Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hannah Montana Craze!! Finale' CRUNCH!!

Crazy @ not, I'm going to text my thought today through this blog. This whole weekend, my focus should be concentrate to the final exam BUT i have NO intention to focus. That's why my academic result always STAY at the same level. NOT MORE NOT LESS~STAY THE SAME. Never mind, I'm carefree person~like i care~Actually i cared but sometimes, ahaks!!. At the same time, i'm craving for water..water..where are u??AAAAGHHH!!! Guess after this, i will be 1 of the big supporters for save water campaign. Don't ask me why it happen during this time but what i can said, that's the trend created by UMP to their students especially final semester every year. That's the speciality of UMP and if bloggers really want to experience "craving" for water, then, please, i begging...please visit UMP. But anyway i'm bit relieved, at least, i know how to find the best quality of water around here. U want to know?? excuse me!! sorry. Pay me 10 bucks, mybe i will consider..hahahaha

Let's get back to my real bussiness, actually, i'm not "nerd"ing myself for the book and boring subjects. Well, this semester will be more different. ~must people wonder~. Usually, each final sem's , after studied those subjects for final, i will intoxicate myself with certain comedy series. This time i picked Hannah Montana: Season 2. WHY?? I like number 2, so, dun ask me why, it's more on privacy stuff. What sort of this stupidity during this time???? Oh god, guys!!! for me, engineers are NOT just be frenz with principle of books BUT it's how you apply those principles in real life. That's more important. Well, that's why: half book, half entertainment. That's what current engineers do. It's truth. I asked them, they said, YEAH, engineers need more entertainment!! So let's enjoy your precious time!!!~Hahaha~

(She's the star here!!ooohhh!!~)

Let's talk about Hannah Montana, who played by Miley Cyrus (i just love her music!!!so alive!!). The plot of series is something different from other comedy series like That's so raven (disney series). The series focuse on a girl who lives a double life as an teenage school girl at high school as Miley Stewart by day and a famous pop teenage girl singer named Hannah Montana by night, concealing her real identity to the public, other than her close friends and family. In addition, Miley Cyrus should play the role of "best friend", Lily Romero (later changed to Lily Truscott) because she originally auditioned for that role BUT they thought she will be better for the main character. The names of Hannah Montana, if i'm not mistaken, change a few times. The three previous names were Anna Cabana, Samantha York, and Alexis Texas.

Staring actors are Miley Cyrus (Miley Stewart), Emily Osment (Lily Truscott/Lola), Mitchell Musso (Oliver Olken), JasonEarles (Jackson Stewart), Billy Ray Cyrus (Robby Stewart) and Moises Arias (Rico)-in season 2. Ohh, i just read about Hannah Montana Movie who are just "on screen" in cinemas but i'm not really sure the movie already arrive in Malaysia @ not. Guess i should check it after finale'. Pretty bit busy after this. The movie followed the steps of Lizzie McGuire Series, which is feature-length film released in cinemas. Can't wait to watch it!!! TOO bad, maybe this will be the last movie of Hannah Montana due to film's resolution. "i don't know whether i would do another film, but i would love to do another season." That's what she said but i believe she will, at anytime soon. :)

My Comment: I would love to wacth it again and i can't wait to watch for the next season.~Teenage life should be rock like you, miley cyrus!!~i guess not really coz we're Malaysian, ahahaha~dun ever think about it.


lengkuk~ said...

ammar, ni satu arahan untuk ko..
ko bace je komen ni, ko trus dtg umah aku ngan ext harddisk ko yg ade full episode hannah montana season brp2 pon aku tak kesah..
this is an order!


aMMerZ said...

too bad,just a few episodes, ur too DEMAND!!aaagh!!!

aams said...


Yes, her soong is quite nice and catchy but her voice is just plain....WEIRD!

And I cannot believe that you actually watch HANNAH MONTANA.




aMMerZ said...

~at least she's more funny than u, my dear!!~

Unknown said...

eeuuww... sounds gay..