Monday, October 27, 2008

Be Fair To Us!!

(taken from The Star:The students demonstrating at the UKM campus in Bangi, demanding fair campus elections)

Hi & salam perpaduan through all malaysia. Next post for today. Currently i'm busy to read more Subject Books rather then write my blog BUT priority should be given too. I LOVE MY BLOG. Let's cut that Part. As i looked further on certain article, i'm attracted to the article that i read from The star "Fairer Election" by KAREN CHAPMAN. The article talks about the demonstration held by UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) students in Bangi last friday(26 october 2008). The purpose of demo is claimed some threats were made against the "unfairness" of the campus election held last year. The president of SMM (Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia @ Malaysia Graduates Solidarity) claimed that UKM students can only vote for certain candidates or being kicked out from their residential colleges. Trully unfairness!!.

He added that the interference of outsiders & e-voting system make the obvious "unfairness" to the campus election. he also added the aim of the demos only to make students aware of what they are doing NOT disrupting the Higher Education Minister,
Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin’s programme at UKM at the same time. Furthermore, He said Badan Bertindak Mahasiswa Negara (which is part of the SMM) president Hilman Nordin managed to hand over a memorandum to the minister. The demonstration started around 4pm outside the university’s Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak when Mohamed Khaled was visiting the booths set up for the carnival. Groups of students were seen holding banners, with some calling for free campus elections. Police arrived at about 4.17pm and asked the crowd gathered around to disperse.

The message is clear: Campus Election Should be decided by Students NOT them

Following up the issues, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said to the press, last Tuesday that vice-chancellors had been given the autonomy to decide when to hold campus elections. He said there was no reason for all public universities to hold campus elections simultaneously, like the previous years. Speaking to reporters later, Mohamed Khaled said he had not had the chance to read the memorandum yet. Asked whether what the students did was “healthy”, he said they would claim it was undemocratic if they were not given an opportunity to do so.(taken From The Star) & No actions will be taken upon them. Thus, the campus election should be decided later by the VC himself.

Morale of the story, I totally agreed about what the students done & the message clearly delivered to the right person as Datuk Seri will look further through the memorandum given by Hilman Nordin, President of Badan Bertindak Mahasiswa Negara (Graduates Action Nation Association). This might be the tune up for the next action taken by the Ministry of Higher Education. I looked further how they would like to discuss this matter without interference of any other party. Claimed that say it will NOT undemocratic for us it's like we don't know how to deliver the message. I believed the students always try to deliver their opinion & rights to the Campus Authority but they just ignored it. The message is totally cleared & why there is still people try to hide the facts?? The same goes to Political Scenerios in Malaysia. As Malaysian & part of University, should we just keep silence & let them take advantage on us?? The Choices are Yours Not others. (:p)

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