Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gazan Screams!!!

The situation gain out of control. The immediate ceasefire in Gaza has been issued by United Nation due to Israel's 13-days offensive towards Gaza. With the crisis of Gaza and southern Israel having reached its fifth day, Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon appealed for an urgent of ceasefire to end the violemce and allow the crucial humanitarian aid to reach Gazans. Unexpected news make people suprised that The United States abstained in the votes. The United States which along with Britain and France sought to win over Arab states to the resolution & its abstention come as a suprise. Some Arab officials feared that the United States abstention could weaken the pressure on Israel to comply. 

The impact of recent fighting which has claimed over 300 lives, including those dozens of women and children has been nothing short of terrifying for the 1.5 million people in Gaza. Without a halt to the violence, humanitarian supplies cannot reach the vulnerable and civilians cannot leave their homes to access medical care, he said, calling on all parties to deal with the humanitarian and economic needs in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was quoted by media reports as saying conditions were not yet ripe for a ceasefire since they had not yet reached the point of promising safety in southern Israel which has been targeted by increasingly longer-range Hamas missiles from Gaza.

Certain excerpts above has been taken to enlighten the issues of people who died in Gaza's War. Penultimate of War between Gazan and Israel will never end. With Muslim community around the world as well as United Nation striving their best to call immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The worst case scenerion might be end up more lives being killed, just for the lust of both parties are satisfied. The way of Muslim community right now are NOT REALLY strong enough with their own stand to call off the war since the western see the abstention is the ONLY options. If western see many lives die in front of their eyes, then, i think Bush administration (before Obama takes over on 21st Jan) will consider "Abstention" is the BAD options. With continuous stupidity of Bush, World will against the destruction of politic, economy and society. Let's just call BUSH is Coward because HE's really damn STUPID!!!         

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