Friday, October 17, 2008

Today is A BETTER DAY for Tomorow??

"Just Luckily a good Day @ should i say Mrs Tan had "GOOD LUCK" because she found back her expensive apple laptop worth Rm6000.According to the article, the cleaner,who known as Sirammah Ramasamy, 30 could have just taken it but she follow her conscience and never crossed her mind to keep it. She was given a token of appreciation as reward for her honesty from LCCT-KLIA Malaysia Airports Sepang manager Raghbir Singh Bhall"

I just can't believe that still Malaysian has this kind of conscience regarding the valuable item like this. What make she thought it's really good to return back the "Valuable" thing to the owner? Did she just pretending that she could actually like a superwomen and gain popularity by doing this stuff.HUH!! I'm not sure whether she is really honour about what she did. That makes me wonder for a while. Don't take this one in negative ways because i believe there is reason behind the wall. Should you think that was just acting to prove that Malaysian people still concern about others. Well, i do really respect people with good conscience BUT how far they could pretend that they are really a good actor. So confuse??!! Let's take a look further with another interesting articles.

School girl almost tricked by her fella, her classmate. The girl,17 year old who wanted to be known as Ella admitted to be one of the victim of her classmate. The classmate a boy, 18 would demand the payment, hand phone, or valuable things from clients for arranging the meeting with the girl. Ella said the schoolboy has been known to set up his classmates to have sex with clients.

She alleged the boy would send an SMS to his prospective clients with the names, phone numbers and addresses of the girls looking for a foster brother or a lover.Once there was a response, the boy would ask the girls to pretend to be interested in the man by replying to the SMSes. I Don't know what happened to our society especially teenagers. There are some people who will do anything to gain money from easily like what this boy.

What makes this boy willing to do such thing?just because of money?Why should he do that?How far he can go by doing this job?His parent are in trouble and need financial helping to pay debts? Those are the Questions that will come out from our mind. There are some people are not really lucky enough and in order to gain @ achieve satisfaction in life , they tend to do something extraordinary like this (i will consider). But no matter how they feel, are we as society concern about this people? In the article, it shows the reality happened in our life & culture. What can we do to save teenagers like him?? Stuck your mind with those questions won't work anything but remember there is still hope for people like him to change our society in the future. So, Today still a better day for tomorrow??? i don't know how to answer it.... (:p)

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rowan said...

Good article, I think many people take their good fortune for granted, too many people suffering out there & not due to their fault.