Monday, September 14, 2009

~Cry..there's how i losing my GRIP~

My heart feels to cry out loud...sometimes

feels to tear myself apart..a bit by bit

broken heart, depressed, fed up, completely...

tired of living, THAT'S too MUCH maybe..u won't know

I'm BROKEN HEART, may be..the passed, the present..tend to mixed up everything

I'm afraid of BIG commitment coz i'm UNSTABLE

I don't know how should i protect her, like what she always did to me

BUT i just dunno, more i feel UNEASY, but again, i dunno..ABSOLUTELY

more BROKEN HEART, read people's blog with the passed experience haunted her back

SHOULD i just kill myself to....DRIFT away..far..far away

I'm just the victim, due to past EXPERIENCE, U WON'T KNOW

these a few days, can't feel the beat of heart, JUST FOLLOW the river, where it flows..

i will flow...too....i dunno how to say BUT my heart always had this kind of feeling

HOPE i can get back early to campus, lead my life as usual, getting along with people...

That's just DREAM, I WON'T DREAM anymore

A LOT STUFF to be accomplish in the SHORT period!!!

Thesis + Plant design....PERSONAL life, i let IT go first

Now, it's time to get BACK the REAL-ME

~moody: my FAV stuff to do if uneasy feeling surrounded me~

~LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE~ that's why Rihanna sang Cry song--She just the victim of the passed


rAy jR...@...Aliff said...

yup...i do agree...dats how we relief our pain deep inside..sometimes we can act like a maco or watever person we wanna be..but does it real??

life is not dat easy my fren...but we have 2 face it...dats wat we call karma..huhu..corret me if im wrong..

i d0 cry sometime...once in a blue moon..but, everytme i do dat, i will come back to the drawing board..think about God...

yeah we should..

byw, slamat ari rye..wei, bwak aku duit rye..hahahaa

aMMerZ said...

~true enough,this is how it should be~

the current feeling thought me i should let it drift away but what abt me??~totally wound~

the karma isn't wrong at all but how do we face the same KARMA everytime
it cross you back?? feel sick n tired,u know!!

cry is the only way BUT how do we let go the pain that we faced, LET IT DRIFT AWAY,easy to say!!:(

oh..god...god...i hope to gain back my composure

s'mat hari raya,dude..a few cents mybe worth 4 u as duit raya~haha

patungcendana said...

salam...are u in UMP?
the poem doesn't exactly mean that my life is full of miserable days n nightmares..

its just that sometimes i wish things are different...:-)

selamat hari raya...

aMMerZ said...

~yup...UMPians but my existence is always like a thin air~

ohh!!!may ur wish will become true BUT dun expect too much, coz it's LIFE afterall..~UNPREDICTABLE~

~Anyway, selamat hari raya~

Nadzirah said...

I am speechless...
We do need to cry to release all of our pain.
I makes it lighter to carry the burden.
I hope you could manage yourself well.
As your good friend, I will always support your back.
Dun be sad or think too deeply.
Hope you will gain back your composure.

~Selamat Hari Raya~

aMMerZ said...

~depression n heartless~

that's how i really felt rite now n it takes time 4 me to recover from such thing,

sorry for making u speechless, those words are just to throw out the pain away from mine,

PAIN is part of life process BUT i must face it BRAVELY & DETERMINATION,

~thx 4 the SUPPORT~

~may PEACE will always surround u~