Friday, October 17, 2008

Rescue them!!

The boy wiping a bench at the stall

As i Looked further in this life, sometimes we as a human have to accept the reality that not every child around the world share the same condition like what we had today. I was really touched with The Star article By TRIPTI LAHIRI, Kids at work. India as we already know hold the X-factor of The Poorest country in the world. Millions of children have to grind for life and often labouring as 12 hours per day. What about us? Family sent their children at the school and at the same time in India, millions of children have to earned money for a better living. I think we should be grateful to Our Malaysia because we have not facing the BIG trouble like India. Education plays a role in determining the people career and successful. That's how it should be for children in India. Don't they deserve a better life???

Mostly the salary range for children workers in India are between 800 rupees (RM59) and 1000 rupees (RM74). I'm not really sure the exact amount but i believe the currency is different compare to us. Since every country has face the same increment to their expenses yet the children still can survive with the money but How to improve the better quality of life. Their government has put the rules for recruiting labour for the children but it won't work unless people look further on it. As the growth of children significantly in India, they tend to increase the number of children workers. Concern @ not, they actually never had any plans to curb the problem. Although certain experts believe that's how it works for India, but should we take some action to help them? If I'm giving a chance to help, i will help them by not giving the money but through ideas on how to improve their life by educating their children NOT being workers at the young age. Please Rescue them for a better future Youngsters. Hope to see the changes as i pray to god..huhu

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