Sunday, January 25, 2009

More tears..No Hope!!

More tears, fear, revenge, suffer, blood every where and more come out when as we looked all the pictures of Palestine-Israel War. How could human be treated like this & why many people are so blinded by the truth. Can't you really see what's going on??? Is this really fair to Palestinian. What else Israel want to take from them?? What are they?? Animal or satan??. Only God can punished them in more tribulation. My eyes drown out by tears as i looked further to all those pictures, my heart felt so hot and big burden that i as Muslim can't do anything to help my Muslim-brothers who are struggling to fight for their freedom. This is not the first time they have been treated like this BUT since 1948 until now,2009. The endless war of century. The differences of religion, myth, land owner bring the battle becoming more merciless and fearless. Please take a look at those pictures, feel it, how does it feel if we are treated like that, our siblings, parent, babies die in front of your eyes, does it feel good to u?? Israel sure feels good because they are the worst human who has been exiled by our god, Allah. They are The EXILED-races who don't feel any shame and embarrassment and what they know it's to fullfilling their fucking myth destiny and stupid reasons. something WORLD. This is really UNFAIR.

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