Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who's at RISK???!!

Who's at risk?? Yeah, probably u will thinking, either cancer case or H1N1 cases erupted a few weeks back and made total 70 death out of Malaysian's population. That's really amusing BREAKTHROUGH recorded by Malaysia so far, those cases gradually increase per day. Why it continuously haunted and killed human among us?? mmm..definitely, there's no concrete evidence to prove BUT somehow, lesson learned to us especially Islamic community. FORGET ABOUT H1N1 CASES, let's get through what am i'm going to talk about today. It's about WHO'S AT RISK??

Are we in RISK?? yup especially MEN who face in midlife crisis, such as squandering their retirement fund, buying expensive car, getting hair transplant and chest wax (hoho..i dream that!!) OR reverting to the youth by staying out late and flirting with women half ages than yours. But even it manifest something BIG that change your life, a man in midlife definitely is in turmoil.

Marriage breakdown: due to many factors

According to studies over mental health, depression rate rises in the 35 to 55 age group, it's not just mental illness but men's physical health also deteriorates. The funny thing are men who always stripped of their superman trunks when they realize they aren't immortal. Undeniable sign that life is getting at the "pointy end" usually get highlighted by life events such as job loss and or marrage breakdown. More questions arise on, are men prisoner to their hormones?? IS it much the same way like women can be disturbed by menopause???

According to Professor Robert McLachlan, director of Andrology Australia, dispute the existence of the male menopause altogether. ''Male menopause is a nonsense term,'' he said. ''It's been conjured up partly for marketing reasons, but in reality men can't have a menopause because they never menstruate.'' But still obesity or diabetes, can cause testosterone level fall faster than normal, beware of it, somehow men will feel better while we addressing this issue, at least.*grin*

Men's depression : How should we face it??

The crisis can hit at any times - the mid-twenties, pre-retirement, and retirement phases are the peak times too. Not too forget that women face the same thing when their role change as chidren are born or leave home. I think sometime, we always seeing adults with very high expectations of happiness and personal life satisfaction plus we've easily dillusioned by not achieving the goal. This is hard even i'm personally think we should think further.

Even midlife crisis that we faced now, it's actually opportunity for us grow. Men learn how to explore their life in valuable meaning. BUT if they don't listen to their inner message, usually they will acting out the streotypical midlife behaviour like crack down their marriage for a younger woman. One way to dealing with the mental distress that i've seen so far is to medicate the depression. Many men counseling themselves to give them permission to acknowledge, they are at crossroad and to dream of what else could be there. Sound like weird but it's the truth.

The key is communication, said Anne Hollonds of Relationships Australia NSW. ''All of this is better dealt with in a well-functioning partnership,'' she said. ''From the very earliest days you should be working with your partner on building the sort of relationship that will cope with whatever ups and downs life brings.''

Find nice place and meditate yourself, that could help to relieve the stress

As conclusion, i think men who in midlife crisis should try to grow in the problem they faced, and support is really needed by them as hope they can cope with crises much better in the future.:)


Rowan said...

Add in PMT = periodic male tension. Mid-life crises are full of these :)

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Depression OVER the woman, ohh...ONLY HONORABLE+TRUE=LOYAL man will grasp IT~hehe