Sunday, November 9, 2008

Striving For Blue!!

Water (H2O) live as part of 70% of Human Body

~Good Day~ The Monthly Review for Reader’s Digest November Edition. I found a few of articles which is interesting to share with Bloggers & Readers. “Tapping into Metro Manila Water” written by Rodel G Offemaria talks about experience of masses who live in Manila. Rodolfo Alaman Jr. who live in the big city, walks to his neighbour’s house, open the taps on a house, fills several containers for 2-day supply of water for his cooking & cleaning stuff. Less than 20 years ago, he lined up until dawn just to gain for his water-supply, led to frayed nerves & fight sometimes. It repeated every day across Manila that makes the 14 cities, 3 towns, 11 million people struggles for life with water deficiency, faltering water quality & high cost life. Judging by the situation, the water supply can’t cope with the demand & leaks.

An Asian Development Bank study noted that Manila's poor residents in 1995 spent ''up to 20 percent'' on water peddled at more than seven times the cost charged by the government-owned Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System. Some efforts to improve are the government give the concession to private water companies to take in-charge city’s east zone (Manila Water Company) & west (Mayniland Water Services), closed down of industrial deep wells (refer to shopping malls usually), encourage real estate development & building to adopt water treatment system, hire private water tester company to monitoring the contaminated water for students & water driven transformation reduces the queue for water.

“Jakarta Water Woes” written by Tifa Asrianti talks about Water-supply problem faced by residential of North Jakarta. Luki ariffin, resident of affected area used the water for washing purposes & drinking needs. Their residential area located at low land area, stop using groundwater for long time ago because of excessive pumping of ground water caused land subsidence & seawater infiltration. The government takes same steps what did by manila government; give the concession company to take in-charge. The water companies lagging in performance causes consumers to stop using tap water (some areas in Jakarta) & exploiting the groundwater.

With 13 rivers polluted, Dam at West jaya is the Only hope to serve 700,000 water consumers. Last year survey conducted by WWF Indonesia predicts that Citarum River which supply for the dam may experience the water supply shortage due to warmer temperature & extensive land uses.

“Pioneer in Low-Pressure Membrane Filters” written by Glenn van Zutphen talks about the pioneer of Membrane Filters to separate water & wastewater from their impure elements. Dr Benedek & Francois Fiesinger pioneered the ultra filtration, low-pressure technology to get rid of the most biological material & bacteria. He always refer to nature uses the natural membrane to filter out unwanted microbes in mangrove swamps & wetlands. The United Nations Development Programme in a 2006 report, are the cause of 1.8 million kids dying each year from diarrhea and up to 50 percent of patients landing in hospital

The Zenon Company (Dr benedek company) sent 80 membrane filtration units to Sri Lanka to supply drinking water. He notes that for less than US$1000 each, the units produce microbe-free water and need no chlorine or other chemicals (and no one to handle them), as do some traditional forms of filtration.

(This is something worthy to be share to community & hope those out there realize how importance to keep protect our healthy water from pollution)


Rowan said...

Good article :) It's sad that water is cheap in Malaysia. So many of us take it for granted. At least we have more people working to get awareness going, but more effort is needed.

aMMerZ said...

it's time to produce your "own-water" for your own good. It's good kick-start too..haha