Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tales of the LOSER

People's life changing continuously, as the globe revolves around, non-stop tales endless crafted,

the STORY OF LIFE, suit to the typical of human races, bounded by possibilities to change,

MORE THAN MEET THE EYES as people seek through it

LIFE is PRECIOUS, more than you could imagine.......


For many years being OVERWEIGHT or OBESITY, what would you feel???

Depression? Afraid?? loose CONFIDENCE??? LOW self- esteem???? ISOLATED????
that's responds from majority who suffering obesity and overweight
Have you think about it lately??

Do we need to loose weight?? Some people didn't feel to loose their weight as they constantly surrounded by family members who dealing with weight issues and enjoyed indulging in "HEALTHY" food. Some of them, pressured by the job or life's problem, thus, FOOD is the only way to recover the stress, and they don't even care to loose weight. On the other hand, food is the cure to everything. Besides that, certain people who at early stage didn't experienced overweight issue fall to it due to multiple injuries and accidents. They stop working out and live an unhealthy lifestyle for so long, maybe 5 -15 years, even more than that.
The issue is that they LACK of DETERMINATION & KNOWLEDGE
Check this website :

Many reality shows such as The amazing race and survivor are common BUT THE BIGGEST LOSER is DIFFERENT. THE BIGGEST LOSER, the driven-reality TV show inspired many people to challenge themselves to do whatever it takes to win. For me, this is really INSPIRATIONAL program because it helps people to realize how importance of maintaining your health. $$$ can't buy your health. However, the momentum for a person to join such competition goes beyond just emerging victorious. From the show itself, some of the participants , either facing critical health issue or minor, seriously, when you think about it, anyone who loses weight, whether or not this person wins- is already a winner.

Check this website : The biggest loser

~That’s true inspirational reflection~

The biggest issue to be highlight here is The National Health and Morbidity Survey 2006 (a survey that is conducted every 10 years) revealed that some 29% of adult Malaysians are overweight and 14% obese. That means , 43% or 2 in 5 , adult Malaysian are OVERWEIGHT. The significant number rise as Malaysian get fatter and the TRUTH is 18-29 ages, teenager + young people, made up the significant growth. Sad to heard it?? Or maybe you laugh at it?? That’s your options.

Why stuck yourself with the OVERWEIGHT or OBESITY?? Don’t risk yourself anymore and take the first step to avoid it. Everyday, we heard the news on how many people died because of Cardiac diseases, and much more.


Then, start enroll healthy lifestyle and live life to the fullest by not indulging in Unhealthy foods.

~Dare to DREAM high, break the chain and start enroll the HEALTHY journey~


Syafarah said...


overweight people..sian diorang kan..better loose weight dr loose faith kat Allah taala kan? sian gak kt org2 yg berusaha cr dunia je..cuba amar wat artikel yang membuatkan org pk afterlife pulok?kan ke bes..dapat income pree lak tuh insyaAllah

aMMerZ said...

~wslm~'s actually both of it are IMPORTANT,why??

if u OVERWEIGHT,it's hard 4 u to perform solah n others~be considerate~

if u healthy,it gives more advantages, zero disadvantages,rite?!!

I'm not really GOOD when it comes to religion stuff,to be safe, i will say my knowledge is very limited BUT i will consider it to write it down in the future
~who knows~

thx 4 the ideas...:)

rAy jR...@...Aliff said...

no need to lose so much weight...just eat whtver is nice...a very nice day with a very nice food 2 it..lalala

Nadzirah said...

I have seen the Biggest loser show and it is a really inspirational show. I enjoyed it and it makes me wanna trim down too sometimes..haha.

Furthermore, they look even more beautiful and handsome. I guess it comes down from confident.

I have one friend who suffered from obesity. She has put a lot of efforts by buying medicine and stuff related to that. Her family and friends even encourage her to do so.She knows how to be slim but she wasn't ready yet..

I hope one day she will open up her heart. I am worried about her health condition but as long as she is happy..well that's all that matters...