Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tributes for Yasmin Ahmad, The Most Favourite Malaysian Film's Director

I was really shocked and suprised when i saw the demise of great storyteller, Yasmin Ahmad. A few days before, it is reported that she was in stable condition after the major surgery but today, i'm felt like crying within myself because Malaysia just lost the great asset. Michael Jackson and Farah Fawceet left us not too long ago. Today, we mourn the loss of Yasmin Ahmad. I started to be inspired by her movie, Talentime. That's actually quite suprised because before this i'm not really a big fan of Malaysia (lately due to boring themes!!). She never fails to produce such divine and meaningful ads for fellow malaysian.To me, she is an inspiring soul for Malaysian. We have lost someone great who has given us love in such unique way not only through commercial ads as well as daily life routine of Malaysia. I will never forget you, Yasmin and may god bless u. YOU ARE TRULLY WONDERFULL & TALENTED DIRECTOR of Malaysian. You are the 1-Malaysia Soul.

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