Monday, April 27, 2009

Splendid Photos!!

Inventor of photograph, Joseph Nicephore Niepce, combining the principle of light, exposing it to the iodine vapor, mercury fumes before exposing to the light could produce latent image. This invention trully bring benefits and advantages to human. Wherever we need photos, just click the button on your camera, you will get something that human could see through eyes. Here, some collections of Splendid Photos taken from Internet that i found pretty interesting to share. Below are those of my favourite collections. Please give rate & your comments.

The brandenburg gate, regal symbol of Berlin.
It is believed built around 18th century

Carving of Cleopatra: Archaelogists are on the progress
of discovering the tombs of the egyptian queen n her Roman lover,
mark Anthony

The second tallest tower in europe, The Fernsehturm-The TV tower

The long-decayed mummy near the Toposiris Magna Temple in egypt (the temple was built
in the ptolemy era,located at Abusir which dedicated to Osiris)

Taposiris magna Temple in Abusir, Egypt. Waiting for the important discovery

Sand sculpture on Islamorada in the florida encourages people to "embrace the earth" as part of Earth Day

The firm's eco-friendly station, opened in 22 april 2007 in LA

And Finally....

Shot of people in Djenne, Mali preparing for market day


Rowan said...

Splendid photos, indeed! :)

aMMerZ said...

~Hope someday i could produce Photos like this~That's trully a big hope!!!~:p