Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SIFE National Competition, Fabulous!!!

Fantastic and Fabulous!!! That's my word to represent SIFE National Competition held at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur in 20-21st July 2009. This is 1 of my favourite list of events that i really want to attend. WHY?? expanding my networking as well as making friends with other local universities (part of my hobby!!!). Thus, by joining this national competition, i can be recognized as a part of "eligible" bachelor in Malaysia who represented our University (*evil grin*). Being part of the established presenter, I think We're the Pioneer for the Spirited team who continuosly performed in "confidence" and "Convincing" for all the judges. That's merely opinion and talking about our LOST, we're lost because of the "not-so-impacted" projects. Other local universities, Their projects were really impacted through the whole society as well as their technical presentation reached to the "maturity" level where every single person in the team play their own tasks. Our team not even a hitch OR on par with them in terms of that BUT We give them a very high competition to win for the final round's admission. That's really good to say!! ( That's just to calm myself!!ahaks!!). Let's talk about SIFE, probably certain people don't really know about it. What is the SIFE???

About SIFE

Student In Free Enterpreneurship (SIFE) - A head for bussines. A heart for the world; is an international non-profit organization that works with leaders in business and higher education to mobilize university students to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders. Participating students form teams on their university campuses and apply business concepts to develop outreach projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. An annual series of regional and national competitions provides a forum for teams to present the results of their projects, and to be evaluated by business leaders serving as judges. National champion teams advance to the prestigious SIFE World Cup. In addition to the community aspect of the program, SIFE’s leadership and career initiatives create meaningful opportunities for learning and exchange among the participants as well as the placement of students and alumni with companies in search of emerging talent.


To bring together the top leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business.

Organizational Facts
Country Operations: 41

Active Teams: 1,376

Active Students: 34,074

World Headquarters Contributions: $14,491,605

Total Combined Worldwide Contributions: $21,950,000

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