Monday, October 27, 2008

PEACE Called!!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace"

Peace..peace..peace. Does this term means nothing to you??or is it just manifestation of certain individual or was it really exist in this chaotic world. The war in Iraq, Lebanon & long-term Palestinian, should we just let it go just like that. Cry won't solve the problem..Salam Perpaduan to all Bloggers & Readers. Here i'm going to open the people mindset through the meaningful peace.

The word PEACE symbolically the ideal state of relationship as absence of hostility, at the international level, that of a war. Derived from the Anglo-Norman and meaning "freedom from civil disorder", it came into use in various personal greetings from c.1300 as a Biblical translation of the Latin pax and Greek eirene, which were used by translators to render Hebrew shalow, which has multiple meanings of "safety, welfare, prosperity".In many ways these core meanings of peace define origins of conflict as insecurity, social injustice, economic inequality. "Peace" is an ideal state that is used to describe the end of a conflict. The vague of our sense to find the meaning of peace is the caused of war happened around us. How many people died & sacrificed because of our selfishness & greediness by initiating the war in other countries???Did we realized that??

1987 Nobel laureate in Chemistry, Prof Jean-Marie Lehn, speaking to students at last year’s Bridges event in Thailand

We will learn about peace once we start to understand each other. But to do that we need the education, the seeds that need to be plant in school, universities, & new generation. International Peace Foundation (IPF) Chairman, Uwe Morawetz based on the education & peace launched their event series “Bridges Dialogues Towards a Culture of Peace” (Bridges) in Malaysia on Oct 22, after similar Bridges programmes in Thailand and Philippines.The programme involves a series of over 50 talks, workshops and dialogues, to be held from Nov 2008 to April 2009, by several Nobel laureates for peace, physics, chemistry, medicine and economics in local universities and institutions. The programme, jointly chaired by the Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, and former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Musa Hitam, aims to bring together people in business, politics, arts and the media.

Speakers includes 1996 Nobel laureate for Peace and President of Timor-Leste Prof Jose Ramos-Horta, 2003 Nobel laureate for Economics Prof Robert Fry Engle III, 2002 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine Prof Howard R. Horvitz, 1999 Nobel laureate for Physics Prof Gerardus ‘t Hooft, 2006 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry Prof Roger D. Kornberg and 2006 Nobel laureate for Physics Prof George F. Smoot. Other notable speakers are former German Minister of Foreign Affairs Joschka Fischer and American civil rights activist Rev Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr. This people aren't popular so much compare Mawi @ madonna in Entertainment Industry but this people try to bring hope by promoting the PEACE to be grow & establish among younger generation like us.

Talk more about Peace, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Chairman of Perdana Global Peace Organisation in his article " War makes a mockery of our claims to be civilised, to care for human life, human rights etc. War reduces us to being brutish animals. It is time we renounce killing masses of people in order to solve international disputes. It is time we renounce WAR! Defensive war would not be necessary in the absence of wars of agression. Trillions of dollars would be saved as nations scale down their war machines". He also appeal to the American to reject candidates in the Presidential primaries and election who do not reject killing people, who do not reject war as a policy option for the United States of America. The Message is Clear & war is NOT good options. Again i will emphasize to American people, you have the duty to yourself, duty to our masses of human community & please do not fail in morale duty. Hope my message could be hear by American masses to bring THE END to the worthless war in Human Community.


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"We will learn about peace once we start to understand each other."

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