Thursday, October 23, 2008

Alor or Kejora?

KL's Most Street Famous with food & Saucer Dessert~Jalan ALOR

Hi & Aloha to Blog readers, today i want to share some interesting articles regarding the quite HOT topic in the town (not including UMNO election or political stuff) about the KL’s famous Street-JALAN ALOR. As I read further through all the comments given in the entire article, I think we should change it back to ALOR not KEJORA due to reasonable comments taken from hawkers (not hookers although there’s a lot of them right there) and tourists. Some reasonable comments taken from the article are certain companies involved always mentioned to clients that their location is at T-Junction at the end of Jalan Alor now it is changed to Jalan Kejora ; promotional materials used by companies along the streets would incur @ add a lot of cost to reprint them with the new road name ; Tourists who have outdated maps will not e able to find the street ; the glamorous street among tourists for its food and saucer desserts ; Taxi driver constantly had to explain to his confused passengers that Jalan Alor in not existed anymore ; certain consider it as turning down the pride once they change it to the new name ; getting the name changed in some 900,000 web pages in the internet, countless blogs, numerous maps, GPS software lots of tourist guidebooks & brochures & Jalan Alor is so famous for its food & there is even one Pan-Asia restaurant in New York on Hudson Street that offers Jalan Alor Chicken Wings in its menu.

Map show the JALAN ALOR location

The facts about Alor Street is the famous street with culinary kind ; dozen of restaurants and hawkers selling food ranging from Penang Char Koay Teow to Frog Porridge. The street really comes alive with strings of fluorescent lights & bulbs and Thousands of satisfied tourists have uploaded their experiences in their blogs & facebook especially. Furthermore, The hookers simply strolled over to the next street- of course Jalan Alor..haha..Tourists really love this one. So, good food & fantastic desserts result in good memories which people around the world recall as the sweetest memories & wonderful time in the street.The idea to create galactic theme around Bukit Bintang should be review back as I believe the brilliant idea sometimes will not be accepted by the masses. Should the authority to retreat the name of ALOR to regain the Popularity of The street is encourage by looking through all the comments. I never been there (seriously even I always hang out at KL during leisure time) but I feel to change something really benefit to us are unworthy. So, let’s hope the authority will change back the name from KEJORA to ALOR. ~(for me, I love the way it used to be & never ever change something memorable to people especially

Culinary Kind : OOOHH!! my god...feel my tummy gonna burst especially BBQ chicken wings above

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