Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Future Parents, Remember this!!!

Oh, i'm so lucky that i passed through this "awesome" columnist after i had "tiring" class with Dr azwina, full of laughing as usual, besides with "shitty" faces who always promote themselves as legendary of KNOCK-IT-OFF guys, like i care, those are just stupid guys. I will not give comments on them.

Hey, back to the topic, yup i was kind of wondering this few days coz yesterday i was planning to enter "marriage course" held by UMP, but i pulled back my decision not to enter(family matters). After marriage what's next in your life??? of coz' CHIDREN in your mind. I enjoyed having talked with chidren but sometimes it was annoying coz' the chidren will drag the conversation into stupid stuff, Yeah, they always do, coz they are CHILDREN.

When it talks about children, what is so interesting about?? Well, Ruth Liew-childwise author do talks about Asking it right article. Indeed resourceful!! She did found out "interesting answer" when she asked the right question to this group. But things change once they grow older. I think i found out some key points that enlighten us especially for those who just getting into parental OR who think they might be. Let's take a look

* Most parent in Malaysia, they only think about how their children score their exams , they don't even care about their school and even they don't want to know anything unless their child able to score or not. Undeniable & indeed the truth. Their intention is obviously to correct a mistake as well as when they suspect trouble. i faced it too, how do we face this thing?? Good question, even until i grown up, i'm still didn't found out the ans BUT what i do was, Patience.

* Children shy away from parents due to parent-centred. From Ruth Liew perspective, chidren do find out that parent tend to make them frustrated, rather than empowered. The questions evoked negative feeling rather than raising self-esteem. Do u think so. This is not truth at all, but it do, sometime. Well, everyone is not perfect.

* WHY ARE YOU CRYING?? or WHY DID YOU THAT?? familiar with these??? How did u feel when such questions being raise up to u while you still child?? Fed up & cry?? It's just make matter worse. The writer told that "When children are upset and fearful, they need someone to reassure them that everything will be all right. You are not helping when you just tell them to stop crying. You need to make sure that they know you are trying to understand them." That's what i really felt when my mom asked me something like that or even my dad also.

* Another facts raised up by the writer, Children find it rather annoying when parents keep pressing them with questions that they dont have to answer. Many have learned that their chidren tend to make up their story rather than listening to them coz they felt it isn't interesting at all. The author added " If you want your child to tell you more about school, you should avoid asking, “How was school today?”..such thing could open up the channel of communication between children and parent.

* Children really do listen when you talk directly to them. When your child is in trouble, offer help first. You need to attend to them physically if they are hurt or emotionally if they are upset or frightened. That's what she stressed out. Probably, that's worth of becoming a good parent when parent able to tackling their own children feelings.

~what do u see from them, it's the reflection of our own act~ do think wisely before starting your own parent--KEEP CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN FEELING, YOU WILL GAIN THEIR RESPECT AND TRUST :)


zeyLa said...

hi pineapple guy.. :) i'm interested in this entry..dunnoe y..hahaha.. peace!

aMMerZ said...

good 4 u, at least, zila can start thinking abt future n how many children u want to gain..hehe:p
Hope all of them xseganas zila, YEAY!!!

littlewonder said...


aiyo.amar sudah membincangkan perkara2 serius.hari tu pasal kawen, ni pasal anak plak.wahhhh.


oi, mek. aku doakan anak ko lemah lembut macam nur...

nur dianaty.hahahaha

eh2, kalo laki tak ar, gagah macam...tak bleh bagitau.rahsie.haha

~OcEaNuS~ said...

the only thing i can say is,
kids have all this kind of behavior. and theres no REAL guideline to REALLY understand them. so i guess....u just have to work with nature. shit happens in family. deal with it.

aMMerZ said...


Life is amusing coz it keep constantly changing human behaviour, non-stop until u die, that's why i following through it

~wait for next post, probably i will touch on politic or health issues encourage our brain to work ON, YEAY!! thx diey coz comment


Yeah~but i believe if parent start to realize,there is NO need for such GUIDELINE coz parent do understd the basic need of their own children.

As a child, i do find it's difficult to make them comprehend our circumstance, it's hard to change their mind-seriously!!!But, at the end,i believe both parties will understnd toward each other~that's what we always believe right

~probably for us who still young & rationale,it's a big step to think after ur "beautiful" marriage~

~life is full of colors & children are part of it~

princess archer said...

pre-marriage course???
seem like ammar is ready to be a caring papa...haha..good luck ammar!!