Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Biggest Loser Asia

"LOSING WEIGHT, GAINING LIFE" that's the quote gained from the biggest loser, TV's most popular reality shows across the world (United States is the host until 8th season). This is the one reality shows that are worthy watching, have a DECENT PREMISE, compare to ridiculous reality shows, sometime make me discerning about what i watch **sigh**

The previous post, here, only talks about awareness of obesity or overweight. Since, The Biggest Loser Asia has already made their steps to embark the journey of reducing obesity in Asia, as malaysian, i'm inspired to lose my weight too.

The show aims to assist morbidly heavyweight people lose weight and get healthy. Under the guidance of trainers, the contestants are out through the grinder, 6H of exercise a day, portion control, discarding unhealthy foods- everyday within 3 months. At the end , the contestant who has lost the most weight wins. QUESTION : CAN WE DO IT???

As for me, i have followed the series of exercise to improve my cardiac balance, muscle development through basic workout ( less than 30kg) to ensure my body can keep up with increasing weight of workout, consume protein supplementary suggested by gym instructor, regular exercise still in progress due to STRESS life and tight schedule as student. Too bad, i'm still consumed some UNHEALTHY food which is barely and hard to resist too. **gosh**. But still, i'm NOT LOST the intention to gaining my life and lost weight too. DON'T DEMOTIVATING!! :) here


rAy jR...@...Aliff said...

speaking about this know thre's one of my fren who was once a very big fello..

unfrtunately he involved in a car accdent..then got coma for almost 2 weeks..

u knw wat, he was 85kh b4 d accdent, after he wakes up, he weighted 45kg..

blve it or not..u might wanna try those methods..hahaha

aMMerZ said...

@ rAy JR

ok then, set..go n get my car now. then hit me, u will be charged n i will lose my weight accidentally..haha:P

no need to waste my $$$ to go gym 3 times a week, settle then..wakaka:P


Nadzirah said...

ray jR: wow.ray seriously? that sounds interesting and really easy..hahaha.

aMMerZ: good luck and all the best all over u all the time ;)