Sunday, August 23, 2009

something that we always do...especially Shopaholic!!

Familiar with these ads??

I do read this article "sense of style" posted by Dzireena Mahadzir, titled "When the demons take over". This is the first time i read such things about shopping wisely. Before this, i just randonmly picked to read the star columnist. Wherever i found it interesting, i will read. You won't read it if the topic isn't the topic to be discussed rite??? So, the most articles that i always read are articles posted by marina mahathir (but last weekend she talked about following jakarta in tackling AIDS- boring coz i know much about their implementation to aid those AIDS thingy). Some of them i think quite interesting especially when they responded to current issues. Indeed remarkable source of knowledges.

So what Dzireena mahadzir talked about??? ermm...these are the summarized content of Shopping wisely during credit crunch.

- Don't plan too much in advance coz' none of them came to fruition entire year

- When it comes to purchase, being guided by sense of style barometer, usually not stress enough coz' u seemed to enjoy it (me too!! the smell n everything..) 20%, 30%, 50%, and 70%, those magical words, usually persuaded us to purchase something we shouldn't buy it.

- What's in our mind, this is what i've got from her article " I am convinced that I absolutely must have the dress as it is SO this season, looks SO right and would be SO perfect with those shoes and that bag for THE event. So what if it still costs a ridiculous amount." does it sound familiar to you??? haha..i can't resist..this is the truth sense of what me n shopaholic said*sigh* at least:p

- additional info that we already awared is return and exchange goods could be a big hassle for shopaholic in malaysia. why?? coz' sales people always think the shoppers SHOULD know better rather than buy a mistake. They did think that we are big problem coz' they need to do a lot of paperwork + receipt. No tolerance in this matter. No choice even i'm getting angry due to their "mesra alam" ini.

- The more even annoying when they call and remind u that u haven't paid yet. THIS IS THE BEST PART, the free-will to swipe the card goes on...non-stop...coz' we're too stupid, grit ur teeth, then...u know better than others (i realized it though while i'm using my dad card last time)

- At the end, those mistakes.. you are going to have to live with it. It's hard for me either. Tendency to buy non-stop and desire take over ur "wise" head.haha:p

- "Fashion isn’t something most people choose with their heads, but consider how annoying it is having to clear a closet of rubbish and think of the amount of money wasted." This is what we should think twice before purchasing anything...huhu:p

Wise people know how to use these magical words but me, it's hard to say

As conclusion, babes and shopaholic out there, do realize it before those desire takes over you!! plz n i begin to realize it before it takes me down...deeper n deeper:)


~OcEaNuS~ said...

i love to shop. i love the smell of the shopping malls. i love to grab some coffee after shopping. n then perform my own runway show with my girlfriends. or boyfriend. hahah

aMMerZ said...

~Yeah,me too.Even a man like me can't resist to buy so much stuff like SODA, TOPMAN, CK etc.~ i LOVE THE SMELL of cash rather than card, it makes me thrill sometime!! (i'm crazy i guess)
~we share the same desire when it comes to shopping spree~

Nadzirah said...

I am not a person who spend too much actually. A saver person.hua3.
I rarely shop if you wanna know.But when I shop, I shop till I drop.haha.Is that shopaholic?erm~
I began to love shopping these days but I shop things that I know I will use always.I am a really picky person especially on shoes.Weakling on choosing shoes and long pants.
Could u help me? lalala~