Friday, October 16, 2009

~wonder WISE~

I admitted the way of expressing thought would be different coz different people, different ideas, different in every ways, it's hard to find the common things unless he or she is your twin, most likely you will find the similarities but still the reality, we are the DIFFERENT person. I think, to differenciate the thoughts, read their thoughts (it could be blog or else) and able to to define whether they able or not to show their sense of maturity. Here. This is my goal of maturity.~everyone is familiar with it~

This is another issues, to crack yourself into another characters due to fitted yourself into the society would not be WISE decision coz CHANGE can't be force and we as human lack of sanity. Seriously, i don't like to be the typical malay guy where you just talking about your lust and activities you've done in your life through the blog. That's why i prefered to be something else. I'm not the guy who tend to make the common tasks everyday. Guess, be DIFFERENT, that make you different from others.

Priority, everywhere we go, we do find some difficulties in deciding what's next to do in our life. Is it easy to decide your own priority?? as easy like PCI device, by plug in the data into setpoint, gain, reset and everything related (THIS IS chemical engineering subject yer!!). Indirectly, YES it is. We should start to think about the what's the next action to do in life, thinking about the advantages, long term effectiveness, disadvantages, and the important one, IS IT follow your heart's decision?? if you do, then set the goal. Easier said than done. I'm also gasping for air to think about it but it is worth to think now before both eyes are closed in the future.

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