Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HAPPY EARTH DAY. it's today!!

Happy Earth to all bloggers. This is so sudden coz i'm just realized today is the earth day by looking at google browser (NICE!!!). Some info's i got from earth day, inspired by U.S Senator, Gaylord Nelson who was environmental teacher (in 1970). Earth day inspired both awareness and appreciation to the earth's environment. Usually, United Nation celebrated earth day each year on March equinox which is often March 20 inspired by peace activist, john Mcconnel.

The earth day proved popular at united states and around the world. At first, around 2000 college universities, 10,000 primary and secondary schools and hundreds of communites among United States. But, now, more than half a billion people around the world celebrated it every year. Coordinated and observed in 175 countries by nonprofit Earth Day Network. It is become The 2nd largest secular holiday in the world (not including Malaysia coz they are not aware about it!!). That's it for now. Anyway, HAPPY EARTH DAY everybody!!!

My Comment : I started to wonder when Malaysian will raise their concern about environment. Guess maybe i have to wait 10 years to see that Changes. Being malaysian, sometimes u can't really feel what's going on outside your world. That's pretty bad being human who live here. *sigh*


aams said...

Wait a sec, what gossip?

Wait a sec..

Oh gosh, you didn't hear it. You read it some where about the gossip. *sigh*


aMMerZ said...

~i bet u never know it~

aams said...

Real big fan of Van's! Man, they're awesome. Sweet ass!

Nah, I am cool because it just gossip! Even if it is out to be real, so what, its my life aye? It's not like I'm bothering anyone else's kan?

UNLESS, if you JEALOUS TOOOO! Aye Ammar?

Even it turn out to be as horrible as you thought, I wonder how bad HORRIBLE it is until the story came up???? kah3x.


Nah, you basically now his and my position la....

take care!


aams said...

So you jealous, a lil bit!
Still it is call jealous. wakaka.

Oh, sweet niblets. That Hannah montana tagline. *sweat*