind suddenly. Something that i should share with bloggers. Currently, i'm at taiping, attending cousin's wedding and it's totally damned boring. Why????? Let me explain. My cousin's wedding, not very close one, owner of chicken rice restaurant at Taiping, Perak, 1 year older than me, young but rich (He bought honda jazz with cash,$$ on 2007) and so on. That's the part of the reasons.

Furthermore, i'm here because of my stupid request from my family and they said i should show my face there. Hello!! cousin's wedding is not in my head and i have a lot of stuff to do rather than attending this worthless event. Next time, i should try to think some plan to avoid this kind of event. Yeah, thinking about marriage, certain of my friends are already getting into marriage life and i felt it's kind of annoying coz you throw yourself into troubles. At early age, if you really mature enough to decide your life and stable financial security, most probably the next step is marriage. I don't mind if certain of my friend also getting engaged and get married but uncomfortable it's how i feel. It's totally different life and you relationship as friend might not used to be.

People define marriage by themselves but i defined marriage as the worst burden in my early age especially student. If we look into religion perspective, it is encourage for every muslims to get marry in early age and that is what our prophet's remedy IF you able to do so. Some of us think that marriage is simply like tie the bond between the man and women but it's far greater than that. marriage often formalized by a ceremony called wedding. People often think marriage is really a happy event but have they look into the reality.

Does every marriage could really bring happiness OR disaster?? i don't think there is a good answer. As general, people marry for many reasons. As example, there are certain types of marriages whereby certain people tend to marry more than spouse, that is poligamy. The marriage comes with many responsibilities. Are we ready enough to face it???


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adey..imagine ur marriage, then no ones there. plus, no one's happy for u.. cn u do tht? how do u feel? aii..budak2 zaman sekarang.. ops, YOUNG ADULTS zaman sekarang.. ishk3..

p.s- thank God i dun think like you, phew! (no offense la mah fren! people r suppose to b diff rite)

aMMerZ said...


"Easier said than done"
I'm always believed Marriage is the most happiest moment in human's life BUT the situation NOT encourage me to love it.

of coz i feel bad BUT it's up to them to think like that n i try my best to make it "inexpensive" way. So,small wedding,small budget,small problems,Jahat x???

Anyway, Different is what we seek n my indivualism sometimes help me too..haha

Rowan said...

Marriage is work. Love is work. Both sides have to work to put in time & energy to commit to each other. If 1 side fails, the other should help. If both side fails, love & marriage fails.

It's good that you're cynical about marriage & love, ammerz. It means you care about it a whole lot more :)

aMMerZ said...


Absolutely,rowan. Both sides play the key role to ensure the successful of marriage. It's the current trend of M'sian society where marriage MUST be held in expensive way in accordance to "once in a lifetime" principle.*sigh*

That's why the number of divorce cases keep increasing by year due to the failure of both sides to commit each others.This is where our society fail to think deep on it. They think by marriage,a lot of "rezeki" will come easily to their hands, haven't they seen enough of reality????

the strong believers may think this is the BEST step to avoid many bad things BUT The TRUTH lies on the wall BUT we are still "blind". I just wish people will be more CAREFUL & PREPARED if they want to enter marriage life.

"The true nature of man,we are always blind even the truth is in front of our eyes"