Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bush End, Obama-McCain Rival..Finally??

International concern : Obama-McCain Global Pool, Who's Gonna win??

As the WORLD sees him as the American Fighter & Icon , What's Your choice, Malaysian?

Hi there!! While i was hoping to write for the next clicks did told me i was look like sluggish@ dumb man who frustrating with the Coffee Nite event that i attending yesterday. Never say never..I think i had fun so far because most of the functions i attended were really fabulous & great. Now, what comes in my mind is NOT about the Coffee Nite but The Presidential Election at U.S . November 4th is the Day of American election in hope to replace the Bush-era with the most outstanding leaders between Obama & McCain. I was attracted with the article written by Carl M. Cannon from Reader's Digest titled

Global Poll: How the World Sees the 2008 election

Is this Really American dream if Obama was selected to be the Next president of United States of America to replace George W. Bush, the previous of the most stupidity leaders in the history of America. Currently, America is facing the most worst of Economic Regression in the history and Bush hope to gain the majority of The senate to inject the $700 million as Rescue plan to save U.S from falling. The Senate did not agree But he forced them to accept. Was it really worthy??So Far, experts around the world have questioned how the injection of rescue plan could affect entirely the whole American life while the inflation increased day by day (not exceptional; Europe and Eastern Countries). For me, the next election will determined the fate of U.S. As big fan of Obama @ Democratic party of America, people talks a lot about him and remark him as the truth leader who can see The greater height ( maybe for a better life in America).

"Obama represents something different", "Inspired Leader","This is most poignant in Africa, where people look at him and say, 'He's one of us"and much more. Issues that Obama bring to the center are Terrorism, The War In Iraq, Global poverty, Human Rights, The Environment, International Trade, Human Rights, & The Nuclear Proliferation. The concern is much greater and open to each continents as we know America as the lead nation for Peace & Harmony (exceptional BUSH-Era). So , Let's hope American choose the right people to lead their nation and don't repeat the same mistakes done by the previous leaders who are just seat and said "Our target is islamic Countries whom rich with Oil & Gas Resources, Set the fire on them". for more information, click Here
That's just joke!!! (:P)

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rowan said...

I agree...I hope America chooses the man who will be good not just for them but for the world...