Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

It's been a while & still breathing this time to put some dotes in my Blog. Well, lately busy with the tight schedule of classess & club's activities, but here am i rite now, actually it's mid-term break & i'm already expected this week will be kind of boring. HEHE, but of coz, my life won't get tired bcoz of that..hehe(getting used to it). Just another few days, all my chinese frenz will celebrate their Chinese new Year & this year is Ox-year which stands for resilient & determination. Put more effort to build and strengthen our economy to face the Global Economic Crisis. GO MALAYSIAN!!! YEAH!!

Many people really concern & fear about the effect of Downturn economic to our country but stimulus packages to enhance the local economic crowth currently implemented this year & also effort of Bank Negara to setting up the MYR 2 Billion SME Assistance Guarantee Scheme to reduce the fear among local bussiness affected by world crisis. I'm still feel relief that our country still have strong economic but the effort should continue to make the significance development towards decreasing the unemployment rate in our local workers. At least 200,000 workers lost their job & not "common" amount but it's very serious numbers as the number will grow if the World Economic doesn't show Positive significance of recovery. The struggling economy should start from now.

Barack Obama, 44th of president of United States of America has revealed his plan to save the world economic crisis from getting worst and it is currently implemented. His teams seeks various options to tackle the worsening economic such as setting up a government-run bank, or possibly banks, to acquire bad assets to clogging the financial system. The serious illness caused by Bush administration, while the last day of his "glory" has to struggled to contain the crisis & the significance, of coz slow and analysis has been conducted to recognise how much it was weakening the economy. The liquidity in U.S markets also dried last week, reduce sharply and doesn't show positive significance of growth. Nearly 300 billions euros (US$397.7 bil) in toxic US assets and the most affected and huge losses were mortgage and student loans. Many factors caused the instability of liquidity and volatile market.

The sudden contraction of the global economic is worrying various level of our society & this will trigger the fear recession that i felt could spark a dangerous deflation to our country and again 1997 nightmare.NO..NO..I hope Malaysia will still stable & i need to work for my family. That's how i could imagine so far and based on the world facts. Let's hope all graduates could gain job after their graduation. Before that, on behalf of UMP-IEM SS i would like to reply my condolences to my frenz, Yasmin bte Che' razali,3rd year electrical student who are just passed away yesterday (January 24 2009) who hit-run by strangers in front of UMP chancellory building. It's not our desire that this will happen but it hopes to bring lesson-in-life to me as human being that Death might after you at anytime. Last but not least, GONG XI FA COI & xian nian kuai le~Hehe~Joan,give me ang pow!!!


Rowan said...

Wow...NIce post amar! Very interesting! :)

aMMerZ said...

Thx but still "improving" phase
hope to hear ur interesting comments again in future