Friday, October 17, 2008

Me, Life & Others

(Me in the picture with My BEST clicks)
Aloha!! Hi & Hey to everybody.Welcome to my blog. This is my first Post too my First Blog. Just get started with something new & i believe there will be more post after this because i feel this is the right time & place to write my own commentary, expressing my ideas, perception towards life as teenager, politics and society. I'm not belong to any society & never ever recruited as journalist. I write my blog in my own way. No discrimination between white or black. My comment totally comes within Pure heart with rational mindset. That's my Oath before entering this world. If there is people would like to oppose me with something not irrational & really irritating, YOU are WELCOME but beware of your Words. I accepting any positive comments in other to enhance my credibility as a leader and human being. Not much i can tell about myself but believe me, as time goes by through blog, you will see the real side of me;bad & good in balance. Furthermore, Music is part of my life and big fans of local & international bands. As life goes on, the blog will live as part of me. To Know more about me, Just visit here

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Suburbanzero said...

ammar kite ni sudah ade blog la
selamat datang ke dunia blog
same2 kite meramaikan Bloggers UMP