Sunday, April 12, 2009

Freedoom or Free-to-doom??

Hey, amigos. Again, i got time to text my thoughts. The whole week is totally BORING coz always the same stuff to do, not much choices but have to obey such routine. IF you don't follow, then,you will suffer your own gut. Today, i like to bring blogger's mind to the core of problem that we always faced through our live as human being. Whether you are Malaysian, China, American @ Arabians (like i care abt those terrorist links,hehe!!), all of us face the same problem; that is "freedom of choice".

last week, i have been given the final task to finished up my improtuous speech. Oh god!! I'm always sucked when it comes to speak "accidentally" coz i didn't prepared myself pretty well. 2 results usually would occured; 1st- either i bet to mumbling much on certain issues that i know OR 2nd- i bet on the issue who i don't even know how to begin with. HAHA, never mind, i know i'm shooting my own ass, so, i don't really mind if mrs zahrinatun ( hard to pronounce her name, just called her mrs yani, THAT's ALL!!). I talked about freedom of choice that we might faced in our life. The idea come from the website, pretty interesting to read the writer thoughts.

Why it is important to human to have your freedom to choose?? It relies on the total identity of human being to decide their own life. It is common problem that certain of us restricted to choose the best path for their life but believe me, that's how life bring variety to us. You don't even know unless you decide what to do for the sake of your life. Certain people like to control others because they want to keep them in parameter of safety and protection which they think it's right for the person. (Seriously, i don't mingle around with this kind of people coz they didn't give us worthy stuff instead of shame to ourselves). They did it either psychologically @ mentally.

I have the "best medicine" on how to pursue the FREEDOM of CHOICE. What was it?? Something magic words @ superstitious?? HAHA, it's neither if them. The BEST MEDICINE for me to achieve the best freedom of choice is FAITH. Why Faith?? It's really long story but in short, once you have FAITH in your decision, then, i really sure everything turn into something REALLY good. It's like YES MAN movie, if you start to say YES in everything you do, soon everything will turn something good to you. It's far greater than what we can imagine BUT once we believed and decided to choose, so we must put the faith on the line. Always remember, there is always consequences in every decision we made. We must think carefully before we run our decision. That's the best lead for us.

GOD has given us too many stuff and one of it is FREEDOM of CHOICE. Let's try to value and appreciate this gift in the best manner we could do. :) There's an old saying "as human being, we are endowed by the freedom of choice, and we can not shuffle off our responsibility upon the shoulders of god and nature. We must shoulder it ourselves and it is up to us."


~OcEaNuS~ said...

err.wuts the significant of putting the pic of the baby and american flag tu???

p.s. impromptu speech is only for those who can generate ideas fast. who can think logic n have sense of reality(er). read a lot n ur there.

aMMerZ said...

~pictures have a lot interest and sometimes it can express ideas indirect way~if u don't know,then, dun read my blog~

~i agreed but the "real" impromptu speech is NOT just that,reading only cover 20% of it,but the way u express the ideas will make it more attractive.Don't simply say "impromptu" speech only those who can generate ideas fast,ANYONE can do~

~sorry, this time, i DON'T appreciate ur comment~

plz, just because u know how to generate ideas pretty fast doesn't give u ANY extraordinary stuff coz the real world doesn't judge people in that way~

~OcEaNuS~ said...

20%, how did u come out with that figure. proof plz.

im not saying anything abt being good. just encouraging reading. and the ability to talk means nuthing if the content is blah.doesnt matter if someone stutter, if the msg is good, its still good. just my two cents of thots.

aMMerZ said...

~that figure maybe just the stupid assumptions BUT i just want to show u that IT'S NOT JUST READING count here,buddy!!PRACTICE makes perfect!~
~at least,such people has some ideas to talk even it's nonsense,he/she got guts!!SERIOUSLY,I think U should try to learn n respect people's ideas.Don't just ignore @ say BLAH just because u are REALLY good.~

~sorry,it's time to realize who's really fake here~

~OcEaNuS~ said...

duh, who's good here? was that u think this is all about?


aMMerZ said...

~who's good "here" is NOT the just u and me~
~Seriously, i DON'T know what actually play in ur mind right now. I'm not really GOOD in catching up with some HIDDEN minds like u~coz I'm not really MATURE like urs~

~i'm MORE upset compare to ur damn sadness especially the day that we went out last time,it's totally CRAP~