Thursday, July 2, 2009

MJ's Legacy

10 days passed since our beloved king of pop, african-american singer, michael jackson or michael joseph jackson or mikael (muslim name) has been passed away and untill now, almost every radio station play his memorable songs. Hi, again i'm back to write my latest thought. Untill now, i'm still caught by suprised due to the news of MJ's death. On 26th of june, afternoon time, still shocked when heard hunny madu, fly fm Dj informed to the listerners about MJ's death due to cardiac attack and collapsed at his rented mansion. In that time, i'm asking myself whether this is kind of jokes or prank by certain medias.

Anyway, everything solved once hunny madu repeated again the same topic. Then, i started to make myself to believe this is actually the truth happened to him. Later, i stucked at Professional Hairstylist at Sg. Wang Plaza n met the biggest fan of MJ. spirited-man with MJ's collections of goodies n CDs. But still he's dissappointed because he can't make it to MJ's concert at Malaysia, 1997. That's pretty bad n pity to him. So, i suggested that he should convey his grievance through MJ's official website. "Hell,Yeah!! I should do it now!!" he said.

That's how MJ's influence to Malaysian. Even he's gone now, his legacy will live through this man's vein. Anyway, since the day he passed away, almost everyday i can heard his songs here, even every CD's outlets made bulk of $$ by sold-out MJ's Collections. Nevermind, Mj's blessed you guys. Well, everyone will die soon or later. Just prepare yourself, that's all. :)

"May You Rest In Peace and God Blessed YOU, Michael Jackson"


Rowan said...

His death is the end of an era. I'm so upset by it, he was working hard to come back to his music & his fans but he did it the wrong way & paid for it with his life.

Long live MJ. You will always live in our hearts whenever we think of your music. You saved us with your songs.

aMMerZ said...


I just hope people STOP to think badly on him & everyone around the world were really missed him. ENJOY HIS MUSIC while we still can.:)