Sunday, September 13, 2009


I promised to IMPROVED myself:) THUMBS UP!!

These few days ahead, i'm thinking on how to "upgrade" my blog with more valuable adds NOT just talk about what's going around me. Guess, i should speak a little bit about my life. Previously, i'm inspired to start blogging through my frenz named, Rowanlim. Through her blog, she did impressed many bloggers to speak about life, people, politic, education and et al. That's how i learned to blog myself. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Rowanlim n wish u happy days ahead yeah!!

Major CHANGES that i would like to implement or some amendments here such as

*Background (Previously, it's such a boring to have wallpaper like this, people can't really feel the author's handwriting)

*Gadgets (probably i will add more gadgets so that it may help people to see what lieas ahead on the wall of my life *geezz*)

*Updated song for each month (I LOVE MUSIC pretty much, n i even SWEAR to god that i will somehow be TOP singer BUT *sigh* not even a glimpse of heaven to me that i can grab the chance to do it, ha3X)here

what else?? Why don't u guys, BLOGGERS wait n see on weeks ahead, PATIENCE :)

U wiLL see the REAL-me here!!

MORE THUMBS UP!! in the future....wait n see *grin*

~Thx 4 ur support by reading my blog and i guarantee the satisfaction will come later coz i promised to GRADUALLY improved myself, gezzz~


Nadzirah said...

That's the spirit! Go go AmmeRz! hua3

aMMerZ said...

~that's my aim,hope it can be materialize~