Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's MAMMA MIA!! (updated)

(My personal Point-of-View)

The Victory spread through all the other countries Not just American as people believe Obama's victory will bring the change & how American watch the "White-Black"ism is never be The main frame of newspaper.Yeah, it bring a lot of hopes & better future plus the business should expected to grow in BIGGER raise. Congratulation again to Barack Obama for the great victory he has received so far. Now, it's time to believe The black man never be the slaves of the whites ( It never Be!!). Attitudes certainly change radically among the whites & their support is overwhelming.

The main reason why this man breakthrough the barrier among white prejudice is The former President, George w. Bush (Super hatred by people!!). This Foolish man described as arrogant, narrow-minded, autocratic, inconsiderate, & totally uncaring of view from his countrymen. He made the History that people really asked & wanted for the CHANGE. I believe the voters must have felt that they were voting against Bush as much as for Obama.

We know the bailouts are not going to work. I agreed with certain people that Obama might change the foreign policy BUT to improve the current economic & financial turmoil, it takes time, effort, & patience. If he fails, it certainly not good for the First Black President to show up.
As part of Asian, what we believe if American possess the POWER to change, why not make a change to the world for making it the better place to live. Hope for 44th President & 1st black president will certainly bring The CHANGE that he promised to American people. People Watch your steps, Obama!!Make sure don't let them down..

Below shows the link of American Feel about their New President:

Obama mania spills over to Malaysia

World leaders now want US to change the way it does business

Miraculous March To The White House


espree said...

Hi there.

“two wars, a planet in peril, the worst financial crisis in a century.”

~The 44th President of the United Stated has a massive load of burden to carry on his shoulders as depicted in his statement above.

Well,Good luck with that, Mr. Obama, sir.

I hope the world’s hope for change and better relations with the US and its policies will finally materialize for the better, and hopefully he’s the right person to do it.

Rowan said...

Cheers to Obama! May he bring the change that the US & the world seeks!

aMMerZ said...

~The world is watching u, Mr. Obama & don't let American Down!!~us Too!!

patungcendana said...

thanx 4 visiting my blog... :-)