Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eve Of Diwali!

The truly Deepavali Spirit through All malaysians: We love to see it!

Hi, next post for today is about Deepavali Festival. It's just one day anymore for Malaysian especially Indians to celebrate Deepavali (Festival of Light). Most of the Hindus everywhere are making the last minute preparation & i believed most of my indians frenz are not exceptional. Well, it's about to celebrate the joyous occasion with new clothes(of course..most of frenz are crazy about clothes), hearty meals( muruku must be in this category..i guessed), fireworks and more. One thing that simply different compare to other cultures is the KOLAM (made of flour). This is the colourful decoration usually at the entrance of every indians house during Deepavali . It's like a compulsory for them as this will bring the Blessings into the home. As i read further about eve of Deepavali in The Star, there are 4 indian categories who commemorate the festival such as south indians, gujeratis, nepalise, & the sikhs. Womenfolk work overtime to churn out festive cakes and cookies for the celebrations such as achu muruku (the cookie is popular among the Malay community as well), omapoddi, hippi (dainty little crunchy cookies that resemble shells), & kueh ros (a firm favourite with children and adults alike). So, No more words to write & wish Happy Diwali to all Indians!!! :)

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rowan said...

Happy Diwali! I love murukku too!