Monday, October 20, 2008

Coffee Nite 2008: Was It nice?!

Emma, Mary & me : having fun with the candid stuff..hehe

On Saturday (18 october 2008) last weekend, I was attending the Grand Dinner; Coffee Nite 2008 (Community for Future Engineers 2008) held by UMP-IEM Student section. First time held at Casuarina Hall of Swiss Garden Resort & Spa, introducing the RETRO theme with the international Buffet as the main course along with G.I.G band performance, Radiostar band, and ameer (X-Ruffedge) who make the hall a little bit havoc with the tune of the sound & music instruments. Overall rating is average. 3 of MC's play the part to make the entire program a little bit chaotic with jokes & LUCKY DRAW ( me also a part of them). Furthermore, UMP-IEM awarded the THE MOST OUTSTANDING GENTLEMAN & LADY OF THE NIGHT to Both Sons of Zulkifli; Mohd Faiz bin Zulkifli & Emma Sofia Zulkifli. T-rex also awarded as the best Club of the year in UMP. Last but not least, Souvenirs also given to the performers. For more information regarding Swiss Garden, click here , The venue is the most recommended to the people who really love to feel & comfort their holiday. (:p) That's all,TQ

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Mohd Solahuddin said...

wah2...comel tol bdk nie(yg lelaki)
malu2 kucing lak...dia