Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Your Commander-In-Bikini"

Paris Hilton as Commander-In-Bikini in Dreams (Wow!)

Hi to every bloggerS & ReaderS. Next post for today as the title above. Don't get me wrong about the picture & my intention is just to bring some hot topic about one of the artist who barely just stand with the American Flag (HAHAHA!!). No sex maniac @ addicted to Paris Hilton. Just I'm so attracted with the article posted by Bob Tourtellotte & bring the title to the front page of mine. He writes about Paris Hilton who declared herself to be the candidates for President in a video posted at Comedy Websites. The video features herself about what "Secret Service Dudes" & being good as sipping martini. Last but not least, How being the best "Commander-In-Bikini". Dare to see this Paris Hilton might be one of the candidates. Guess Obama @ McCain don't stand even a little chance to win the election. So, just counting days before American reach the Nov 4 to choose between the Democrat Obama & Republican McCain. Anything can happen & we won't see Sarah Palin the same anytime soon. Checkout the link & Paris Hilton uploaded the video at


Suburbanzero said... hilton...hotel bapak dia ade kat subang tu se...aku lalu je slalu ade la...masuk dalam tu blom lg...ngeh3

aMMerZ said...

hahaha...apsal la xmasuk, mane tau ada kacukan paris hilton kt situ, kan dh melepas, hehehe

Suburbanzero said...

haha..xmboh la masuk
by the way, lai, lai to my blog