Tuesday, October 6, 2009

~Sorry for the delay~

*sigh* 6 days, non-stop working, PSM + Plant Design + hectic days with expo thingy as Deejay as well as business guy; haven't had any chance to put the next entry as promised**sigh** - and that spells trouble to me.

Oh ya!! just for your mind-feed..something exciting for BLOGGERS to discern...
~must READ~

"Malaysia Down Under by R-Age" (exciting story of Malaysia Fest at Australia, 19 years, continuously held by Malaysian students who stayed there, promoting our cultures and diversity to Sydneysiders + One Buck Shot performance "LIVE" there)

"Tech Gone Wrong
by R-Age" ( Social networking like facebook, twitter, n more BUT how they lead us to trouble instead of advantages we gained from them, LOOK UP for it!!)

In the mean time, next entry will be out soon..do look for it later, ok:)

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