Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don’t let them suffer anymore…

If the World tears apart, what will happen to us?? Yeah, the “so-called” good question for every human being like Malaysian. Corruption, politic money, crimes, commit suicide and much more acts keep playing twilight which revolve around, not even a single mole of minutes to be “the end”, it’s like being the major spreading diseases among human day by day. Take a closer look, human lost humanity & never regain conscious until the World tears part. As results, mental illness man is created who affected by those creation of the world. Mental illness has been classified as mental disorder to human, imbalance attitude, and might causes injure to himself or people. Even so, there is still human still keep their sanity by balancing good and bad sides.

Worn out: Aisyah taking a breather outside her home.

It’s just good kick-start for every reader to make the article much more ‘attractive look” a little bit.(still wander whether I can beat Joan @ not, if my writing skill has improved) As I browse my favourite reading stuff, THE STAR, I was deeply touched by article written by Wani Muthiah, “reaching out for some aid”. The article tells how Dr Andrew Mohanraj, german psychiatrist with CBM international (non-government organization) request aid from Malaysian to help 85-year old mother of a mentally-ill man (known as Aisyah Ahmad) who live in remote area in Aceh Besar (Indonesia province). He explained the condition of her son which suffers serious mental illness and kept locked up in the ramshackle house which is to kept his own safety from injure himself or being beaten up if left wander around. Aishah’s current condition also does not allowed her to always look up to her son (since she was too old) & furthermore, the ramshackle house need to rebuilt so that Abu Bakar Yusof, 45 (Aisyah’s son) cannot escape from his hole-riddled room as his mother has no “good” condition to chase after him. She also makes sure that her son takes all his medication on time.

Bad state: The ramshackle old house with Aisyah standing guard outside

CBM under Dr Mohanraj, has working towards Abu Bakar rehabilitation which will provide the right drug to counter his problem. Something to look further, Aisyah holds deeply determination by protecting her own son no matter what reason and she even willing to sacrifice her entire life just for that. I’m deeply touched and cried for a moment. How she had such stronger determination to put her life at her stakes. She deserves a better life. She is really “something” to be proud. No one ever knows her tears, suffers, screams & only the GOD knows. I hope someday, I could help to feed this people with money to replace their suffer, maybe that is not enough. Please help them!! Please help Aisyah and her son, Abu Bakar

(To help, you may contact Dr Mohanraj 019-3503 422 or via email

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