Sunday, September 27, 2009


This year, my RAYA just O.K. can't share much to the bloggers coz i'm not snapped any photos..well, i'm not interested at all n photogenic, is totally not me..

Seriously..thinking WHY i have to get back to UMP n study,uughh!! i feel so hopeless n lazy. Maybe i'm tired like what student used to do : STUDY.

Now, all bad habits like sleepng beauty, copy-paste act, n more come back n reinFORCE me to do it again.
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life is totally boring. I should just be like him...

CAN SOMEONE help me,pwwweeaaseee??


Nadzirah said...

Seriuosly? not a photogenic person? tipula. cuba tgk gambar2 sife. There's a lot of face impression.Mcm2 ada.

Anonymous said...

hope my life will be like garfield... x tensen lgsg... haha...