Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Women In My Eyes....

New York-based artist Lee Hui Ling held her first solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur

~Good Day~Do you believe if i say women are getting closer to men right now?? well, i don't mean getting closer in terms of physical stuff BUT it's more on men's stuff. Nowadays, more women becoming the people who are NOT standing behind the closet @ wall. I have to admit that it's no longer man's world today. It is no doubt, women are entered professions who previously attached to male-solely. Such strong examples that could make men feel "challenge" are Director of gas & power in SHELL's Executive Committee owned by women, Mrs Linda Cook. There's Angela Merkel becoming Chancellor of Germany who's first ranked on Forbes' list of the world's 100 most powerful women. They really aiming for the higher stage of the world.

Nur Moana Ishak, the first female commercial airline pilots in Malaysia and is now a first officer with AirAsia.

Talk about be more "open" like men, nowadays, certain women like to approach men or guy. Is this really appropriate?? certain women prefer men to flirt & confess them, that's natural. How about women start to flirt the guy, will it be weird?? Is it possible?? If America, it seems REALLY possible. Let's talk more about it. In people perception, what's so wrong about women approaching men?? This point-of-view really irrelevent. Why?? because, not everybody born in the same idea & critically to say those ideas make people so idiot facing the new challenges of life.
As described by Fred Gonzales, Clove TWO writer in his article,"This isn't 1940s or 1950s, We're actually in the ultimate Sadie Hawkins dance, where the ladies can actually go and select their dance partner. We had a woman run for president, and another is a vice presidential candidate"

The writer told his experience which was asked out by women once. "I was with a group of friends, a relatively new group for me as I had been invited to just a couple outings, and the night was drawing to a close. As I walked to my car, one of the women at the table who was parked close by, asked me out, plain and simple."Hey, are you seeing anyone right now?" she politely asked. "No, I'm not," I responded, a bit surprised and wondering where this line of questioning was going. "Well, I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime for some food or something," she followed up. "Sure, that would be great. Just shoot me an e-mail," I said with a smile." That's how it works.

Some men can't read signals given by women. No matter how sparkle they are, men is still men, full ego & tend not to confess untill they have been struck by lightning or something. As men, i'm proudly say I CAN'T READ THOSE SIGNAL. It's hard to understand their feeling. Complicated as described by myself. What i can read @ understand is the referee's signal of the football (obviously & i'm not big fan of footballers like other men). So, gentlemen out there..start your engine to the max, give what you got, never say "sorry" to women anymore, & foremost, give women chance to flirt us too, IT's 100% not WEIRD, am i just say that?? HUHU... :p

Man & woman: is it false for girl to ask boy for a date??


EsLemOnTeA said...

interesting topic although there are bits of twists and turns here and there
i'll give a review from a woman's thought who ain't that great

aMMerZ said...

~Kinda~That's my own way of writing, jeezz..i wish i could take credits for that,huh! :p

Rowan said...

Times have changed for women...Yet there are some places where discrimination still exists :(

Suburbanzero said...

yerp, they're getting closer to man
but still, man is a man and woman is a woman... ;)

p/s:ammar, good luck for yr final paper... ;)

aMMerZ said...

those pretty BAD guys should be kick-out from the society.Hey, i'm big fan of MICHELE OBAMA,What's the deal??(to men out there!!)..hehe :p
(~discrimation never for aMMerZ)

Yeah,hot babes right there,hehe..yet they are damn good,buddy!i'm agreed with your statement.but still..yeah,Whatever~

littlewonder said...


encik amarr..

tumpang lalu..


kenix said...

ya it's true to certain extend that women is not getting closer to men. V have women as presidents, v have women as chef, v have women as CEO of the companies, etc.
Yet, abt gal asking a guy out for date..well, i dun think most Malaysan can accept that, they will say "Is d gal so desperate to have bf that she takes the initiative to date me?"
I do agree that some guys dun und the so-called "SIGNAL" given by gals, yet, everyone shud give it a try don't they? U'll never noe the result if u dun try, especially when it comes to relationship...
One will say "I scare he/she will keep away from me after knowing that I like her/him." Y want to scare so much if u not even try? Not everyone will do that rite? Afterall, if they cant be couple, they still can be frens rite?