Wednesday, December 2, 2009

FED-UP with unexpected result

another semester to go, another troubles to overcome...

S%$# through this week, UNFORTUNATE weeks entire my life...unexpected result with more STUPID surprises...i can't really stand anymore this "dramatic" situation...really...really can't anymore!!!

As everyone being SELFISH due to dean list addiction or fever, i'm feel the tense coz i'm not one of them. This is what we used to called +ve jealousy. I've grown tired with this. PLZ STOP BEING SELFISH. Not everyone is experiencing the way it supposed to be.

as for me: This is how i really felt right now, i dun really care what you guys thinking?? why should i care?? now i'm acting SELFISH too

i'm said : "how should i be patience and accept such unexpected result?? plz tell me how should i keep myself from not doing any sins/mistakes if this things always keep playing around my life??? i'm so fed up with this whole thingy..."

enough for now, i need to breath fresh air....instead of UMP's air...UMP is already polluted with SELFISH minded people.

THX again god coz again you make me tumble, crumble n crush down.....~F#$%~


lengkuk~ said...

rilex bro.. ak pon x dapek dean jgak.. huhu..
bkn sebab aku tak kesah.. aku maleh layan..
aku mmg pemalas pon.. wahaha..
in the end, bkn cpa @ gpa thingy tu yg tentukan ko bgaus ke tak..
u know it..
beserla tu.. terlampau excited dpt dean.. derang pon satu la.. rilex sudah..
yg penting menten~


Anonymous said...

hey bro, chill! yup, u r absolutely true, UMP is really2 polluted with selfish person..

Rowan said...

People are always selfish, it's our natural inclination.

Don't let yourself become selfish too, uphold your principles :)

Be strong ya

aMMerZ said...


thx 4 ur comment, aku cuma hope b4 aku leave F%$# & S%$# of UMP ni ngan flying colors jer...xpela, dh xde rezeki, aku malas nk fikir lg daa..anyway thx dude

@ HaNa

yup, 100% true...i just can't wait to demolish myself from being here, i hate the environment n everything, that's enough 4 me...i guess

@ Rowan

the condition forces me to become selfish. it's not my nature.
i just can't stand anymore rowan...
i'm trying my best to deal with it
i'm just normal human not EXTRAordinary...