Thursday, September 10, 2009

"MUST BUY" Items : WANTED!!!

Hi bloggers, just want to share my 'Must BUY" items and a few hairstyles that attracted both eyes. Since hari raya just around the corner (actually another 1 week), everybody must busy to get their own stuff, what could it be?? i Wonder..THIS IS MY RESOLVE for this year's collection.

A few hairstyles that make me boiled up my head, i want to have it BUT it doesn't suit my requirements, Ok but somehow, the combination maybe...or MAYHEM to me, let's get through it:

Oh crap, damn i've fallen to this hairstyles

Some Xtra-ordinary clothes this year will be ; TOPMAN, u can see in my facebook, a lot collection shot from front angles, it suit to my need BUT i need to boost to gain more muscle, so that it surely show up the truth of shirts. i like this kind of shirts, i don't care the colour as long as it hit my taste. THAT'S MORE THAN ENOUGH.. it make soul of men. Let's hit the collections:

These styles would be my choices for the next GRAND dinner

so...what's ur resolve this year??? THIS IS MY FORTE'~to those fashionable out there especially guys, these are just piece of crap BUT WORTHY to be heard:)


rAy juni0r said...

lets shop all those items..i want it too..haha

Nadzirah said...

Pergh. You got some sense of styles eh..Well, I also want to spend a fortune on clothes toO this holiday week.hua3

aMMerZ said...

@ ray junior

Let's do it, i can't resist my DESIRE to crave for topman collections + dine steak or whatever in exquisite venues, HOHO


hehe,REMARKABLE person like me SHOULD have some sense of particular style, but need to work out for muscle, WORTHWHILE, but becarefull, spend WISELY!!! read my post on shopaholic before u enjoy shopping spree,hehe:)

Nadzirah said...

Muscle owh..
We'll it u build muscle or just kumpul lemak after raya...hee~

P/s-I'll have read your article.Nice article.but if your desire have overtaken your sense,I guess other way around you'll will buy it..hua3.

aMMerZ said...

@Nadzirah Comel~

Absolutely!!!let see what will happen next few weeks, who will get bigger n fatten???hehe:p

"DESIRE OR LUST" human fallen into their traps but human feel enjoy once they accomplish these 2 things,impossible to demolish it BUT we can control it, how?? ~seek their greater weakness~

Syafarah said...


xyah la ammar nak bazir2 duit beli bende2 camtuh.. baiki yang dalam, insyaAllah akan terpancar di luar.. btul x? akhlak baik, bj cap senduk pon jadi cam mahal nak mati. bout hairstyle, pakai kepiah ke hape,lagi cun, ye dak. sunnah nabi :)..janggut dah mantop! sejuk mate memandang..

p.s- sori kl terase. i jujur ye ngomen2 nih.xde ms nk bodek2.huahua. (btw,dats how u kno who ur real fren is)

Radin87 said...

hmm.. style rambut tu aku suka..
cuma, kalau nak buat tu tak reti.
nak kena pergi gunting kat salun dulu ke?